Semi-Final Results from the Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2023

Oct 7, 2023 at 7:33
by Ed Spratt  
The results from the final DH World Cup semi-finals of the season are in from Mont-Sainte-Anne.

After some pre-race rain, the course is entirely different to practice but Vali Höll is still the rider to beat as she gets loose on her way to the semi-finals win. Vali Höll manages to master the wet conditions pulling ahead of Nina Hoffmann by 2.836 seconds. Hattie Harnden was the only rider within nine seconds of Vali completing the top three.

Jackson Goldstone has made his intentions clear as he was unmatched by any rider winning the semi-finals by over five seconds. Jackson Goldstone is looking like he will do everything he can to secure the overall title with a run that was simply leagues ahead of any other rider. Ethan Craik also had a great run in second with Loic Bruni taking third place, 5.2 seconds back. If these results are repeated in finals then Loic will win the overall with Jackson Goldstone taking 2nd and Loris Vergier in third.

Check out the result below.


Elite Women

1st. Vali Höll: 4:49.981
2nd. Nina Hoffmann: 4:52.817
3rd. Hattie Harnden: 4:53.926
4th. Veronika Widmann: 4:59.231
5th. Mille Johnset: 5:02.278

Elite Men

1st. Jackson Goldstone: 4:04.587
2nd. Ethan Craik: 4:09.786
3rd. Loic Bruni: 4:09.840
4th. Dakotah Norton: 4:10.348
5th. Troy Brosnan: 4:10.473

The Elite Women's Race as it Happened

Race Updates:

7:45 PDT: The Elite Women's Race is Now Underway
The Elite Women's semi-finals kick off with Phoebe Gale starting proceedings. A rain shower has come and gone already this morning if this continues we could be in for a wild season finale.

7:50 PDT: Phoebe Gale is First Down as the Rain Continues
Phoebe Gale manages to keep right as the course looks slick in places. Phoebe sets a time of 5:05.364, around seven seconds off her qualifying run.

7:51 PDT: Hattie Harnden Powers into First
Hattie Harnden goes into the lead by over 11 seconds. Despite the wet weather, Hattie has improved upon her qualifying time by four seconds.

7:53 PDT: Heavy Rain at the Top of the Course
The rain is really coming down at the top of the course, after the dusty conditions over the past few days this will really change the race lines.

7:55 PDT: Gloria Scarsi Slides Out in the Woods
Gloria Scarsi is taken off the race line over the wet rocks and slides off the course. Gloria is able to finish her run, 26 seconds back.

7:55 PDT: Gloria Scarsi Slides Out in the Woods
Gloria Scarsi is taken off the race line over the wet rocks and slides off the course. Gloria is able to finish her run, 26 seconds back.

7:56 PDT: Anna Newkirk Slides in the Same Spot
The rocks are really slick as Anna Newkirk also slips in the rocks. Luckily she stays upright and goes into fourth place so far.

8:00 PDT: The Rain is Really Coming Down Now
There's no going back now as the heavy rain has completely changed the conditions on track. No matter what happens with the weather the course is very different to qualifying yesterday.

8:01 PDT: Veronika Widmann Takes 2nd
Veronika Widmann puts in the best run since Hattie Harnden as she crosses the line 5.305 seconds back to slot into 2nd place.

8:03 PDT: Mille Johnset Goes 3rd
Mille Johnse makes it down the slippery course going eight seconds back to sit in third with four riders left.

8:09 PDT: Nina Hoffmann Fully Commits to Go Fastest
Nina Hoffmann doesn't save too much for finals as she takes the race lead by 1.1 seconds.

8:12 PDT: Marine Cabirou Ends her Run in 6th
Marine Cabirou makes it to the bottom but she is 10.7 back from Nina Hoffmann. If this happens in finals she will take third in the overall.

8:16 PDT: What a Run from Vali Höll
Vali Höll shows why she is the 2023 World and World Cup Series champion as she lays down a wild run to lead by 2.8 seconds.

The Elite Men's Race as it Happened

Race Updates:

8:25 PDT: Gabriel Neron Starts the Men's Racing with a 4:22.231
Gabriel Neron is first up on the wet course as he goes around 25 seconds back from the top qualifying run.

8:30 PDT: Brook MacDonald Takes 2nd So Far
Brook MacDonald has a great run in the wet as he goes over the line 1.6 seconds back.

8:33 PDT: Jacob Dickson Leads by 5.8 Seconds
Ireland is on top again as Jacob Dickson takes the top time so far after nine riders.

8:35 PDT: Wyn Masters Goes 4.5 Back in 2nd
Wyn Masters has a great run managing to place himself 2nd behind Jacob Dickson.

8:40 PDT: Sam Blenkinsop Takes 2nd
There are now four NZ riders inside the top six as Sam Blenkinsop moves into 2nd place.

8:41 PDT: Lucas Cruz Goes Fastest
Lucas Cruz sets the new fastest time as he leads by 2.3 seconds.

