Pinkbike Predictions: Riders to Watch at the Andorra DH World Cup 2023

Aug 24, 2023 at 12:10
by Ed Spratt  
The top section of the course is all about big berms.

Following the back-to-back opening rounds, riders were given a summer break of over one and a half months. Before the World Cup race season kicks off again in Andorra we have given our best shot at predicting who we think could be the ones to watch this weekend.

Who are our Predictions?

Who Could Win the Women's Racing?


Vali Höll:

After taking back-to-back World Cup wins before the summer break and even securing the rainbow jersey for another year, 2023 is very much Vali Höll's season. To back up her incredible results sheet this year the Austrian rider has just taken the always incredibly important Timed Training victory in Andorra as she was over three and a half seconds up on Mille Johnset. We certainly wouldn't want to bet against Vali taking another win especially as she won on this track last year.

Camille Balanche s quest for a second World Champs title goes on another year.

Camille Balanche:

Camille Balanche seems to be stuck in a string of 2nd place results in 2023 as so far at every World Cup round and even at World Champs she has taken home the silver medal. The racing this weekend in Andorra might finally be the time she takes the top podium step in 2023. Whether she wins or not Camille is always a fierce contender for top results and her incredible consistency is what helped her win the overall last year.

Marine Cabirou had a strong showing on this tough track.

Marine Cabirou:

After picking up a bronze medal at the World Champs at Fort William Marine Cabirou is proving she is fully back up to speed and is once again a race-winning threat. So far this season Marine has mostly been picking up better results at each race and we think it is worth keeping an eye out for another podium spot this weekend.

Who Could Win the Men's Racing?

2nd for Kolb making it an Atherton Bikes 1-2.

Andreas Kolb:

Andreas Kolb is another Austrian who is having an incredible season as he sits fourth in the overall standings and just missed out on the rainbow jersey at Fort William. Andreas is carrying plenty of momentum into this week's racing and we think he could secure another win.

Loris Vergier would be the last man to drop in both qualifying and the race.

Loris Vergier:

Loris Vergier has had a mixed start to the season but as we kick off the second half of this year's series the French rider will be looking to repeat his win here last year and move up the overall standings from his current third-place position.

Ya better believe it kid.

Charlie Hatton:

Charlie Hatton comes into this week as the freshly appointed World Champion and although the rainbows can often be seen as a curse they can also empower riders to great results. Charlie will definitely be a rider to watch as he competes with the rainbows for the first time.

Honorable Mentions

While we have made our main predictions for potential winners above there were other riders who we should mention as potential top performers this weekend.

Loic Bruni couldn t defend his rainbow stripes but will be hungry to regain them in 2024.

Loic Bruni is another rider who has seen mixed results and after the loss of the rainbow jersey, he will be on the hunt for a big result this weekend.

Tahnee Seagrave tying her laces up top.

Tahnee Seagrave had a huge qualifying crash at the World Champs in Fort William but she was still able to race in finals a secured a 6th place. Tahnee looks to be confident on course in practice and if she can bring back some of the speed she was showing before her crash at Worlds she could be a real contender for a win this weekend.

Who do you think can win this weekend?

Who Will Win the Elite Women's Race?

Who Will Win the Elite Men's Race?

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 Can't vote for adam brayton
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 To soon
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 Too soon
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 That's a harsh toke, even for an experienced smoker.
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 Choose the category: a rider outside the top20

which is crazy
he's a machine
  • 41 0
 Pinbike prediction strategy: look at the latest podium racers and copy paste.
  • 3 3
 After accounting for injuries, prior races performance is as good an indicator of future performance as I know of.
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 @freestyIAM: you should work on Wall Street.
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flag sonuvagun (Aug 24, 2023 at 22:13) (Below Threshold)
 @freestyIAM: should that have put Hatton on everyone's radar at the World's?
Who could win?
Literally anyone who qualifies could win. It's a sign of piss-poor editing.
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 And graphs, the all important graphs
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 @mi-bike: @sonuvagun you should give us your predictions based on what ever other indicator you like and let's see how it compares against part performance.
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 @freestyIAM: If you read some of the other comments, you'll see that other people have already written some better indicators/metrics to go by.
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 @sonuvagun: copy paste then lazy bones
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 @freestyIAM: The comments are on this page. Go find it for yourself.
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 @sonuvagun: too scared to put your predictions down in writing and face the possibility of not doing better than pinkbikes predictions I see. Pussy.
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 @freestyIAM: It's unstable to take criticism of your idea so personally.
It's lazy to demand I copy and paste for you what is literally on your screen.
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 @sonuvagun: you are the one who came along and told me you though there were better indicators than past performance so the burden is on you to provide them, not me.

