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Results: US Enduro National Championships 2023

Jul 16, 2023 at 4:20
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the US Enduro National Championships at Ride Rock Creek, NC, with Amy Morrison and Asa Vermette taking the 2023 titles.

Check out the full results below.

Pro/Open Men

1st. Asa Vermette: 14:30.3
2nd. Richie Rude: 14:30.4
3rd. Russell Bobbitt: 14:40.6
4th. Cameron Mader: 14:41.7
5th. Colton Peterson: 14:43.5

Pro/Open Women

1st. Amy Morrison: 18:03.4
2nd. Kathryn Lawrence: 18:32.3
3rd. Isabella Naughton: 18:40.7
4th. Ainsley Haggart: 19:39.8
5th. Emily Cox: 19:47.2

Full Results:
Pro/Open Men


Pro/Open Women


You can view more results here.

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 USAC shit the bed and the timing box wasn’t functioning on one stage. After the fact, they went to their backup of hand timing where the Marshall’s were supposedly recording people’s start and finish times on that stage. There were huge inaccuracies and obviously incorrect times on those stages. It was a total shit show with multiple petitions and tons of anger with a huge delay in podiums. Really sucks because Neko and Ride Rock Creek did an amazing job on their end only for USAC to, once again, screw things up.
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 So did Asa really beat Richie or nah?
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 @Processtuna: stage 1 was the only real stage in question. I don’t think it was a huge red flag in pro, but there were some really dubious position changes in other categories that were solely a result of state 1 times.
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Also: Richie actually beat Asa on Stage 1, so I would say Asa’s result is legit.
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 @Hogfly: thanks for the insight. Kid is flying
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 Unfortunate news… discouraging for the riders. Huge congrats to the winners either way. Also, does this mean Richie is not going to be wearing the US arm sleeve anymore on the World Circuit? Just curious not sure how all that works. Awesome win for Asa but I know he doesn’t race world cups, yet.
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 Bring back NORBA...?
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 Downhill was a shit-show as well. Not only did riders get refused at the start gate after a weather hold, but there was a lack of officiating on course. Marshalls in meaningless spots, hanging with their girlfriends and chatting on phones. This is what happens when you rely on volunteers rather than paid employees. I'm sitting in a hospital bed with a lacerated kidney because small children were on course during Saturdays practice. Again, no marshalls or parents to provide guidance to these groms. And let me also say... The children in this part of the country are little shits. No respect. No trail etiquette. If you are out there creating other humans, please do better!! USAC can't be helped so let them self implode.
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 From prize purses to Olympic selections, USAC has been slowly killing mountain bike racing in the US over the last 20 year. I’m surprised they haven’t finished the job already.
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 @bikerdre: Richie will not be wearing the sleeve, only the reigning champ will wear it. I believe it's only a requirement for UCI events (EDR series) I am unaware of Asa will be doing any EDR's, but, Richie will no longer be allowed to wear sleeve.
Same goes for Dakota Norton, that sleeve is replaced with new current champion; Luca Shaw. Same with women's, Anna Newkirk takes sleeve from Kailey Skelton.
In Luca's case and Anna, they will have to get jerseys made with the sleeve asap for the next world cup round. It is NOT required to wear your championship sleeve at World Championships in 2 weeks in Scotland.
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 @geerumm: So much for them having the fan code of conduct that they posted on their site. Healing vibes and proof USAC for gravity sucks shit and at the bottom of their thoughts and list.
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 Dual post... Downvote this to hell.
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 @stiksandstones: thanks for the clarification!
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 @geerumm: Sorry to hear. I was M2 course marshall all day Sat/Sun. We only had one official course hold. That was at my zone. Where'd you go down at? You mean a kid on foot? Or a kid practicing?

And where was anybody chatting on phones? Zero mobile service for anyone on the DH side of the mountain except maybe above the step up at M1 on flat ground.

In terms of "paid" marshalls, I was paid via lift passes and busted my butt to earn them. But implying that cutting someone a check or cash gets you a "trained" marshall is misguided.

