Semi-Final Results from the Les Gets DH World Cup 2023

Sep 9, 2023 at 1:47
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from a wild semi-finals in Les Gets.

Vali Höll is once again dominant in Les Gets as she goes 3.488 seconds up. The dust is still thick on course and as lines blow out the conditions are tough for riders this weekend. Vali Höll bested the conditions as she went fastest with Marine Cabirou 3.488 seconds back. Monika Hrastnik looks back on top form this week as she takes 3rd place, 5.574 seconds off the pace of Vali.

Benoit Coualnges repeats his initial success in Loudevielle as for the second week in a row he goes fastest in both qualifying and semi-finals. It is a French top two in Les Gets as Benoit Coulanges leads Loris Vergier by 0.203 seconds before a charging Dakotah Norton sits 2.347 behind in third.

Check out the results below.


Elite Women

1st. Vali Höll: 3:48.991
2nd. Marine Cabirou: 3:52.479
3rd. Monika Hrastnik: 3:54.565
4th. Eleonora Farina: 3:55.706
5th. Lisa Baumann: 3:57.784

Elite Men

1st. Benoit Coulanges: 3:21.561
2nd. Loris Vergier: 3:21.764
3rd. Dakotah Norton: 3:23.908
4th. Troy Brosnan: 3:23.987
5th. Jackson Goldstone: 3:24.327

The Elite Women's Race as it Happened:

1:45 am PDT: The Elite Women's Race is Now Underway
The Elite Women's semi-finals kick off with Enduro racer Emmy Lan starting proceedings.

1:49 am PDT: Emmy Lan sets a time of 4:14.792
Interestingly Emmy Lan has set a slower time today than her qualifying run of 4:11.210

1:50 am PDT: Veronika Widmann Goes Fastest
Veronika Widmann takes the hot seat as she sets the fastest time so far.

1:52 am PDT: Louise Ferguson Leads by 5.8 Seconds
Louise Ferguson quickly pushes her teammate off the top as she now leads by 5.848 seconds.

1:53 am PDT: Sian A'Hern Slots into 2nd
Sian A'Hern has a solid run to cross the line 4.863 back.

1:54 am PDT: Anna Newkirk Takes the Hot Seat
Anna Newkirk sets the fastest time so far as she finds 1.5 seconds on Louise Ferguson.

1:54 am PDT: Mille Johnset Falls Just Short of the Top Time
Mille Johnset was looking like she might be a contender for the hot seat but lost time at the bottom of the course to go 2nd.

1:55 am PDT: Nina Hoffmann Leads by 2.117
After battling an illness that seems to be going around the Les Gets pits Nina Hoffmann takes the race lead as she goes 2.1 seconds up. Nina's time is still around ten seconds back from Vali Höll's qualifying run.

1:57 am PDT: Gloria Scarsi Two Seconds Back in 2nd
Gloria Scarsi is another enduro racer on course as she takes 2nd.

1:58 am PDT: Lisa Baumann Leads
Lisa Baumann takes 0.968 seconds out of Nina Hoffmann's time as she secures the hot seat with five riders left at the top.

2:02 am PDT: Eleonora Farina Flies into the Lead
Eleonora Farina goes fastest by two seconds as she led from the second split to the bottom.

2:05 am PDT: Tahnee Seagrave Crosses the Line in 4th
Tahnee Seagrave loses time all the way down after the first split to take fourth

2:08 am PDT: Monika Hrastnik Takes the Lead by 1.1 Seconds
After a slow second split Monika Hrastnik rides back into the race as she is quick through the lower steeps to go fastest by 1.141 seconds. Only Marine Cabirou and Vali Höll remain at the top.

2:11 am PDT: Marine Cabirou Leads with 1 Rider Left
Marine Cabirou has gone fastest so far in Les Gets but she has dropped around 0.4 seconds back from her qualifying run. As we found in our qualifying analysis Vali Höll was fastest through all splits yesterday so if she can stay on the bike she will be tough to beat.

2:14 am PDT: Vali Höll Wins Semi-Finals in Les Gets
Vali Höll is truly dominant in Les Gets so far this week as she backs up her qualifying win with the fastest semi-finals run by 3.488 seconds.

The Elite Men's Race as it Happened:

2:27 am PDT: After five riders the top five are:
1st. Harry Molloy: 3:31.881
2nd. Alix Francoz: 3:32.248
3rd. Dean Lucas: 3:32.916
4th. Ian Guionnet: 3:32.983
5th. Eliott Baud: 3:35.546

2:30 am PDT: Matt Walker Takes the Hot Seat
Pivot Factory Racing's Matt Walker goes straight into the hot by two seconds.

