Mondraker Now Ships Bikes in 100% Recyclable Packaging

Jan 24, 2022 at 7:21
by Ed Spratt  

Mondraker has announced that it will now be shipping all bikes in packaging that is 100% recyclable.

The new packaging from Mondraker has been designed so there is zero plastic with all materials used being readily recyclable by dealers. Unlike most brands, this means that there is no zip-ties, plastic or even foam to be found securing the bike inside the box.

bigquotesMondraker has long believed in working towards a more sustainable world. Industry and commerce must lead the way and commit to take steps and work towards raising awareness and creating a better, less polluted world for us all. Therefore, from now on, all Mondraker bikes will be shipped, packaged in a 100% recyclable box, custom-designed and developed exclusively to cut waste. Mondraker

Alongside the new packaging, Mondraker has also used adhesive tape made from rice with the box security seal made using potato pulp. The clever additions don't stop there, as it has also used velcro straps to secure the bike in the box that can be reused. Mondraker has also ensured that all ink is both organic and biodegradable. The overall size of Mondraker's bike boxes is reduced with the new changes saving on shipping space.


It is worth noting that Mondraker isn't the first major brand to start improving packaging as we saw back in November 2020 that both Trek and Cannondale had started to remove plastics from bike boxes. You can find out more about Mondraker's new packaging here.

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 Let me know when someone comes to the table with edible packaging, then I'll be impressed.
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 Corrugate isn't that bad for you
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 @BobbyLite: lots of fiber
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 In theory, it is edible, but not much in the way nutritional value, but the way things are going, could be safer than supermarket foods?
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 You want some white foam in your mouth?
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 Dear Pinkbike, please either make the up/down vote buttons larger or be able to fix an accidental downvote…
Sorry @Duderz7 this sausage pollex doesn’t have the accuracy in the morning
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 Many species of mushrooms can be grown on cardboard…
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 They’ve been making edible packing peanuts made of corn starch for 25+ years. Not super tasty but probably 99.9% biodegradable.
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 I had heard in Europe that the packaging popcorn was made of corn husks, so when was in Amsterdam last time i grabbed a handful and ate them. Not the best tasting, but i did not die.
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 Doesn't an off road ebike kind of defeat the purpose of being environmentally responsible? Isn't human powered biking the environmentally responsible choice? Just seems kind of contradictory...? Hey look at our recyclable packaging, and oh yea throw some more coal in the furnace to make some electricity for your bike instead of using the pedals...?

Smile Smile Smile

I mean sure you can make the argument that an off road ebike is better then shuttling in a huge truck all day long. Just seams like if the point of your marketing is to show how environmentally friendly your being then a regular bike would be a better message or an e-commuter bike?
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flag huvudvind (Jan 25, 2022 at 11:22) (Below Threshold)
 @stiingya: blabla bla anti ebike rhetoric
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 The major issue with anything powered by lithium is the overall footprint, just the mining alone is horrendous, using 1900 tons of water for every ton produced, and the fact that only about 5% of lithium batteries are actually recycled after use.
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 @Bomadics: Bezos uses it as argument for space mining. Don’t look up!
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 @calmWAKI: he'll probably screw it up with cheap labour and accidently drop one of his space rocks on us! oops, sorry little people.
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 @gnarlysipes: they’re not too bad with some dip.
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 @huvudvind: blah blah blah anti anti ebike rhetoric
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 @loosegoat: Dear gapers, "props" is an imaginary number system on a bike website that doesn't mean anything.
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 CBD enhanced packaging. Smile
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 @will-burr: I prefer the thc enhanced.
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 @huvudvind: That's not anti E bike, that's anti poor marketing choice...