I've raced for 25+ years, put on events, helped others & non-rider marshalls can be more difficult to manage than actual racers due to lack of knowledge, but they learn as the weekend goes along & we as racers have to work WITH the people trying to help us.
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 @bikerdre: R U kidding? You need to do your homework, bud.
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 @geerumm: Fill me in on specifics so I can pass it along to race management please.

To everyone else, I can't speak to USAC. I spoke at length with a gentleman there contracted to analyze and help develop solutions for the logistical and technical issues USAC had hired.

Maybe he was lip service. Maybe not. But i was able to relay some of the primary impediments to him from my unique vantage point. He seemed surprised by my observations...so hopefully that manifests into positive steps.

My #1 observation: The two separate forms of communication of the digital age clashing was evident. The venue is rural, so cell towers aren't aimed at it.

Organizational divide breaks into two categories:
Cellular & mobile data based users & logistical end users
Radio based communications & logistics

The Rock Creek event was steered via 2 way radio. You run into people who were NOT trained how to communicate via 2 way radio & that's where younger people or tech people were out of sorts. The crew at Rock Creek knew where and how they could use internet based or mobile based data & where it wasn't possible. Rock Creek crew moved fast via 2 way.

With USAC, who knows which personnel had even experienced a "no mobile data" venue. I'm sure they're not naive and have systems in place to fly events without hardline internet at each end.

I think what riders, racers, spectators & even Rock Creek crew would appreciate is a published review of what was learned at the venue, the logistics hurdles they encountered & what they're doing to overcome them for their next event and for next years Nationals.

I want to see a larger turnout. Riders, racers & fans want to know what can be done. MORE IMPORTANTLY...everyone wants to see it in writing that we're progressing. Not digressing.
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The frustrating thing is that Neko (from what I've heard) has an entire enduro timing system that was proven at Rock Creek that he had used in the past in these remote locations. I know that DHSE livetiming worked flawlessly at Wind Rock which also has cell service connectivity issues. But then USAC insisted on using their contracted "licensed" vendor (which supposedly costs 25k) who then didn't come through with accurate timing. I know that in one specific category, the timing issue cost a rider the national championship jersey, which is unacceptable.
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 they've run bigger enduros there without issue.
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 @Hogfly: I pieced bits of that together based on what others advised me too.

The logistics guy I talked with said USAC had trouble getting live splits. Want to say he mentioned signal being the issue.

He seemed almost baffled when I said "Wait...you guys were trying to do wireless live splits? You didn't have a hard line Cat 5 wired to the split timers?"

Not more than an hour later, ran into Logan and asked how their in house system worked & he explained how they did their splits semi-wireless, with backup, for DHSE consistently and it was a simple answer.

I had to chuckle. Pair of brothers running around in an old Explorer make USAC's rolling showcase of big trucks full of equipment & gear look like amateurs. Beer
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 @blowmyfuse: Thank you for the response and shedding light on the situation from your perspective.

I must have crashed just below your location... There's a rock roll that leads into the log drop which has a little catch berm at the bottom next to a tree (it's completely blind as you enter the rocks). M1 marshall was the one I kept seeing on their phone. Cat 2 marshall had his girlfriend nearby and didn't even realize people were crashing below after the rainstorm on Friday. In my opinion, the M2 location needed to be moved down mountain. Or add a marshall to the blind spot that I mentioned above. A marshall just above that drop would have been ideal. Not trying to blame the volunteers, but USAC, the governing body and entity responsible for our safety, completely dropped the ball.

I'm just dumbfounded with their lack of communication and organization.

At one point, the gentleman at the start gate wouldn't let me drop the Cat 2 course with my buddy. Which I respect because technically it wasn't my track or scheduled practice session. Yet when it came time to my Saturday practice there were little kids on the Pro/Cat 1 track. To the fellow racer who helped me out (Jack - didn't catch your last name) thank you very much. The medical staff were Rock Stars as well.
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 @geerumm: I can address some of that. I was M2 Marshall Sat/Sun. I've marshalled before( raced since racing started) so knew how to communicate (and they were there anyway) with the photographers & spectators shooting from below the log to let me know if I needed a stoppage. And from M2, it's VERY obvious if a riders down off the drop.