Give us your predictions or stop queefing
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 @freestyIAM: I didn't write a word about predictions. You can look to what others wrote regarding better indicators- they are on this page. You're overly emotional and childish.
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 @HughBonero: Weird choice to use a contiguous line graph for a set of discrete events with discrete values. Can I interpolate that the average between 3rd in round 1 qualifying, and 2nd in the overall is 2.5th place somewhere else in the universe? And flipping the vertical axis so higher means worse... but what do I know I'm not a UX designer OR a wall street quant.
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 ...Frotha for the Win!
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 I think he's already won.
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 Let’s go Finn. Track suits him.
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 It's so surprising that Vali is not the season leader. New scoring is wonky.
  • 8 1
 Nah. Cami got 3 x 2nd place, Vali got a 4th and two wins (and a 14th in the first round semi final). Cami is most consistent.
  • 13 6
 @antennae: 2 wins and a 4th should get you more than 3 2nds. It's that semi that has shafted vali.
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 @lochussie: in fairness, on 2022 point scoring, Vali would be ahead (525pts vs 480pts). But for better or worse, consistent riding across semi and final is what's rewarded now.
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 @antennae: I’m a big fan of both these badass ladies, but in my books 2 wins and a 4th should beat out 3 2nds. No questions.
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 Not even a mention of the rider with the fastest time last year who also happened to win one of the races this season. Nor of his teammate, the GOAT, who does well here and has a chip on his shoulder about the past few rounds.
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 Since the forecast is for rain and based on patterns from the last couple seasons, I'm voting for Continental tires.
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 Probably Loris but the goat could be the darkhorse. Moto guy on a moto speed rutted track suits Greg
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 I know pinkbike has a lot to cover, and i get that while some of us love downhill racing, it’s probably a very small percentage of mountain bikers that actually closely follow this stuff, but sure would be nice if they had someone in staff that really cared about racing doing this.

Like kolb has said he hates this kind of track and it’s not his strong suit. Finn was on for the win here last year, has been crushing, and no mention. Jackson had the fastest overall time here last year, no mention. These seem to just be “who did good last race” with no consideration of track, conditions, etc.
  • 1 1
 Where did Kolb say he hates fast tracks and that they’re not his strong suit? Leogang is really fast and he was 5th here last year.
  • 5 0
 I believe Kolb said something like this in the WynTV from track walk. He also mentioned how Leogang was really fast and he won there so he might actually do well on faster tracks.

@Longroadtonowhere I'm sorry you don't like my predictions, I add the polls at the bottom so people can share their thoughts on who might win and it seems like a lot of people are rooting for Jackson. If I'm being fair I do follow downhill pretty closely and I care quite a lot about racing. Part of the fun of racing and predictions is that they are just based on our own opinions and sometimes we get it completely wrong and sometimes we get it spot on.
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 Does Pinkbike have something against Greg Minnaar, faster than both his team mates in timed training and on a track where it looks like he may be able to keep air in the tyres. A peeved crazy GOAT, can be a Fast Goat,come on PB! At least slot him on your list as a dark horse, hiding as a GOAT!
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 I don't have any prediction and don't want to vote but: Allez Camille!!!!!
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 If you don't vote, you cannot complain about the outcome
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 @suspended-flesh: ... this kind of vote doesn't have any impact on the outcome, just to say...
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 @danstonQ: It was an attempt at humor.

Here is something that really matters: Fantasy teams are locked for this round in about 10 hours:
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 @suspended-flesh: Not necessarily. when your rider is out with injury... Lets GO GWIN! for instance.
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 @suspended-flesh: Ideally you vote, you then happily accept the actual outcome as the result of an excellent sporting contest, and then you complain about the UCI.
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 @The-Foiling-Optimist: sounds about right.
  • 1 0
 @suspended-flesh: a french can always complain
  • 1 0
 @danstonQ: if voting would impact the outcome, that would be very bad for the sport
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 The charts are interesting. Personally, I would invert them, though.
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 x axis, y axis, or both?
  • 1 0
 Idk. For technical folk, either way makes no diff to readability. For non tech folk, your idea would mean the x axis is at top of chart, arguably as non standard as the fact that the charts above have lower line equals better result.

Possibly current solution was inspired by roots and rain (worth a look), which has been using it for times for many years. Now I think about it, I'm surprised RAR doesn't let you toggle to a position chart.
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 @mi-bike: excuse me? when you want to invert 2 axis, how can you NOT invert both?
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 conditions are gonna get nasty. I got Balanche and Greenland.
  • 6 2
 Goldstone fanboys at it again, no way vergier ain't winning
  • 1 0
 what's wrong with vergier? he used to be up front way more often than this season
  • 5 1
 Riders to WATCH... good one Pinkbike, good oneSmile
  • 5 2
 I'm surprised Jackson's not listed as a likely winner.
  • 2 0
 Coming from surgery, losing 20+ pounds, then putting a bunch of it back on. I think he'd do well making finals then placing top 10-15...
  • 1 1
 @yinyang: Idk why I was thinking he got a podium at world champs. smh my bad
  • 2 0
 Riders to watch the day after the race on a highlight video. I think that was the original title.
  • 2 1
 This new mixed bag of scoring has got me disinterested in dh racing I couldn't care less at this point. And that's a bummer. #f*ckuci
  • 5 3
 Good luck to the riders I won’t be watching until the replay.
  • 3 1
 Meh. Not really that fun this year.
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 C’mon GEE!!!
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 Erice for the junior women
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 What there’s a place to watch this ?
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 GCN+ volume off
  • 2 2
 @suspended-flesh: bad attempt at sarcasm
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 @suspended-flesh: is there still going to be an option to turn those ear sores off?
  • 3 0

Just choose ambient sound as your language option.
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 Information overload
  • 2 3
 When actually IS finals? Why is it so hard to find this information every year?
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 C'mon. You could have Googled Andorra DH world cup schedule and got the answer quicker than posting that.
  • 3 5
 @lochussie: I did, turns out you have to be VERY specific with your search terms and neither or have the schedule listed, and it turns out that (who even knew that was a website? Their SEO is garbage) is the only place with the schedule.
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 There is a complete list of all scheduled events for the downhill racing, including training, qualis, semis, and finals in this Pinkbike article:
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 @lochussie: finding answers quickly is not @notthatfast 's strong suit. Username checks out.

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