Results: Jolanda Neff & Martin Vidaurre Kossmann Win the World Cup Warm Up in Petrópolis

Apr 4, 2022 at 2:28
by Ed Spratt  
Ahead of this weekend's first round of the World Cup in Brazil, the CIMTB Michelin offered riders a chance to ride a similar course at the venue in Petrópolis. Plenty of top riders took the offer of extra time between the tape on the technical Brazilian course with Jolanda Neff & Martin Vidaurre Kossmann winning the race. In the Elite Women's event Jolanda Neff bested a top five that wouldn't be out of place at a world cup with Laura Stigger crossing the line over six minutes back with Evie Richards another 20 seconds behind. For the Elite Men Martin Vidaurre Kossmann came out on top with Vlad Dascalu just over a minute back.

Check out the full results below.


Elite Men:

1st. Martin Vidaurre Kossmann: 1:27:47.852
2nd. Vlad Dascalu: 1:29:00.099
3rd. Thomas Litscher: 1:29:16.436
4th. Maxime Marotte: 1:29:28.456
5th. Jordan Sarrou: 1:29:41.054

Elite Women:

1st. Jolanda Neff: 1:26:08.526
2nd. Laura Stigger: 1:32:10.996
3rd. Evie Richards: 1:32:33.266
4th. Kate Courtney: 1:33:24.694
5th. Sina Frei: 1:33:42.964

Full Results:

Pro Men


Pro Women


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 Jolanda crossing the line with 6 minutes on the 2nd!!! Insane!
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flag jackheat (Apr 4, 2022 at 3:57) (Below Threshold)
 aswell as a minute and 30 seconds infront of P1 male
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 @jackheat: Did you know the women race fewer laps?
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 Activities that take 6 minutes or less: cook ramen, complete a Rubik's cube, brush teeth, have 'intimate' time with the wife, write an email, scroll through Pinkbike comments, listen to 'White Riot' by the clash.... I personally can achieve all of these things in 6 minutes, but that's only because I'm a high-achiever like Jolanda.
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 It seems like the rest of the field knew that the race was next sunday
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 @nzandyb: not a more perfect song
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 @eekamouse: I'm of the opinion that authoritatively humiliating your opposition is about the best warm up you can have for a race the following weekend.
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 @nzandyb: I have a lot of respect for Jolanda Neff, but I don’t believe for a second that Stigger/Richards/Frei/Courtney and more were fighting behind to close the gap. If she’s able to repeat that next sunday then we’ll talk about humiliation
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 Is there going to be a Pinkbike Fantasy XC league this year?
  • 6 0
 I was thinking the same!
  • 5 0
 I hope so
  • 6 0
 Is there no fantasy xc this year? It’s the only one I ever do Ok in.
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 World up isn't till next weekend. This was just a warmup race on a slightly diff track.
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 Does anyone have any info on Emily? She has gone radio silent on social and she has not been riding with Jenn or Laurie and Canyon also makes no reference to her. Something seems to be up as every women's elite rider is either already there or on their way and at this point I am going to be very surprised if she shows up for WC #1.

^ BTW, I'm not looking for any smartass I h8 Em answers as there are already several down below in the hidden area where you can all go circle jerk together. I'm just asking an honest question..... I should know better by now, but what the hell.
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 I had a feeling she wasn't going to be back after her breakdown at the end of last season. She's still got plenty in the tank for other disciplines if not xco. I think she just doesn't like gravel racing but I could see her excelling there. Should be a natural fit at Trans Rockies, US Cup, etc., as well. I think she's just lost her love of racing for the moment and needs a reset. I've always enjoyed the way she races and thinks her way around the course. Whatever she chooses I wish her the best.
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 Viva Chile!!!
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 What happened to that guy Thomas Piddock or something ?
  • 6 0
 Isn’t he doing road stuff?
  • 4 0
 He's had an issue with his stomach but is slowly getting back to form. Rode Gent-Wevelgem and Tour of Flanders recently
  • 13 1
 He's going to fly in and win the XCO World Championship later this year. He can't be bothered with these minor races leading up to it.
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 @PapaStone: Isn't start position in World champs decided from uci points? If so he should be worried
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 @laupe: He seems to have done ok at the world cups last year starting last row and winning....same with Olympics where he was 30th on the start grid or something and won the damn thing.
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 Looks like we've found Pidcock's stealth Pinkbike account
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 @wilsonians: Yes but that was at the start of the season when UCI points were reset, he didn't win when he started at the back, he won at the 2 WC when he got a better starting postion.

The world champs are at the end of the season when everyone is going to have lots of points, if he doesn't have any he will start last and i think it's to far for him to get to the top.
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 @laupe: he's said a few times he wants to be MTB, CX, and Road World Champ in the same year.

He's already won the CX, it's a huge ask but he's got the ability.
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 @HankHank: Yea, i think this is year is his best chance
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 I have a feeling some held back while others gave it all.
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 Yea, Kate Courtney haven't been near the top for a while
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 Some probably had Wattage or HR restraints.
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 Some were recently arrived and used the race to get acclimated.

Jolo arrived earlier, only one with a cooling vest and funny gloves. She was definitely ready, spinning fast like a boss.

Plus wearing rj's US champ Jersey earlier in the week surely helped :p
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 c'mon Gomez Gomez
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 What a flex
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 Where can I watch this online? Thank-you.
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 Red Bull TV
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 Nice... Dr. Vanessa de Freitas Carvalho Paris, 52 years young. 34th out of 49, that's pretty respectable Beer
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