Marshalls are spotters to STOP NEXT rider & whistle from BEHIND you to notify spectators/racers a freight train is coming down TO them. Below the log drop is a crash zone & I have to be BEFORE the rock roll in leading to it to stop MORE crashes. We also call for an EMT if needed to relay location & possibly severity.

Spectators being ON course is controlled by the whistle behind you. That and we look for people/debris on course between riders but ZERO control over someone who enters while you're coming by. It's up to the spectators to get off course when they hear the whistle from above and dad/mom/bros as well.

#2 priority of M2 was the pole at the tree to maintain course consistency. Apparently prior to my arrival, it was getting moved around alot. As a fellow racer, I worked to constantly replace and correctly reposition it with the exact same style pole.

As for M1, that's the irony of that spot being the only one with cell service. The lure of the drug called internet.

Not much consolation, but the nastiest wreck of the weekend was on flat ground between the M1 step up and first rock garden on flat ground. Guy destroyed his wrist and possibly his hip.
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 @geerumm: Last thing (this goes out to ALL racers without a Pro License). Get off your buddy's butt. Get off your kids butt. Trains when it's park day...have at it.

But on race weekend, with 30-40 riders on course, stop running 2,3,4 man trains. One of you bobbles, every body cluster fokks & then 5-15 riders get backed up. Space the freak out. See the next 2-3 obstacles ahead of you AND give us time to control any chaos or mitigate risk behind.

Saturday, the SECOND WORST crash happened exactly as the guy at M1 broke his wrist. It was an older guy riding up on a young teen at M2. He literally went off the log drop a bike length behind the kid. Kid may have been distracted or just glitched, but he went OTB. The older guy had NO CHANCE & just wadded right on top of the kid.

Older guy got carted out. But easily preventable. Ruined his day. Probably freaked the kid out. And ruined runs for several dozen riders during the course hold.

Seriously....back off your bros. You're not that good or you'd already be pro. That goes for myself too.
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 @blowmyfuse: Okay man, now you've lost all credibility. You just made assumption after assumption. I was riding solo that day. Not a rider in front of me as I dropped the start gate. And furthermore, given the evidence you provided on your Instagram video, please tell me how you had a view of that downside? It's clear as day you couldn't see Dak after he dropped the log. When I wrecked, the Vital MTB guy had just shown up to take pictures. Shame on you and USAC for "relying on spectators or photographers" to notify you if there was a wreck. (Your own words. Wow!)

Go ahead and read your comment(s) again to realize the bone-head mistake you made. Additionally, you were obviously another course marshall on their phone rather than providing 100% attention to the task at hand.

Luckily, I had Jack there to provide assistance and let the issue be known. He (Jack) was tending to the child as I approached the drop. It was he (Jack) who started to flail his arms in attempts to get me to stop. Where were you at that time? If you had made contact with me or been aware of what was going on, then you would realize I'm that "older guy" who almost killed a kid. We never tangled. Instead, I ditched the bike to avoid hitting him. I was the course hold and had to get carted off. Awareness??!?

Thank you for providing additional evidence to move forward with my claim.
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 @geerumm: Whoa. You made it sound like a child spectator was walking on the course and no one kept their kid outside the tape.

You caught another racer on course who wrecked in front of you and you were on his tail following too close on a blind drop. You better accept responsibility for your own actions. Don't try to deflect and place blame where there is none.

That "kid" is Cat 1 and has every right to be on track in his category. You hit another rider who you are following down the same section at the same time. Sorry for your injury, but it was your decision to follow him in.
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 @geerumm: Just an FYI.

If you have health insurance, your USA Cycling license also provides you with secondary health insurance coverage in the event you are hurt during your race/event/etc. When an accident occurs, you'll want to contact the USAC official for the event, have them communicate with the medical personnel that treated you at the event & they will fill out an accident report.

You request the report from USAC & request to file an accident/injury claim with USAC's provider. Your personal health insurance acts as 1st place in all claims, then by rules of the policy, USAC's event policy will fill in however the policy is written as secondary coverage.