@Bromadics: YES! We seem to be pushing into E auto's before we have a grasp on the bigger picture. Seems like it's just trading one problem for another. And at least an E bike can get pedaled back out of the back country if you run out of juice. What are those cybertruck or Hummer E truck guys gonna do if they run out of juice in the back country...? (of course I know the answer is they are never actually going into the back country Smile )

@calmWAKI: SWEET! I can see my future Prime membership including orbital drop shipments. No more 1 day deliveries, I want it in one minute or it's free... Just be sure not to walk out into the delivery zone before your package is finished terminal velocity braking and remember the oven mitts cause re entry makes for hot packaging...
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 So frames and components are produced in China, shipped to Spain to be assembled and then shipped to markets such as North America in recyclable cardboard boxes. I guess I can see why you wouldn't want to ruin the world with 2 zip ties.......
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 Single-use zip ties should be banned. Multi-use ones are so much better! (Also better than velcro)
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 Thought frames were made in Taiwan. And outside some cheap tire brands, what components are made in China?
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 Yeah, because trying to do some things right is totally stupid if not everything you do is right?
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flag secondtimeuser (Jan 25, 2022 at 8:12) (Below Threshold)
 @tjord: a complicated situation but Taiwan is not typically recognised as an independent nation so could well be considered part of China.
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flag nickfranko (Jan 25, 2022 at 8:20) (Below Threshold)

If I clean up a park right after cutting down half the rain forest, is all you’re focusing on that I cleaned up the park? Or is the effort of cleaning up the park insignificant in the light of the main thing I did wrong?

Hope that helps.
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 Yeah man, it’s realities such as the one you’ve outlined that make me think sustainable, cost-effective, local manufacturing is the way forward. Seems like it should be possible. At least with alloy frames and components.
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 @dcreek: I only really used my bike for reference but my SRAM drivetrain stuff is made in Taiwan, my frame was made in Taiwan, my Shimano brakes were made in Japan....I'm just guessing Mondraker's frames are also made in Taiwan. I think after consumers exit the budget stuff, they get parts manufactured by adults for a fair wage.
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 @secondtimeuser: I think if you told any Taiwanese person that Taiwan isn't typically recognised as an independent nation, you'd get a solid lecture lol. It's its own country. They're ethnically Chinese but they're separate from China. A lady snapped once when I said it by mistake...never make that mistake again.

Either way, they have different labour laws and different standards that they manufacture goods with. I'm not upset with my bike and its components being made there.
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 @secondtimeuser: they have never been a part of china even though china wants us to think Taiwan used to be a part of china.
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 @tjord: no doubt I'd get a lecture, doesn't change that both our governments don't recognise it as its own nation. A tricky situation and I don't claim to have any useful answers on it.
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flag CSharp (Jan 25, 2022 at 8:52) (Below Threshold)
 @tjord: If a Taiwanese person says they're not Chinese, just tell them they're Japanese. Big Grin It's a cruel way to remind them of who they really are when you look back in history pre and post WWII.
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At least they do something, it is not perfect, but it is something.
Ever been in a shop in winter/spring when they build bikes all day long? It is not 2 zip-ties we're talking about, it is dozens of pounds of single-use plastic we are talking about.
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 @CSharp: Or...I not troll people because they get upset at people's ignorance. Either way, GOOD FOR MONDRAKER!
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 Is this the definition of greenwashing?
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 In my bike shop, all the zip ties are cutted the right way to be reused as well as the foam and the bubble wrap. We just throw away the cardboard which is collected and recycled.
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 @secondtimeuser: Useful answer would be to stop voting in governments who don't recognise their legitimicy as a nation. Unfortunately people would have to give it some actual thought though so likely never to happen.
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 I think my Dune XR from 2010 was made by Astro. I found a similar frame in their catalog. I don't know with which taiwanese company Mondraker is working with now.
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 @tjord: I don't think many carbon frames are made in Taiwan. Mostly Vietnam, Myanmar and others- the tarriff situation made China carbon production go away.
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 Don’t forget those nice eco friendly batteries they put on bikes these days
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 @mi-bike: Every zip tie is multi-use if you're cheap and patient enough
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 They are doing it for marketing reasons not 'save the world' reasons.
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 We have to stop giving medals to companies for greenwashing. Huge corporations are doing damage as usual and “care” for the planet by getting certificates to things they have been always doing with a mini twist. Using more cardboard is NOT good. Forests are virtually non existent on our planet anymorevn while tree plantations are being subject to wildfires and pests, ASIDE of the fact that most countries cut them earlier than they should. Clearcutting a forest, transforming it into wood products, replanting and maintenance produces loads of CO2. It takes 20+ years of tree growth to balance it out, and when you cut trees at 40 years old they biinded little carbon! What most CO2 neutral people are doing these days is they work exactly as they worked, they just count tree planting as CO2 reduction. Only wood industry is winning here!

