Qualifying Cancelled at Red Bull Hardline Due to Bad Weather Conditions

Jul 14, 2023 at 6:04
by Ed Spratt  
Fears the weather would close in brought the race start times an hour forward which did the job as the rain began to fall just after presentations

With heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds predicted for today and tomorrow the organisers of Red Bull Hardline have decided to cancel Saturday's qualifying.

In a short statement released today the organisers said: "Due to the extremely high winds, the decision has been made to cancel tomorrow’s Red Bull Hardline qualifiers. This is to ensure the safety of the riders which is of utmost importance.

 As ever the weather conditions in the Dyfi valley are proving to be changeable. We are closely monitoring the situation ahead of the Red Bull Hardline live finals on Sunday, which is currently going ahead as planned."

Looking at the current forecast for Sunday the weather does look better with rain showers expected in the morning before a drier afternoon. We will provide updates if we hear any further news.

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 If you can see the hills it's going to rain, if you can't see the hills it's raining.
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 If the hills are upside down it's because you crashed due to the wind.
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 If you can see the stone it's sunny If the stones wet it's raining If you can't see the stone it's foggy
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 All fun cancelled... if only there was a castle to party in today instead.
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 The local pub is about to get sessioned.
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 red bull coke line
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 Hopefully, this goes ahead, just for the opportunity of a Ratboy interview with subtitles for the Yanks Smile
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 Don't 50% of Brits need subtitles to understand Ratboy?
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 @mi-bike: at least 50%
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 @mi-bike: Depends how stoned you are. When he starts making perfect sense call yourself an ambulance
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 @mi-bike: only if you live south of Manchester
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 @rad-but-also-sad: clearly the south has turned me into a fairy...
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 Requesting Ratboy be interviewed by Michael Dunlop or Guy Martin please. One of you redcoats make that happen please and thank you.
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 @mi-bike: 50% of the time they understand him every time
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 He did an interview with Jono Jones and has a really clear accent like he's been doing speech training, he sounds posh infact.
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 The UK truly has to be of THE worst countries to live in weather wise. No wonder we're all miserable b******s.
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 Piss off. /s
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 Are ye lookin at my pint?
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 @TommyNunchuck: did you call my pint a slag?
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 @wbro74: do we need to go outside mate?
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 @roguecheddar: Come on, have a go if you think you're hardline enough...
  • 1 0
 @roguecheddar: weather is too shit to go outside.
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 No qualis and rain will turn this into Red Bull Soft Line
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 Somewhat paradoxically, that soft line would be a very hardline.
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 Based on how soupy some of the course looked after rain in the track walkthrough videos, if it rains sunday morning, it's going to be a rough ride on sunday afternoon for the competitors. Yeesh.
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 I don't think the race happens if its really wet, those big jumps would get boggy and mud will get dragged onto the road gap run in. Bad things will happen.
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 That blows.
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 Even down here in Exeter the current weather is awful, so I can imagine how it looks up there.
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 Absolutely chucking it down over the border in the Midlands... welcome to summer.
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 Bleddy northerners….it’s pretty biblical in Torquay too.
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 There's a river outside my window in Sheffield. It's usually a road.
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 "soft weather"...
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 @scantregard: your Wales flag checks out with this comment.

the worst winter on the planet, May-Aug in Wales!
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 @Mtbdialed: You’re good until summer solstice and after that it’s monsoon season. We’ll still going to be told it’s the hottest driest summer on record like we do every year despite the fact it won’t stop raining until September.
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 @TommyNunchuck: That's weird, because outside my window there's a road which is usually a river.
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 @Mtbdialed: problem there is its about 15 miles from the coast, the clouds roll in off the Irish sea and just sit there between Dolgellau and mach, it just rains and rains
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 @dotman: assume there are higher mountains to the East, blocking clouds from passing?
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 @ultimatist: yeah, Cadair Idris...
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 @dotman: The gulf stream brings constant moisture in. At least it stops the UK from being Glaciated.
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 @bikes-arent-real: the jet streams dropped just below us this week, made the weather extra shite unfortunately. Hopefully it picks up a bit tommorow but it doesn't look great
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 At least the new world cup format means they are used to doing 2 race runs in 1 day
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 RedBull Harder Line. RedBull Hard E.R. Line RedBull Really Hard Line RedBlind Hard Line
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 Its going to be Rain Bull Mudline for Sunday....
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 What would this announcement read like if it was AI generated?
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Make it happen.
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 here you go......but in style of 12 year old........

Hey everyone!

I have some totally not cool news to share with you all. The Red Bull Hardline qualifying round for Saturday has been totally canceled. You know why? Because the weather is being a total party pooper! ️☔ It's like, "Hey, Red Bull, I'm gonna rain on your awesome event!"

I know it's a total bummer, especially for all the sick riders who were ready to shred and show off their mad skills. ‍♂️ But, like, safety first, right? The organizers don't want anyone getting hurt in crazy weather conditions.

But don't worry, dudes and dudettes! They're working super hard to figure out a new plan. They wanna reschedule the qualifying round when the weather decides to chill out and play nice. So keep an eye on their website and social media for updates, 'cause you don't wanna miss out on the action!

I wanna give a shoutout to all the athletes, sponsors, and fans who were totally stoked for the event. You guys rock! Your support means everything, and we'll get this event back on track soon, promise!

Hang in there, stay gnarly, and keep practicing those sick tricks! ✨ We'll catch you on the flip side when the Red Bull Hardline qualifying round is back and better than ever! ‍♀️

Peace out, peeps! ✌️

[Your name or Event Organizer's nickname]
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 Surprised there hasn't been any coverage yet of Jess Blewitt blowing up her foot on a practice run with Kerr. I'd say she can't catch a break, but too soon.
  • 2 1
 What kind of ‘coverage’ are you looking for? I’ve seen it in videos from multiple riders today. And Jess herself hasn’t posted any update on the actual injury yet that I can find, so what is there really to report?
  • 5 1
 @sino428: Let me rephrase for the pedants. One of the few badass women willing to brave this course has been knocked out by a significant injury, which is documented in video. One would have thought this warranted a post on pinkbike. That's what I meant.
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 @brainbckt: I think their policy is not to post stories on an injury until the athlete gives permission or post details themselves. Something to do with privacy laws I think.
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 @brainbckt: you have no idea if it’s a significant injury or not because Jess hadn’t given an update. Which is kind of the point. There really is no details to report.
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 I think he’s funny AF. 100% understand his twang.
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 So, MotherNature got the saying after all.
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 They certainly took a hardline on this.
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 More time to trash the castle!
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 Yah bunch a wee fannys, and you dont even have midges
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