If you do NOT have primary health insurance, the USAC policy MAY behave as primary health insurance coverage.

I got hurt putting my foot in a gopher hole at a USAC event 20 years ago & blew my ACL with no health insurance. USAC's policy at the time covered 80/20 back then so that my out of pocket was $4k of the $16k bill, a huge financial help. Was very thankful they helped me file it.

I think coverage is more like 70/30 now, but I've not looked. Reach out to USAC and they'll help you get that process up and running.
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 @blowmyfuse: Interesting perspective... GoPro footage would say otherwise as I literally had nobody in my FOV as I dropped in. AND you can't see the downside of the log drop as you roll into the rocks at M2. The last thing I'm trying to do is tail, or chase a kid down the mountain.

The frustration I'm talking about with kids applied not only to the rider who crashed on course, then made no attempt to quickly clear the one and only landing, but also some complaints from other riders. There were two 15yo female racers who were using their friends as "spotters" on course. They were literally stopping in dangerous sections to talk about line choice and speed to clear the gaps. Using walkie-talkies and the whole 9.

My bad for not articulating the situation clearly. I'm typing from a hospital bed while in pain, frustrated and doped up at the same time. Kid was a rider, not spectator. However, I don't recall making that statement. Anyhow, thanks for the info about USAC insurance coverage.
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 @CaptainSnappy: it was more in reference to the age of Asa and how that plays into the sleeve vs someone who is of age and racing world cups.
Thanks for your constructive input though.
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 @geerumm: Weird geographic reference like NC kids are subpar to rest of American kids lol
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 @honda50r: Interesting interpretation of my words as I said "this part of the country." Let's be real though, most kids nowadays are out-of-touch, but the lack of supervision (specifically in NC) was pretty amazing. Maybe I'm just reaching for answers... Or maybe my observations were spot-on. Either way, I believe there's a direct correlation between today's parenting methods and the social issues that come from it.
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 @Hogfly: DHSE uses Zone4 which has an option for you to run your own on site server box, in locations that don’t have any cell coverage. I’ve used it to time an XC race with zero cell coverage and it worked flawlessly. I’ve also used it without the server box to time an enduro in a spot with no cell coverage at the bottom of stages and all the results just worked once we got one of the android phones Zone4 sends you with the system to internet. Sad that USAC didn’t coordinate this with Neko because the Zone4 system is drop dead simple to use, and very cheap to rent.
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 Richies hometown definitely isn’t Yeti HQ. All us New Englanders are proud of Richie coming out of the little hills in Connecticut so they should probably get that right.

Also. Holy shit Asa! Can’t wait to go watch him rip today for the pro DH. He seeded first.
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 Sure you already figured this part out, but for those of us not here on track, Asa is in 14-16 age group. He's not even old enough for Junior X yet. Beer
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 what happened on racerun?
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 @marianodh21: whos race run?
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 We need a story on what usac was during the weekend. It was terrible This thread should be about congratulating our national champs. Because I have so much to say about how terribly usac ran the enduro.
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 That Asa kid sure is something
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 Calling it now
Asa will accomplish everything there is too in his career! Kid is already a legend- beating legends- and has sooooo much to go! He’s as humble as it gets and just loves riding bikes! So incredibly rad to see and he has the brightest future
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 I just want him to stay healthy and progress slowly. Seen too many phenoms snapped off too soon.
Seems to love bikes and appreciate everything coming his way & can never have enough of that.

But...he needs an arch rival/villain.
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 14 minutes of racing seems like a pretty short course for national champs.
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 Yeah it's not a very big hill. It would be cool if they actually raced out in Pisgah.
  • 7 1
 It was wet and rooty af. Imo, proper Enduro. It was as challenging as a coarse that I've run in a while.

Of course usac cancelled the hardest stage... it's national champs, it's supposed to be hard. Ugh.