2:31 am PDT: Greg Williamson Crosses the Line 1.4 Up
Greg Williamson doesn't let Matt Walker stay on the hot seat for long as he is quick through the last two splits to take the lead.

2:33 am PDT: Thibault Laly Goes 3rd
Pinkbike Racing's Thibault Laly has a great run to go into the finish 2.5 seconds back.

2:33 am PDT: Thibault Laly Goes 3rd
Pinkbike Racing's Thibault Laly has a great run to go into the finish 2.5 seconds back.

2:35 am PDT: A Huge Crash for Luke Williamson
Luke Williamson loses the front wheel in the dust and has a big slide off the track.

2:36 am PDT: Antoine Rogge Now Leads by 0.461
Antoine Rogge almost crashes out in the final turn as he makes his way onto the hot seat after 13 riders.

2:41 am PDT: Theo Erlangsen Goes 0.278 Back
Theo Erlangsen looks confident in the dust as he falls just 0.2 seconds off the hot seat.

2:50 am PDT: After 25 riders the top 5 are:
1st. Antoine Rogge: 3:27.475
2nd. Theo Erlangsen: 3:27.753
3rd. Greg Williamson: 3:27.936
4th. Joe Breeden: 3:28.354
5th. Kye A'Hern: 3:28.436

2:52 am PDT: Thomas Estaque has a Wild Run to Go Fastest
Thomas Estaque leads by 1.446 seconds as he gets loose in the thick dust.

2:55 am PDT: Tuhoto-Ariki Pene Goes 3rd
Tuhoto-Ariki Pene has a steady run to end his run in third place so far.

2:58 am PDT: Matt Walker Goes 2nd
The British Matt Walker was quick in the first split but lost time across the rest of the track to go over the line 0.934 seconds back and into 2nd.

3:03 am PDT: Andreas Kolb Takes the Lead
Andreas Kolb has gone fastest by 1.4 seconds. Andreas' time would have been good enough for fourth in qualifying.

3:05 am PDT: After 40 riders the top 5 are:
1st. Andreas Kolb: 3:24.530
2nd. Thomas Estaque: 3:26.029
3rd. Matt Walker: 3:26.963
4th. Antoine Rogge: 3:27.475
5th. Tuhoto-Ariki Pene: 3:27.483

3:11 am PDT: Greg Minnaar Takes 3rd
Greg Minnaar has a great run keeping a consistent pace through his run to go into the finish 1.8 seconds back.

3:15 am PDT: Top 5 with 10 Riders Left:
1st. Andreas Kolb: 3:24.530
2nd. Thomas Estaque: 3:26.029
3rd. Greg Minnaar: 3:26.330
4th. Bernard Kerr: 3:26.577
5th. Matt Walker: 3:26.963

3:21 am PDT: Jackson Goldstone Takes the Hot Seat
Jackson Goldstone is back in top form after a tough qualifying session yesterday.

3:23 am PDT: Dylan Levesque Goes 3rd After Some Rapid Intitial Splits
Dylan Levesque was one of the top riders at the top of the course but after losing time in the lower steeps he goes 1.179 back and into 3rd.

3:31 am PDT: Troy Brosnan Leads with 3 Riders Left
Troy Brosnan storms across the line as he goes fastest by 0.34 seconds.

3:33 am PDT: Dakotah Norton Leads by Just 0.079 Seconds
Dakotah Norton is gaining momentum after his 2nd place in Loudenvielle as he goes into the hot seat.

3:37 am PDT: Loris Vergier Destroys the Top Times
Loris Vergier blows up the previous fastest time as he leads through every split to go fastest by 2.144 seconds. What an incredible run!

3:39 am PDT: Benoit Coulanges Wins Semi-Finals
Benoit Coulanges backs up his top qualifying run with another top time.

Full Results:

Elite Women


Elite Men


Finals Start List:

Elite Women


Elite Men


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 I gave it a few races and now strongly feel that semi-finals are totally ruining that "one run for glory" that made watching DH such an amazing experience.

