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Pinkbike Primer: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of the Loudenvielle EDR World Cup 2023

Aug 29, 2023 at 22:59
by Ed Spratt  
Railing one of the many berms on Satge 4.

After over two months off it is finally time for the World Cup enduro racers to return to racing as the 2023 EDR series heads to Loudenvielle for the penultimate round. Ahead of this week's busy schedule here is everything you need to know for the Loudenvielle Enduro World Cup.

What Happened at the Last Round?

Remi Absalon clearing some dust out of the berms

It's definitely been a while since we last saw any EDR action so we don't blame you if you don't remember what happened in Val Di Fassa.

In the U21 racing we saw repeat wins from both Emmy Lan and Lisandru Bertini as they remain dominant forces in 2023.

Isabeau Coudurier faced a close battle with fellow French racers Morgane Charre and Mélanie Pugin with a win on the final stage just pushing her ahead to take the race victory. Morgane Charre fell short of the top spot taking 2nd as Mélanie Pugin had a return to form in 3rd place.

The Elite Men's race saw Matthew Walker storm the final two stages to secure the race win in Italy. Alex Rudeau secured another top-three finish as he ended the day's racing 16 seconds back in 2nd. Richie Rude lost 31 seconds to the race winner on stage four costing him the overall win today, Rude still takes 3rd.

1st for Isabeau Courdurier
What a day for Matt Walker to take the win in Canazei


Elite Women

1st. Isabeau Coudurier: 41:03.360
2nd. Morgane Charre: 41:10.430
3rd. Mélanie Pugin: 41:20.730
4th. Gloria Scarsi: 41:50.530
5th. Hattie Harnden: 41:54.360
Elite Men

1st. Matthew Walker: 35:24.950
2nd. Alex Rudeau: 35:41.540
3rd. Richie Rude: 35:43.280
4th. Charlie Murray: 3:23.980
5th. Jesse Melamed: 35:47.370

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 44:38.970
2nd. Sophie Riva: 45:33.480
3rd. Elly Hoskin: 45:47.920
4th. Lia Ladbrook: 45:53.280
5th. Claire Chabbert: 46:00.130
U21 Men

1st. Lisandru Bertini: 36:28.130
2nd. Alexis Icardo: 36:50.600
3rd. Johnathan Helly: 37:08.140
4th. Raphaël Giambi: 37:08.460
5th. Jack Piercy: 37:14.410

You can view the full results here.

What Has Happened Since the Last Round?

A lot has happened in the break between EDR World Cups and while many riders have taken the time to get some additional training some have gone back between the tape for some extra race experience. Two of the bigger races in the extended summer break were Jesse Melamed taking a big win at the Canadian Open Enduro and Richie Rude losing his national Enduro Champ title to Asa Vermette.

In the time off from EDR racing we also saw Gloria Scarsi and Hattie Harnden attend and race at the downhill World championships at Fort William. Hattie Harnden wouldn't have the best weekend ending the event in 23rd but a charging Gloria Scarsi bested many DH pros as she stormed into 7th place, a very impressive result.

Martin Maes also posted an update this week ahead of the racing saying that he found himself "for the first time in 11 years of professional racing not willing to ride my bike or even less wanting to race." Martin did go on to say that he is back this week with "a big smile on my face riding my bike and looking forward to give it a go this weekend in Loudenvielle!"

Who is Leading the Overall?

After five rounds of wild racing, it is Isabeau Courdurier, Richie Rude, Emmy Lan and Lisandru Bertini who are leading the overall standings heading into the Loudenvielle Enduro World Cup.

Elite Women:


Elite Men:


U21 Women:


U21 Men:


Where is the Fifth Round?


The fifth round of the 2023 EDR series heads back to Loudenvielle-Peyragudes for the third time in three years. Set in the heart of the French Pyrenees this area previously hosted two EWS rounds in 2021 and 2022, with last year's round closing out the season.

Sunny and rainy Loudenvielle France

When and What Racing is Happening this Weekend?

Here is a look at what you can expect to find happening this weekend.

All times CEST

Thursday, August 31
• 9:00-17:00 // Practice

Saturday, September 2
• 09:00 // Race Start
• 17:30 // Race Finish

Note: All times are local and subject to change by the UCI/event organizer.

What are the Stages?


Courtalets: 2.87km / 460m descent - Stage 1

Nabias: 3.7km / 770m descent - Stage 2

Val D'Aube: 5.72km / 820m descent - Stage 3

Porticou: 1.5km / 385m descent - Stage 4

Kern: 2.4km / 525m descent - Stage 5

What's the Weather Expected to be?

Dry as to start wet as to finish.

It looks like we are in for another week of mixed weather as rain and thunderstorms are potentially rolling in for the big day of racing on Saturday.