8:46 PDT: The Top 5 After 20 Riders are
1st. Lucas Cruz: 4:14.091
2nd. Jacob Dickson: 4:16.407
3rd. Matteo Iniguez: 4:18.067
4th. Remy Meier-Smith: 4:19.012
5th. Sam Blenkinsop: 4:20.528

8:50 PDT: Dylan Maples Crashes Over the Line to Take 2nd
Dylan Maples flies into the finish just 0.859 seconds back from Lucas Cruz.

8:52 PDT: Richie Rude Should Make Finals as he Goes 3rd
Richie Rude is flying on the Yeti prototype putting himself hopefully through to finals.

8:53 PDT: Tuhoto-Ariki Pene Falls Just 0.3 Seconds Short of the Lead
Tuhoto-Ariki Pene sends some of the tricky gaps on course to make his way into 2nd place as we near the mid-point of semis.

8:58 PDT: Baptiste Pierron Pulls Ahead by Nearly a Second
Baptiste Pierron takes the lead as he bests Lucas Cruz by 0.919 seconds. Baptiste was almost three seconds up at split three so there is plenty of time to be gained on him in the lower splits.

9:03 PDT: Gaëtan Vige Takes the Race Lead with a Margin of 1.4 Seconds
Gaëtan Vige goes fastest by 1.4 seconds as we get closer to the final 20 riders.

9:06 PDT: Overall Title Contender Finn Iles Takes 2nd
Finn Iles is protected for finals but he still sets a time good enough for 2nd, 0.516 back.

9:12 PDT: Bernard Kerr Goes Fastest
Bernard Kerr sets the fastest run so far as he pulls past Gaëtan Vige in the final split to lead by only 0.199 seconds.

9:16 PDT: Danny Hart Leads by 0.281 Seconds
Danny Hart remains one of the best in the wet as he goes quickest so far.

9:19 PDT: There's Another New Leader as Dakotah Norton Sets the Time to Beat
Dakotah Norton finds almost a second against Danny Hart to go fastest with nine riders left at the top.

9:26 PDT: Jackson Goldstone Destroys the Top Times So Far
Jackson Goldstone goes into the lead by a massive 5.761 seconds. What a wild run!

9:29 PDT: Loris Vergier Ends his Run in 7th
If the current standings were repeated in finals then Jackson Goldstone would pass Loris Vergier in the overall standings.

9:31 PDT: Ethan Craik Slots into 2nd
Ethan Craik has a fast but messy run to set the second-fastest time so far today and 5.199 seconds off Jackson.

9:38 PDT: Troy Brosnan Goes 4th After Some Big Moments
Troy Brosnan can't quite get a clean run but he does a great job of holding onto some wild moments. Troy is still right at the sharp end with 4th place.

9:41 PDT: Loic Bruni Ends his Run 5 Seconds Back in 3rd
Loic Bruni secures third in semis and if these results are repeated in finals he will take the overall.

Full Results:

Elite Women


Elite Men


Finals Start List:

Elite Women


Elite Men


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 Jackson's 5 second lead is nuts
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 World Cup semifinals… aka: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The race before the race. Whoever thought of this should be banned from the DH realm & bike industry for eternity
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 i would venture to guess it was a consulting firm, thats the type of shit only they can come up with
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 Can they please let Myriam finish a sentence?
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 What idiot does an interview on the live stream while Oisin is riding???
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 lol I was just thinking the same! Here's last week's winner on course, let's overlay an interview with a guy waaayyy down the pack.
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 Yeah - Carlson interviewed Ollie Davis over the top of the entire run of last week's winner. Why.
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 They've been doing this shit all year. Horrible and disrespectful.
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 Can we just have Gwin and Gracia as commentators please and get rid of the other dude for next season(he is just annoying)
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 I actually dont mind him at all.
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 Put Carlson Gwin and Gracia in the booth. Drop the Robotic commentary please.
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 Carlson and Gwin, period.
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 @FredFreeRideGang: Gwin has to race next year.... Hopefully
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 Carlson? Really?
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 This coverage is farcical - they’re not even showing riders crossing the line.
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 Jackson Goldstone, unbelievable time difference.
That’s crazy.
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 Am I the only one that saw Jackson gap off the top of the Stevie Smith drop??? That was insane
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 Bernard was doing it in practice too. Jackson finds all the gaps!!
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 Btw everything is live on Eurosport 2
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 Vige doing the work good to see him getting back up there.
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 This is going away next year, right? Right?
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 Why no points for qualifying or the semi? And is it the same for the men?
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 They don't want the overall winner decided by quali points I believe is the reason. Same for men.
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 @loamfiend: then what's the point?
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 @AlexSplode: there is no point(s)
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 Pretty anticlimactic calling the time before the even cross the finish
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 Jesus, Jackson.
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 Can you complainers just fcuk off. If you can't enjoy this you are either following the wrong sport or just naturally miserable. Either way same suggestion
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 WOW Go Canadians, Golstone, Iles, Cruz and Engineering Downhiller !!
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 We're doing 2 semi finals runs and no finals to put an exclamation mark on how bad the race coverage was this year.
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