ESO and UCI should be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing to women's DH. It's just disgusting. I'm only one subscriber, but I won't be subscribing next year if you don't expand the finals field for women.
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 totally agree
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 Totally agree. BC should have won the race already, that run was deserving of it. Now he's got to do it all again
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 If you subscribed at all they already won. YouTube highlights views are up over last year because of the pay wall for the live stream. And GCN profits from every subscription $ compared to free streaming last year. Who cares how many watch the paid live feed if it’s all $$$…
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 It seems like that's the view of the media, the pits, most riders and most fans. Listening to a couple podcasts and sounds like ESO are hearing that too. Whether they change it another thing. I think it would go a long way if they "we tried it, it's not been great, but we did try something at least". It's fine to admit that you were wrong, or that it didn't play out like you thought it might, I just don't see what they are adding to the race weekend, aside from the on site spectators.
Needles suggestion of a LCQ for places 30-60 if they absolutely must cut riders numbers is a potential good one. But really it doesn't seem like there's that much more of final runs being shown, and the women's coverage (or lack of) is a joke
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 If you are in finals it doesn't matter that you are the number 60 guy, you have the same odds as everyone else to take the win and that is a catalyst of truly epic performances by underdogs
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 Me : he’s carrying good speed
You : he’s carrying alot of speed

Cedric Gracia : he’s carrying alot of good speed
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 To be fair it's a useful clarification, it's pretty common to see riders carrying a lot of bad speed just before they get ejecto-blasted over the bars
  • 5 2
 Cedric usually just repeats what Ric has said. He's like a parrot
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 @northernwig: I totally disagree and think its the other way around.
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 Amazing how the one thing they get right on the broadcast is they remember to zoom in on the WHOOP sign after each rider passes it. Gotta know who's paying to be a sponsor, I guess.
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 And Ric Name dropping the brand and model of certain bikes.$$$$
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 @gcrider: I might have misheard, but I'm pretty sure he said that Vali was riding a Trek Remedy.
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 I seem to be miss hearing any word with a TH in it. @JonnyTheWeasel:
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 Same with the oakley banner, feels so forced when you have the same shot with each rider.
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 They really need to dump this format next year. What's the point other than to get more exposure for their sponsors?! No thoughts about rider welfare and the coverage is crap. They missed half the runs and seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time focussing in on sponsor logos. Go back to qualis and finals.
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 Right then, turn Charlie's mic up and Cedric's down please and lets have a good day
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 I still don't get the point of the semi finals?
The coverage is weak because it'll take too long to show full runs of 60 riders, it adds nothing to the overall 'show'.
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 More content = more money? Except that no one watches it now so who knows
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 Dakota Norton crossing the finish line almost a minute down result comes up Rick “says 28th place still not bad considering “ absolutely priceless it’s what we pay our money for no way Warner could come up with that astute observation
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 Drink every time Cedric mentions skiing.
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 Didn't even 15 riders runs in the women's finals, they only showed a top 10 such a shame the women's field is not getting enough coverage, they risk just as much as the men but the coverage is really unfair. The first few rounds I watched semis and finals of both but now only watch final runs, I can't handle the same commentary lines being reeled out. The riders risk enough, ditch the semis for all and especially the women give them a bigger field for finals
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 Pole Factory Racing's Onni wasn't allowed to start, because his mechanic wasn't allowed on the same lift as Onni and Onni has his elbow pads with his mechanic. This info comes from team's insta account. They decided to allow spectators up instead of mechanic, he had to wait for his spot and finally Onni missed the start time.
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 Not sure but it looked like Andi Kolb went round the wrong side of a marker over that final jump, no? Either way, that's the type of thing that warrants a replay don't you think?

Broadcast: "Nah let's just show them the WHOOP again"
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 No points for semi finals is BS. Go back to the one run setup
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 Great so the GCN+ stream isn’t working, but an other places are working fine.
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 The stream has been working fine for me today, but in general the always present technical and quality issues with GCN+ have been the main complaints for me this season.
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 My gcn was 2 seconds ahead in audio once I did get it working and even still the app was super buggy today. I do not think I will be renewing next year.
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 Quality of the GCN+ stream was terrible for me. I opened my VPN and tried a few different locations until I found one that delivered acceptable picture quality. Through all of this , the commentary options were disabled , no matter where the VPN was set to including with it turned off.
Some dodgy $hit going on.
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 Benny the Jet ...nice one man!
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 Semis: a longer way to say ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Let's just quali & have the f*cking race. Cant even pay attention to semis - massive waste of time
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 Let's go BC!
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 When's Pinkbike going to run the world cup? Would do a better job than UCI.
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 Benoit, Dak, go for it!
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 Why is Nina DSQ?
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 Went off track in qualies I think. She's protected though.
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 Get it BC!
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