This happy way of looking at wood must end! Wood is NOT a renewable source of material and energy anymore! Unlike petrolium, trees are necessary for production of oxygen and keeping up humidity, lowering the temperature as well as providing habitats for various species of plants and animals. Some insane people are now proposing subsidizing use of trees as renewable fuel over coal! In last few years we have further increased the stress on trees, we produce biofuels from them. Some woke idiots and ignorants are for Biofuels and against Nutella cuz palm oil, while we cut down forests for palm plantations for biodiesel production.

We must get better educated and get down to the bottom of the issues. If Lapierre or Trek can make packaging out of bamboo or hemp (which are far better at sequestration of carbon than pretty much any species of trees) we can talk. At this time: Try harder!
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 ive got wood....oh wait
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 Happy to see you're back and calm Smile Also good points!
Why Hemp isn't being used is as crazy as the religion of capitalism...
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 Yeah, maybe they can some credit when they use accrual recycled packaging. Seems like they're just hoping people get confused over the green-ness because the words sound so similar
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 In a past life my mate worked at a printing company. People would ask for the "recycled" paper for their business cards and wedding invites... She would then have to explain that the actual recycled paper was just white and looked like normal paper, and that the brown paper with fibrey like chunkyness was actually from virgin material.

Apparently they would awkwardly look around... "errr, are you sure?".."oh"..."hmmm".

Guess which paper stock they chose every single time without fail.
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 @ridestuff: We need trees living for 60years or more that are not clearcut! We need to plant forests for our grand grand children. It takes 100 years or more to create a forest and with current wildfire tendencies it gets harder and harder. Most people don't know the difference between a forest and a tree plantation. At this moment in fricking jolly green Sweden the building industry is swimming in the promise of saving Polar Bears by using wood over concrete. So many people with university degrees are buying this BS. I am designing a buiding from wood now, it's fricking silly. The acoustics are so bad that you need to cover everything in gypsum and insulation. Then they fit the building with new materials while all around town, perfectly usable building materials are being demolished: glazing, ceilings, wall boards, steel structure etc.

Concrete and plastics are not great but we need alternatives to timber. FAST. We need limit cutting trees as much as we can and develop alternative products that also bind carbon: mycelium based products, hemp, bamboo, etc.

The perfect horror story: a company X pays for Co2 compensation to a company Y selling Co2 compensation by planting trees (there's pretty much no other way to do this ATP) 2 days later Company X proudly presents it on their insta and linkedIn. 2 years alter Company Y cuts down trees for Christmas trees!

