Qualifying Results: Aaron Gwin & Rachel Pageau Go Fastest at Downhill Southeast Round 2

Apr 3, 2022 at 3:01
by Ed Spratt  
The 2022 Downhill Southeast series continues at Windrock with Aaron Gwin and Rachel Pageau taking the fastest times in seeding. Aaron Gwin dominated the Elite Men's field by around six seconds with Max Beaupre in 2nd and Seth Stevens finishing in third. For the Women, it was Rachel Pageau who came out on top with a two-second gap back to Caitlyn Farmer. Lilly Driver completed the top three almost 20 seconds off the pace.

Check out the full results from qualifying at the second round of the DHSE series below.


Pro Men:

1st. Aaron Gwin: 2:22.74
2nd. Max Beaupre: 2:28.56
3rd. Seth Stevens: 2:28.60
4th. Dylan Crane: 2:31.84
5th. Brian Cahal: 2:33.98

Pro Women:

1st. Rachel Pageau: 3:04.92
2nd. Caitlyn Farmer: 3:07.02
3rd. Lilly Driver: 3:22.36
4th. Emily Harris: 3:25.76
5th. Alanna Casey: 3:35.57

Full Results:

Pro Men


Pro Women


More results can be found here.

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 Yo... This shows Massive commitment. Gwin is doing what’s necessary in terms of work, in terms of prep. Doesn’t matter so much who is there... big US race, media coverage... more chance he gets embarrassed, he gets hurt. He’s out there, more times on race bike, more time in race situation, more time coming to terms with race run speed. I love it. Completely back on the wagon Gwinner. Get your mojo ... let’s go. ...

Next local one maybe we’ll see Dak, Neko.... dare I say some Canadian WC Shredders???
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 My tin foil hat thinks he is moving to an area where he has more access to much better training grounds. Rumor on the street is that Gwin is selling his newly build mega home in California. His SoCal area is been limited in only have small area for training. So, we might see Gwin start to trend upwards.
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flag geerumm (Apr 3, 2022 at 8:44) (Below Threshold)
 Some people will do anything to build confidence.
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 He is right near a large enduro trail network, within 20-30 minutes of some really gnarly steep dh tracks as well. But I don’t think he lives near many longer runs (hard to come by in socal). @tacklingdummy:
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 @ejopdahl: tough to compare anything in Temecula—or all of SoCal—to Windrock
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 @tacklingdummy: the SoCal house is on the market. i think he said in a podcast or somewhere that he is moving to tennesse (or was it montana) full time for training reasons. better late than never Smile
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 @ejopdahl: Adding to that, year round training right out the door. I suspect this is less of a career move and more of one based on life after racing.
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 @striveCF15: Moving to Montana soon? To be a dental floss tycoon?
  • 5 0
 @commental: he's going to ride a pygmy pony
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 His house is on zillow for owner $4 million
  • 1 0
 @tacklingdummy: so you blame him?
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 Effff *over* no edit button on mobile
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 @commental: He wants to be by himself. Wouldn't have no boss
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flag mexicant (Apr 3, 2022 at 13:15) (Below Threshold)
 SoCal has more diverse trails within a small area than anywhere on the planet. The only thing you can't get much of is wet rocks. He is probably selling because he can get a villa in Tennessee and put a million in the bank for what he gets for his house. Also, Tennessee is probably paying big name riders to move there.
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 @mexicant: LOL. Nobody in Tennessee but mountain bikers know who Aaron Gwin is, much less cares that he moved here. And all the mountain biking money in the area is going to buying land and building trails.
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 @mexicant: The riding in the southeast is way better than socal.
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 @jgoldfield: but he'd be raisin' his lonely dental floss
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 @mexicant: you need to get out of the rock and wild fires you live under.

In terms of true diverse trail networks pretty sure the Canadians have us beat.

