Replay: Junior Finals at the Snowshoe DH World Cup 2023

Sep 29, 2023 at 2:20
by Ed Spratt  
Ahead of the Elite racing on Saturday, we have full video coverage of the Junior DH World Cup racing. Watch some of the action below.

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 Before it starts I'm predicting that Pinkie does it again
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 Bold move!
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 "coming up live in 1 hour" *no time stamp for when this article was published
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 Yeah, you're right. Its really tough and too much effort to click on the video in order to see when it starts.
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 @scott-townes: it said 840 until 10 minutes ago, now it says 940. Be nice
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 @scott-townes: apart from the time on the video is wrong so very hard to know when it starts
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 I didn't double-check my time zones and went off the original time on the live stream so we were an hour early. The Juniors are starting at 12:45 EDT / 9:45 PDT / 17:45 BST / 18:45 CEST / 5:40 NZDT
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 @scott-townes: where do you see that? I have followed your instructions and all it says is "waiting for the UCI September 29, 2023 at 12:40am".
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 I hope Bodi kuhn finds the speed again. Go Canada
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 Erice looks so much faster than all the other Junior women. I might have missed it on the broadcast, but does anyone know why she didn't make all of the rounds this year? Seems like she would have easily been leading in points.
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 Leogang crashed in race run and DNF Les Gets crashed in practice so DNS
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 @crunchmangle: Thanks for the info!
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 It should be called Junior Dh finals with AG... his insights are pricelest... and not sure if he is going to repeatet again... so first streaming good value...
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 Aaron is doing a great job bringing the deeper analysis.. the way you picked apart every single rock in the rock garden and every little nuance was great.
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 Aaron on the mic kind of a feels like a necessity at this point, really brings it all together and elevates the level from shit to no longer shit.
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 Looks like it was delayed. Anyone know why?
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 Was always scheduled to start at 9:45 am pst. The time in the video is wrong. Not even the right date
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 @bgoldstone: the times also changed in the GCN+ app too. Initially it showed 7:30am for the junior women’s final.
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 Good new: Cedric Gracia is gonna shut up soon.
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 Hopefully your mum will too...
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 @enduroNZ: unlike you, your mum is polite 'cos she never talks with full mouth Smile
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 Pinkterton's pre-hop of the final drop is the new meta for that feature.
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 Great announcing Aaron Gwin!
Keep Gwin,
get rid of those two guys & go find Rob Warner!
Congrats! Pinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 NOT 12:40AM!!! Needs to be PM!
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 Well I tried. Guess it's back to spectating professional Hobby Horse competition.
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 Great comments t/o race! Thanks!!!!

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