F it: also the delay for several groups to ride our second stage of the day was exactly 2 hours 20 minutes
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 yeah week as numbers. the bme does 40+ mins of racing and North American enduro cup does 40+ as well.
they decide the national champ in one day over 14mins seem fkn pointless
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 Enduro is all about a complete skillset on a bike. These style of tracks were unique to this region of the country, just like the other tracks mentioned. To your point though, I think they could have had more total stages for a national event for fitness to play into the picture more.
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 @LaXcarp: yeah I think fitness should play a part in the complete skillset for sure!.
maybe make a national event more of a series like 2 east coast 2 west coast or something. but then seems like the race was a shitshow so maybe not
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 @pisgahgnar: I wish we lived in an era where that was possible, but with all the shit going on in the forest right now with PAS, USFS, et al, the last thing we need is a high profile bike race back there.
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 @Flynkiwi: Feedback from people at the event is that every USAC nationals is a shitshow and is put on by roadies.
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 @shinook: Probably right. I just wish we had the opportunity to showcase what we've got.
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 @stunnanumma1: you need to do more enduros then bruv
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 @LaXcarp: hahahaha fkn great!!
lets make North American enduro cup the unofficial us champs I think.
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 asa is legit man, smoked em at bme last weekend and backed it up at natties
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 Asa beat Aaron Gwinn at a local DH race on a clean track.

  • 9 1
 We all know the real National Champs for enduro is the North American Enduro Cup in Kellogg.
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 my man !!!!
  • 1 0
 this man knows what the correct answer is
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 Thunder Mountain ESC on a rain weekend FTW.
  • 2 0
 The West is the best.
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 Stage 1 results are complete bogus my daughters stage time was 1min 20 sec long from what was calculated via GoPro and Strava. That throws in to doubt ALL results using stage 1. The way this was handled was beyond unprofessional!!
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 Yep. A kid handily won every stage in his category except Stage 1, which he somehow was almost a minute off the pace (on a stage that actually compliments his skillset). And miraculously another kid who was p3-p5 on the other stages was 20 seconds faster than everyone else on Stage 1 and takes the win.

So a kid, literally, lost a national championship on a Stage where there are proven inaccuracies and issues. Note: this isn't my kid, but my kid did podium in that category... so I am familiar with all the racers involved.
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 Bobbitt for 3rd! Stoked for him!
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 When I clicked I actually thought to myself: I wonder if Asa is ever going to do any Enduro.

Oh... I guess so.
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 He won pro at the Durango BME last week as well. Those are his local trails, though.
  • 5 0
 @Hogfly: Oh nice! I figured he had done some sort of enduro but hadn't seen anything at a high level yet.

Hard not to like him. Seems like a genuinely great young person.
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 USAC = USUC ginormous ball bearings!
  • 3 0
 USAC sucks but the crowd did not dissapoint
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 That’s what was so sad. Neko and the RRR crew did such a damned fantastic job of turning that place into a viable event venue. We got there on Sunday, and it transformed over a 3 day period. The setup for DH and DS with tracks side by side was mint. The atmosphere and vibes were fantastic. Then along comes USAC.
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 Asa Vermette On frameworks with black swingarm and 40s for DH.
Rhen frameworks(?) with silver swingarm and 38/36s for enduro?
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 LFG Asa!! #USDH on the comeup
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 Wow those margins look tight is I'm reading that right
  • 1 0
 Just goes to show that the NAEC at Silver Mountain is the true test and benchmark for what Enduro racing is and should be.
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 Is it a series or a single race? I think part of Enduro should include the logistics of a series/season (i.e. EWS and ESC). It doubles down on the theory its not all about 1 run or 1 trail or 1 type of riding/skill or 1 venue or having your bike mechanically sound for 1 day. Instead I think Enduro should be about being the fastest rider over many trails, venues, states or countries, conditions (rain at some races, ideally some snow and ice (I'm from Maine and ride my Enduro bike with spike tires in the winter)), a whole season, etc. and keeping your bike and body maintained for a period of time not a day or two. Last but most important the event coordinator should be able to run a timing system without issue...
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 Asa. Holy crap
  • 1 0
 No U23 category in the US?
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 It’s age categories. After 17-18, then goes to pro/open. For EDR points everyone who is under 21 gets their times put together.
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