Overall Standings After the Nove Mesto XC World Cup 2022

May 16, 2022 at 5:05
by Ed Spratt  
3 from 3 for Rebecca McConnell in 2022.

After an amazing weekend of racing at the classic venue of Nove Mesto, let's see how the results stack up in the overall standings.

Individual Standings:

Elite Women

Elite Men

U23 Women

U23 Men

Team Standings:

Elite Men's Teams

Elite Women's Teams

XCC Individual Standings:

Elite Women

Elite Men


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 I'm glad Kate managed to work her way back up. She was hovering around 16th and 17th in the penultimate laps, glad she moved up to 11th to get some good points. Hopefully she's working her way back up again!
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flag mtb1101 (May 16, 2022 at 12:46) (Below Threshold)
 Thirsty incel social justice warriors still think she's a top 10 rider!
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 Definitely was good to see her up there again. Hopefully more to come!
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 That was a VERY good ride for her. Let's see if she can keep it up. She was still mean to me.
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 @HGAB: oh no, imma not answering this in public! Too many dumb people lurking
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 @Willikers: i.e. you're just bullshitting. Also no one types "imma" just type "I'm not" you pathetic idiot.

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 @HGAB: people from a certain demographic use imma, you racist piece of s***.

You've never met a well-spoken black person before have you?

Racist pos.
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 @HGAB: as we say, you just ignant
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 @HGAB: Woke eedjits:


- the Castrati
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 @HGAB: me: too many dumb people lurking

you: tries to enforce his way of speaking upon someone of unknown racial and demographic composition

You just gave yourself enough rope, racist
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 @HGAB: back on topic - your idol is one naf
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 @HGAB: " I have actually relevant and meaningful things happening in my life"

Goes through and negs all of my unrelated comments lol.
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 @HGAB: : " I have actually relevant and meaningful things happening in my life"

The grand wizard called, said you were late for the klan meeting get off the internet

Racist pos
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 @HGAB: also rotate your profile picture dumbass.

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 @HGAB: you think I'm bsing..

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 Thanks for posting these so that I can sort out my team's points for the Pinkbike XC fantasy league.

(If the fantasy league is a fantasy, is it then a fantasy^2 league?)
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 McConnell now has a 349-point gap on Lecomte, which appears* to be enough for her to miss a race entirely and still hold onto 1st place.

* it looks like 330 (250 for the win and 80 for 1st in qualifying) is the highest score possible.
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 McConnell is a decent bike handler, ample experience. It's hard not to wonder if her coaching was sub-standard before this season and she her true ability is only now showing through. I for one am embarrassed to have considered her a journeyman (journeywoman, journeyperson..??), you can't even see my face through all the egg.
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 *beyond decent.. Great.
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 @Willikers: Jolanda is Great, and that's a very high bar.
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 @nzandyb: look if you're going to say Jolanda is great at anything - macrame, chess, dungeons & dragons, doesn't matter - I am going to have to fight you to say it first.

Trials-y stuff, wheelies, blind runs on downhill courses on her XC bike (check out the recent one in South Africa, mind blowing) she is unqualifiedly great.

Bec is low key great - lots of flow on any surface, particularly the gnar. Uses her long cockpit to her advantage and moves a lot on the bike fore and aft. A lot of why she looks so smooth now is she's going so effing fast.

Bec is like an xc Cami Balanche, using subtle movements to control the bike. Jenny is like that.

Jolo is like Pompon, lots of english, clearly looking like they are thinking a_lot. Thrilling styles.

Overall I'll take Jolo as Great, Bec as great.

Also Anne Terpstra has mind bending flow.
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 Nino is on one this season
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 Bummer about that flat but what a come back to rejoin the lead group. Also a bummer that Pidcock exists, for Nino
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 @tunnel-vision: Pidcock’s next MTB race is almost certainly going to be Les Gets world champs in August - he’ll be straight into Tour de France prep now. That’s a lot of chances for Nino to hit the top step with the form he’s got right now.
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 @wingguy: doesn't seem the most satisfying way to win ie only if Pidcock doesn't show up.
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 @tunnel-vision: it's almost disrespectful from these guys who just jump from disapline to disapline just to fit their training needs. Pick a series and do it.
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 @warmerdamj: Only disrespectful if you aren't taking the racing seriously... In Pidcock's case winning is a good indicator that he is racing seriously, in MVDP's case taking it seriously would be remembering the ramp is gone.
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 @tunnel-vision: True, but in a way XCO has always been like that. Neither Absalon nor Schurter would have dominated as much as they did if the best junior talent didn’t go exclusively road racing instead. It isn’t any different now Pidcock and MvdP are doing what they’re doing, it’s just more obvious.
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 @wingguy: no kidding
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 Durango Devo alum representing in U23, 10th in women and 4th in men. Way to crush it Ruth and Riley!
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 Awesome. Savilia broke her chain bc #toomanywatts
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 Lol. No mention of pidcock's win on the BBC. Loads of other cycling guff about roadies and ironically cyclo cross.
Is there something about MTB that upper class knobheads don't like?
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 Posh pricks who don't know how their washing machine works?
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 Go Bec!
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 I am so for Bec to have a perfect season. Some new names in the top-20 in both Men and Women.
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 Ibis needs an xc race bike. J.R is being held back on that trail bike.
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 Lol wut
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 Do you want Ibis to design a different XC race bike than the bike they released in 2021 that was designed from the ground up as an XC race bike and is being ridden by Rissveds?
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 Yea, 3,3,3,2,1.. HORRIBLE placements!! She would hate your comment, trolldork.

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