Everybody please read on Life Cycle Analysis. Load sof good videos on Youtube. You'lle ba far less susceptible for BS and more likely to make better decisions and demand from companies to take those better decisions, because it is not rocket science.
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 So this makes up for the Carbon frames that will be carbon frames forever...
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 There is a company that grinds glass into silca, could probably grind the carbon down to a powder for something.
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 @solarplex: but will they? no one wants to pay for it.
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 Sure does. It even makes up for those lithium batteries!
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 @NorthEasternDownhiller: spoken like a man who truly understands that people will virtue signal till its time to put their hand in their pocket and pay for the privelege
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 @solarplex: There's also a very very small amount of companies that are trying to find ways to reuse and recycle carbon. Vartega and Mallinda are just two examples, but aren't well known. It's tricky because you have to chemically remove the resins from the fibres, and either way you'll end up with weaker fibres. Hopefully someone finds a way to make the recycling process easier for larger loads of old carbon, so that it can actually be reused.
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 Mondraker must have thought we've all forgotten about that excellent greenwashing interview last year.
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 @BobbyLite: i love how people complain about emtb's being bad for the environment but everyone is ok if it is electric cars.
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 @stumphumper92: e-bikes add a motor and battery to a bicycle that previously was 100% human powered. Electric vehicles replace combustion engines. Nuf said.
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 The biggest problem of carbon frames is that they are made weak and people are happy to trash a frame to warranty dept as soon as a small crack appears on the paint. Carbon can be repaired with huge success unlike butted alloy tubing.
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 @NorthEasternDownhiller: yah thats the thing. What they make from the dust has to be worth it. Like tires and mulching them to do rubber pavers, driveway coatings and pool walkways. They get the tires for free and make a profit off the mulch.
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 @solarplex: Post consumer glass has practically zero environmental impact, if it's not going to be reused (ie: bottle returns), then the difference in virgin material vs post consumer is not all that big. Grinding down glass into silica just seems like a total waste of time... that is unless you've convinced hipsters that they're saving the planet by drinking out of post-consumer recycled glass vessels.
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 @nzandyb: There’s a thing called Glasphalt
  • 2 1
 @mi-bike: an argument could be made that ebikes are also replacing cars. Many people talk about being able to ride straight to trail heads instead of driving, peddling up instead of shuttling and for many people even riding to work. Replacing a car with an ebike certainly must be better then replacing a car with another heavier less bio degradable car.
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 @tuboy95: E-mtb.
Different deal
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 @calmWAKI: Conferred with my brother in law who's the head technical engineer at a civil engineering company specializing in road construction. Roads made with glass have overall inferior properties than those that do not. 'Glasphalt' is literally just a way to use an essentially useless recycled product. Rock quarries in general provide raw materials for roading at a fraction of the cost and energy of recycled glass. I'm all for saving the planet, but people need to know that sometimes it's better for the environment to not recycle.
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 @nzandyb: is there a thing called assphalt where we take the asses and grind them up
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 @Compositepro: Pretty sure that's just the comment section on Pinkbike you're describing.
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 When you buy a bike from Cotic, you can choose to have it delivered in a reusable bike bag which you can use for travel. I've never bought one of their bikes so I don't know whether there is still some additional packaging in or outside the bag, but at least at the bottom of the "order" page you get to click the appropriate option. No waste is better than recycling.
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 Waiting for specialized to do something like this. The amount of waste in one bike box is outrageous.
  • 2 0
 Can’t say I’ve seen much more than the outside of a Specialized box. Do you work for a shop?
  • 4 0
 I work at a shop and built a Specialized bike yesterday. I almost took a picture of the pile of unrecyclable plastic, foam, rubber bands, zip ties and plastic sheeting. It would halfway fill a 13 gallon kitchen trash can. Crazy!
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 I remember buying Bluebird snowboard wax in the early 2000's that was shipped in a box with a tree seed in it that you could plant just by burying the box in the ground. 20 years later...and this is still considered news.
  • 14 3
 Carbon fibre bike with a f*ck-off great non recycleable battery but at least there's no zip ties Rolleyes
  • 8 5
 Carbon fibre bikes are no worse than alu or better if we could change our habits. That is if we would accept repairing broken frames. It is far more likely to successfully repair a carbon frame over an alloy frame, even steel one. Especially when it comes to metal frames made of butted tubing which are virtually not repairable. Many kinds of damage to a CF frame can be fully repaired. But we have to first make it a popular trend. At this point thre are far more frames ending up in a landfill because customer saw a crack in the paint and returns it in everyone’s favorite… lifetime warranty, yaaaaaaay!
  • 7 2
 But I agree with you, it’s cheap greenwash points. They can start with making durable bikes with battery and motor that last 3+ years.
  • 4 1
 @calmWAKI: if manufacturers designed carbon bikes to last more than a couple of seasons I agree with you. Aluminium isn’t exactly clean to produce and mine but older aluminium frames were built to last.
It’s not necessarily the material, it’s the business model that is designed to ensure we buy a new bike every year or two. Mondrakers aren’t exactly renowned for lasting a long time. And they do yearly updates to their range.
  • 4 0
 @raytheotter: I hear you. There’s much more to it than just the frame. If you keep pretty much any bike of any make, of any material, longer than 2 years - then you have to be prepared to pay the consequences, by average 1k a year and this number grows with each year of owning it. So if you own a bike for 5 years you have probably spent value of this bike on its maintenance so you may as well have bought a whole new bike…

But this durability costs a lot in weight. Bikes will get up to 2kgs heavier, just look at this Ebike grade XT cassette that weighs 750g or something like that.
We had durable Enduro forks in the past and they weighed 2.5kg. I mean Lyrik Coil and 36 Van RC2 around 2012. Just some examples.
  • 2 0
 @calmWAKI: the myth that carbon fibre bikes can't be repaired boggles my mind. Aluminum frames are practically unrepairable and steel ones might be better but rarely is it economic to do so.
  • 1 0
 @calmWAKI: "but, but, the resale value of a repaired frame..."