Thursday, August 31

Partly sunny and milder // 20°C // 25% probability of precipitation // wind 7km/h

Friday, September 1

Sun through high clouds // 21°C // 7% probability of precipitation // wind 9km/h

Saturday, September 2

Cloudy and cooler; a morning thundershower in parts of the area followed by occasional rain and drizzle in the afternoon // 16°C // 76% probability of precipitation // wind 7km/h

Weather forecast as of Tuesday, August 29 from Accuweather.

What Happened Last Time in Loudenvielle?

The Elite Women's racing saw Morgane Charre dominate the final stage to pull ahead of Isabeau Courdurier to end her season with a win. Isabeau Courdurier ended the day in second place but went home with the 2022 overall title. Melanie Pugin wrapped up her season with a solid third place after a tough day of racing on wet and wild stages.

Alex Rudeau had an amazing weekend and managed to hold on to the lead to take the win. Martin Maes seemed to be back on strong form and came second just ahead of Jack Moir in third place. Jesse Melamed closed out the day in sixth but it was more than enough to make sure he took the overall 2022 title.

Elite Women

1st. Morgane Charre: 39:11.860
2nd. Isabeau Courdurier: 39:21.290
3rd. Melanie Pugin: 39:50.390
4th. Noga Korem: 39:56.400
5th. Harriet Harnden: 40:18.450
Elite Men

1st. Alex Rudeau: 33:56.640
2nd. Martin Maes: 34:00.510
3rd. Jack Moir: 34:03.570
4th. Charles Murray: 34:25.170
5th. Youn Deniaud: 34:26.020

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 42:13.470
2nd. Helen Weber: 43:59.740
3rd. Sophie Riva: 44:42.350
4th. Emily Carrick-Anderson: 45:40.230
5th. Lily Planquart: 46:00.400
U21 Men

1st. Lisandru Bertini: 36:23.140
2nd. Seth Sherlock: 36:28.800
3rd. Jack Piercy: 36:29.000
4th. Simeon Pleindoux: 36:32.900
5th. Alexis Icardo: 36:43.760

How to Follow the Racing?

As with the EWS racing you can follow live timing on the UCI Mtb World Series site or with Pinkbike's own and hopefully coherent live results and updates. We expect racing to kick off at 9:00 local time on Saturday, September 2 (8:00 BST // 0:00 PDT). Highlights are expected to be released on the UCI Mtb World Series YouTube channel.

We also have Polygon Factory Racing's Dan Wolfe once again providing trackside updates on our Instagram account. Stay tuned for more coverage, photo epics and race analysis on the site across the weekend.

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 If an EDR happens in the woods and no one watches, did it really ever take place?
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 The only people to answer this is the PB Gravel team.
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 There are plenty of animals living in these mountains. They don't have Pinkbike accounts but they appreciate the show.
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 "After four rounds of wild racing, it is Morgane Charre, Jesse Melamed, Emmy Lan and Sacha Kim who are leading the overall standings heading into the Loudenvielle Enduro World Cup."
Guess the number of the correct overall standing leaders in the above sentence withouth going back to the article:
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 Maybe he's auditioning for a job with Discovery?
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 @mtbandy: hehehe. I see what you did there
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 @mtbandy: can be, but I believe Ed understands who and why wears the rainbow jersey, so he does not really have a chance
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 Ha! b. one. Emmy Lan
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 Actually that was acurate after 4 rounds ... But since 5 rounds have been raced it just needs an update that's all
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 Jeez these double headers are terrible for enduro
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 Yeap, sad to see that UCI considers Enduro as a second class competition. Granted, it's harder to cover, but you're not helping when you don't give the race it's own exclusive day. Never ever will you that for XC and DH.
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 @Whyti: DH is on Sunday.
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 At least it's at the weekend this round. Almost makes it look like ESO still cares
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 Looks like I spoke too soon.
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 Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation of why DH and enduro had this 2-month break in the middle?
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 A break for the Tour de France, Super Worlds and many countries National Championships etc?
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 For dh, worlds was in the middle and countries held their national races before to select the riders.
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 The UCI doesn’t give a flying f*ck about mountain biking. It only cares about its financial self interest.
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 @SimonVelo: Just as all the sponsors as well
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 I visited Ludenville this summer and loved the village. It an awesome place to go,perfect for a family.
Peyragudes bike park is fun,but on the older side. It needed more trails for DH bikes.
Porticou and Kern trails are very good and fun. Maybe the best trails over there.
Awesome place,village is very comfortable and lovely. Saint Lary bike park is very close to Ludenville,worth a visit too.
DH WC track is very easy and fast pace, I don´t know if many riders would like it for a WC level race,got my doubts.
Skyvall lift was painfully slow,like 20 mins to go up then 5 mins of road to the start gate close to the 007 airport, I hope for the race they speed up the lift cos 1 hour it is very difficult to make more than 2 runs.
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 Jajjaj al final te moló porticou eh. La wc con lluvia ojo, fácil no creo q sea
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 @mrbastard: Si las bajadas de Porticou estan wapas las dos. La kern la solo la vi 1 vez con los chabales.
La WC tiene 1 sitio dificil de verdad y 1 cortado/drop raro. El primer día la pude ver entera y creo que algien que monte minimanete bien puede disfrutar esta bajada tranquilamente. No creo que tenga mucho exito entre los pros la verdad,no lo veo siendo el circuito del año.
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 Haha seems like the lifts are still super slow, just watched the last Moi moi Vlog and you can see him on the lift chillin Big Grin
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 @MCAMP87: the chairlift is long and because it's one at a time takes a while, but you get to see the eagles climbing the thermals right above your head.
The gondola (which serves the DH track) is lightening fast, but naturally they'll slow it down for high winds.
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 @MCAMP87: can't be slower / more sluggish than Lourdes' funicular. Amen.
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 @Maxcommencemal: I was talking about the gondola, it was set in painfully slow mode when I was there. Maybe they could set the gondola quicker.
Chairlift is OK, like any other one I know. Views are pretty awesome,it worth going there just for the views of the valley.
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 @homerjm: the gondola is in "normal mode", I don't know what you expected. It's not like taking the subway in Barcelona or in Paris: it takes time. Enjoy the views, have a rest, drink, eat, have a nap, meditate, discuss with the guy or the girl sitting next to you and take it easy.
BTW: are gondolas faster in Spain?
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 @danstonQ: Not in expert in gondolas, but Andorra´s one from la Massana is like double the speed easy. I think it was in "eco mode" or something,I do not think in winter or with a ton of people waiting there it would be that slow...
I bet they decrease the speed in summer when no so much people around compared to winter.A slow pace would be easier for the gondola long term I think,those not come cheap when stop working...
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 They are still doing these?
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 Yes, 'cos they kill.
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 Can PB *please* add the following things to these primers:

1) Details on how much of the climbing will be pedaling vs lift-assisted
2) Imperial units
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 1) Agree
2) Like, you want to know how many stone each rider weighs?
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 @murphbikes: Elevation, temperature, and distance
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 @boiancristoph: just convert to metric eventually, come to the light side of things, everything's better here.
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 They are descending 3,170m and so climbing the same. Of this 1,170m are climbed on the bikes and 2,000m on the lifts. It tells you this in the course graphic assuming some simple maths and that the race starts and finishes as the same height.

No idea what it all is in imperial and I can’t be bothered to do the maths.
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 + some riders’ opinions of the track/venue
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 EDR, the mysterious shadowy discipline you rarely hear about.
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 If you liked it...
I didn't: this village has nothing special, it's boring, the only supermarket is super expensive, there's a large lake where swimming is forbidden, and it's full of camping-carists.
The bike park is correct without proposing tons of tracks. I didn't try the black ones because they are really steep and scary, also the red ones are dark red let's say. A must-do are the EWS stages such a Nabias, Kern and the other one starting in the same area. They are really gnarly, brutal and steep. Dark red once again.
Also, the number of trails officially mentioned is nothing compared to the Zona Zero where I am right now. Spain rules when it's about sharing. Viva España!
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 I said it is perfect for a family for a reason. The village is very beautiful,scenery is breath taking when you go up in the lift or drive to a top. It is a very calm,family place full of French families,could be boring for some but for me,it was awesome. I do not care about supermarket being expensive,it is not Spain or Portugal,France is expensive no matter the place. Peyragudes bike park need to improve for DH bikes. You missed the best trails there,the lower park of the bike park with those 2 blacks,1 red and a green is very fun but very slow to access. Must agree Kern trail was good,natural,steep and fast. Zona Zero is awesome in the ridding department but I like more Loudenville to have a good resting days.
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 My only dislike of Loudenvielle is that it's full of affluent retired folk with perfect hair and brand new puffa jackets. Fortunately the valley has invested heavily in biking rather than golf, so there are loads of scruffy folk with helmet hair to help even things out.
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 @Maxcommencemal: Yeah it is full of old people but to me it is not the kind of place for rich people. It is a place for families,to chill there...In winter I think is the same,ski trails are easy and not too long,perfect for kids.
I never waited there more than 2 minutes to take the gondola or any other lift,in Les Gets you wait 2 hours...
I loved the place,it is perfect for enduro bikes. I took my DH bike and still enjoy it.
It is a good stop if you go from Spain/Portugal to Alps,Austria or Germany. 2 or 3 days there,then pack your stuff to another place.
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 I always have a hard time understanding the stage maps but is Stage 2 a 770m climb? or maybe the start and finish flags are shown backwards, or maybe I am not visualizing the topography correctly.
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 Those stages have lots of verticality.
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 What was wrond with calling it the EWS?
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 Enduro is literally dying. Sad and painful to watch.
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 I’m more interested in the enduro than the DH to be fair, it’s like rallying is to F1
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 Is this still a thing?
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