FYI Windrock is a year round bike park. Snow summit, snow valley, mammoth they are only open when a bunch of parents don’t have a pyrotechnic baby reveal party. Outside of windrock, Missouri also has a gnarly bike park shuttle trail system. There is more consistent training available to him. Also Windrock is Legal trail system. All the “good” SoCal trails are 100% illegal.
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 @kroozctrl: I thought Gwin was moving to Montana?
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 @mexicant: Tennessee is paying mountain bikers to move there?! As in the state government is paying? LOL. One of the funnier things I’ve heard lately.
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 @mexicant: SoCal does have some good trails, but not for DH racing training. More enduro type trails. Also, too many people, too many regulations, etc, etc. Gwin was only really training on one trail. Also, the bike parks are too far for training every day. If he move to Tennessee like what was said, Windrock would be much better DH training grounds.
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 @Eatsdirt: He can probably have two homes.
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 @tacklingdummy: You’re so smart!
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 @striveCF15: So cal use to be the extreme sports capital. Now its the tax you to death capital.
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 Now iam scared Gwin shows up on my next local dh race and destroys everyone.
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 That was mean Wink
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 @optimonotmaximun Admit it, you're afraid that the Aaron we all know, and many of us admire will return ;-)
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 Another resentful German?
  • 5 3
 @trisquel Just because he stopped racing for some shitty German brand?
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 Envy is very bad
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 @trisquel Certain. Neko ran in Costa Rica and nobody said anything.
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 @trisquel: Enve is worse.
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 @Rosstech They should thank him, he made YT known worldwide.
  • 2 1
 @trisquel Totally agree ;-)
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 @trisquel: why would we thank him. There is no we, yt is a german based brand i have and never had business with. If its known worldwide or not is none of my business either.
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 @optimonotmaximum Aaron had to get there for a German bike brand to win the World Cup. I remember that after that many wanted to have a YT in their house.
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 You guys need to give him a break. Sometimes hitting smaller races helps gaining more confidence. Also he s developing a bike. Any race is a race to put you mindset into it. He hasn’t slow down much, everyone else is just going that much faster. He brought the DH sport to the level it is now, and that can’t be taken away regardless of today s results.
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 Seriously. Doesn’t matter what he does, just so many haters. I get it if people don’t appreciate his vibe or approach but he’s inarguably one of the greatest of all time; he pushed the pace of racing, forced the whole field to step it up, and showed you can fight for a legit paycheck as a professional racer. I don’t know how likely it is, but I admire his efforts to get back in the mix and would love to see it.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: Right?! I’m with on this one.

And if you don’t like his vibe, just go up and talk to him. He’s one of the nicest guys out there. You’ll have a totally different opinion after a few words.
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 The guy loves America and Jesus. Therefor, the internet must hate him
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 Shaw showed up and destroyed round 1 of DHSE. Nobody had anything snarky to say then, and it seems like it worked out alright for him. Only difference is people love to dunk on Gwin.
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 @Blackhat: Is Shaw also Going for Six?
  • 3 1
 @mi-bike: Shaw has to go for one before he can go for six.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: not mention gave Minnaar a serious run for the record in just a few seasons. When he was on he was seriously on! Id love to see gwin back in the mix
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 That's Ben Deakin levels of sandbagging!!!
  • 3 2
 Ha ha....made me chuckle
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 It’s not sandbagging if they know who you are ;-)
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 Give Gwin some credit, he's not that bad!!
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 It's crazy how many people rip into Gwin behind a keyboard who have never raced WC or won a major race in their life. Why does it matter what place he comes in? He's a legend in the sport
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 Great to see gwin winning again :-/
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flag Sethimus (Apr 3, 2022 at 3:58) (Below Threshold)
 against amateurs, amazing
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 @Sethimus: only a few seconds faster than number 2 who is riding an enduro bike with a single crown.
  • 5 3
 If this had been timed training, I'd been on the bandwagon with ya. But this was quallies. You're clearly confused.
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 Looking at the results in the men's field there were racers from Mississippi and Kansas among those with a bit more elevation in their home states. Its cool the sport has participants even where presumably it's hard to train.
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 Think it's great, bet the other competitors loved going up against one of the goats, your chance at true ocal glory
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 Can we talk about Max Beaupre riding an enduro bike with a single crown finishing second? Coming in second to Richie Rude and taking a stage a few weeks back? etc etc etc. Sooo sick!
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 That is the real story here. Max has a bright future and everyone is stuck on Gwin.
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 Lars Tribus! Glad to see he’s still riding.
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 I read it like RACHEL!!! ...... ATHER..... Frown ( That millisecond was bitter sweet. Come back Rachel!!
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 Several of those names sound French. I'm suspicious...
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 Pageau is a legend. Go Rachel!!
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 Not only will he have better trails, he'll be able to train and ride with some fast racers. That seems to be one of the things that helps the French.
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 North East legend Max Beaupre coming in second on an enduro bike. What an animal
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 Ay Brian Cahal in at #5! Big downhill guy getting it done
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 After all those tips he has given us on Pinkbike, maybe now we have a small fighting chance!!
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 Lar Tribus still racing, awesome he must be mid 40's
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 he used to rep the chumba wumba frames!
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 Where are they racing?
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flag GTscoob (Apr 3, 2022 at 5:51) (Below Threshold)
 Tennessee Trials Center (TTC). Similar levels of gnar to Windrock but without the same level of hype.
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 @GTscoob: this one’s at the Rock
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 Glad Nemo didn’t race
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 Have you found him yet?
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 You’ll find him where fish keep their money, in the riverbank.
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 I think Gwin is on the move as in moving to another team next year he also moved out of California
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 He signed a 3 yr deal extension before this year with Intense
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 @wda1wustl: sweet hopefully they come out with a nice DH rig
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 Gwin with e-Fbikes. Psh.
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 Electric bikes are interesting, you can do many descents in a single afternoon, they offer many options, most professionals use them ;-)
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