I've seen many CF frames repaired that look like new, which have run faultlessly for many years after. If I break something on my frame, I'll happily pick up some epoxy and CF sheet from the local Biltema and get to work.
  • 3 0
 @knutspeed: exactly. But it takes a shift in perception. I know a guy who repairs carbon frames and I'd totally ride a frame he repaired. I also know a guy who repairs steel and Alu - would never ride that, because he needs to weld in gigantic gussets. I had a deep scratch on my Antidote and 3 potential buyers turned away saying this scar looks too sketchy. One said: I'd rather ride a buckled alloy frame!

But changing perception is not that hard to do, you just need to launch a bit of a PR campaign, few interviews with folks who repair carbon, then a few Q&As. Folks are affraid what they don't understand and then they are brainwashed by some silly ideologically charged theories like Leo Kokkonen or Max Commencal. So yeah, alloy can be recycled and carbon not - what if you don't need to recycle and life span is far longer?

Biltema FTW hahaha Big Grin Also for the record I was talking about frames - CF bars or rims, I'm out Big Grin
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 C'mon, peanut gallery, give Mondraker credit for moving the bar in the right direction. Good on them!
  • 9 0
 These are token gestures. The real problem is in the global supply chain. I’m all for global trade but we have to weigh the long term consequences.
  • 3 0
 Upvoted for recognizing the peanuts.
  • 1 0
 Recyclable and biodegradable non-styrofoam peanuts of course.
  • 7 1
 Should be an industry wide mandatory rule, with help from federal governments to help offset the initial costs then tapering off.
Next in line would be a set of industry standards for how your products are manufactured and what level of environmental stewardship they follow.
Ever seen a tire factory?? i have and its the dirtiest, most polluting place on earth. Lets start there.
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 Something I've seen that's pretty neat is compostable packaging. I don't know the logistics of it, but the fact that even if the packaging doesn't make it to the recycle plant, it can be ingested back into the earth is pretty cool.
  • 4 0
 Cardboard is already compostable. Don't need fancy packaging with a "compostable" label.
  • 2 0
 @mi-bike: As long as the brand doesn't ship their boxes with all the crazy branding on the box it is. I have seen multiple bike boxes show up with some pronounced branding on the box. Although, in our current supply chain issues I think thats mostly in the past.
  • 3 1
 It depends solely on where you are in the world and how cardboard is made, recycled/ disposed. In Sweden, the birthplace of Gret Thundberg, most wood products are downcycled max twice and finally end up in incinerators. That basically means that up to 80% of carbon from all sorts of timber products ends up back in atmosphere. There are various articles on LCA of these products, I recommend reading into this subject.
  • 3 1
 Studying LCA can give you hints that plastic packaging may be greener than cardboard in some instances. This is how huge are differences there are between various manufacturing processes. One of main issues is energy. Almosy Every industrial plant is energy heavy, you need to warm the cellulose pulp up to high temperatures in large tanks. Paper mills are so energy heavy that they work as central heating plants for small cities in Sweden! Now imagine this electricity is produced by a coal plant? The one nearby my city is fortunately powered by a nuclear power plant and many up north are powered from hydro. But Southern or Central Germany or Poland? Nothing created there is green.
  • 3 0
 Good well done mondraker, now what do I do with the old E bike battery,
can I send it back to you for re cycling ? do you have facilitys in place to
deal with no good end of life carbon frames ? or do I just send it all to
my local council re cycling, and hope it doesnt set there facility on fire.
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 Lithium Ion battery is actually metal oxide based, so recycling by a metal recycler is possible, just depends on infrastructure available in your region.
  • 2 0
  Accidentally on-topic: If Mondraker is serious about being eco-friendly - is this packaging patented, or is it available freely to other manufacturers (or even in a co-op model where the cost of development could be continuously split by all participating parties)?
  • 3 0
 This is great...until you have to dispose of all the material and find out that it will just end up in a landfill anyway since your particular city/town isn't really set up for proper recycling.
  • 2 0
 Hey, at least if it’s cardboard it’ll biodegrade I’m a few decades… under the right conditions. Smile
  • 2 0
 @gnarlysipes: I know, but it would be nice to actually recycle it like its meant to.
  • 3 0
 Pretty much all recycling is a scam..
  • 3 1
 Waaaahhhhh.....there are other things that are bad, so I am incapable of supporting something that is good....someone give me my rattle ............Every post is an opportunity for me to complain because I am unable to understand the value of incremental improvements.....I just soiled myself again.
  • 4 0
 You cant say there is zero plastic and then specify you have used velcro. You could say zero single use plastic.
  • 1 1
 Velcro just doesn't even register as waste to me. I have never thrown any out, I was actually excited to see my last bike arrive with 1/25th of a football field worth of Velcro straps.
  • 5 0
 Mind taker is actually shipping bikes?
  • 2 0
 I will just drop it off here: packaging made of mushrooms. Mike Sinyard - make the best bike box ever! Specialized for the win!
  • 1 0
 Just built up a bike with new parts. I think SRAM need to look themselves in the mirror when it comes to wasteful packaging for their gear parts. Shiny, square, two-part painted cardboard box with big plastic moulded inserts for a tiny GX Eagle shifter. More bling than the box for the Lyrik i got. Same shiny box & plastic for the cassette, mech. I get that they re-use the same type of box for many parts, but the pile of trash after building up was scary.

Also wonder how much those nice boxes add to the retail price.

Constrast to OneUp with their dropper arriving in a very basic, small cardboard box - or the seat which just had a paper tag.
  • 3 0
 So does Electra but its gives them the excuse to use an excessive amount of cardboard.
  • 7 3
 Only makes sense if the frames are aluminum
  • 3 1
 Big wow. Like seeking praise for doing something you should do anyway. But. The contents are not eco friendly. Green washing
  • 4 0
 Wait Mondraker is shipping bikes?
  • 1 0
 "allegedly" The Raze I preordered is supposed to arrive in a few weeks.
  • 2 1
 Let's get @shimano on board. And @maxxis . There is ZERO reason a tire bought online can't show up held together with a short piece of cloth rope and a paper info card with a QR label on it.
  • 1 0
 Local laws. Just check what your state asks to be shown on a product label.
  • 3 0
 How much greenwashing. We’ve made a cardboard box to carry your carbon ebike with a resource massive battery in it
  • 1 1
 So many people here saying “other countries/companies aren’t pulling their weight so why bother.
It’s like saying “ I’m not going to do any trail maintenance as there’s all these other people that aren’t doing anything.
Someone needs to take the lead, so good on them, every bit makes a difference.
  • 3 0
 Crazy that this needs an artical. It should be the standard
  • 2 0
 I mean, as long as the bike gets to the buyer unharmed, I've got no problem with it.
  • 3 0
 Returnable package with paid shipping would be more honorable...
  • 1 0
 “Environnement is important to us that’s why we also make balance bikes for kids, more batteries is good, we can never have enough batteries”
  • 1 0
 I have a better idea... how about no cardboard at all. Check out Kitzuma ( There's certainly a few brands offering this option now.
  • 1 0
 This is Horrible for the frames with matte finish. The vibration from transportation cause the cardboard to wear the finish off
  • 2 0
 Recycled from the lungs of Far East factory workers or just trees I wonder
  • 2 0
 Oh good. I can sleep at night now.
  • 2 0
 A recyclable box for your non recyclable carbon frame, genius.
  • 2 1
 Concern number one I had when buying bike parts: are they shipped in 100% recyclable material?
  • 1 2
 I’d like to see bikes that are manufactured at your local bike shop through 3D printing. No boxes or shipping. This would be way cooler if something similar to RoBO bike/Atherton was at your local bike shop.
  • 2 0
 Love it!
  • 1 0
 Probably get some uses as a travel case with that setup.
  • 2 0
 Good for them
  • 1 0
 But it has a battery in it.........
  • 1 0
 Looks like a damn operating room
  • 1 0
 ESG babyyyy
  • 1 0
 way to go Mondraker!
  • 4 4
 Slow news day?
  • 4 6
 I see tape. Where do I drop off tape to be recycled?
  • 7 0
 "adhesive tape made from rice with the box security seal made using potato pulp" I guess you just compost it?
  • 1 0
 @ddmonkey: Potato pulp? Eat it!
  • 2 0
 @TheR: Open the box by licking it repeatedly...
  • 2 0
 @ddmonkey: soak the box in a little butter, or some rosemary and olive oil, or a little garlic and sour cream. This box sounds delicious.
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