Slack Randoms: Fake Pro Cyclists, 'World's Fastest Bike', Unicycle World Records & More

May 6, 2022 at 7:26
by Ed Spratt  
We use Slack as our workplace communication tool at Pinkbike and we have a #randoms channel which we use to share an assortment of videos and stories from all corners of the cycling world and beyond... We thought a couple of the moments from the past week were too good not to share with a wider audience, so here are some of the highlights.

Exposed by a Strava KOM: The many lives of a fake pro cyclist


With more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie the incredible story of a fake pro cyclist by Iain Treloar on CyclingTips is a must-read this week, it may take a while to get through but it's worth every second.

"Australian cyclist Nick Clark built a loyal following at his Virginia bike shop, based in part on his national and international results and a lengthy professional career. There was just one problem: none of it was true.

This is the strange tale of the unravelling of a years-long deception – the ‘Catch Me If You Can’-like story of a man with a claimed past as a pro cyclist, a soldier, a CEO, a lawyer, an author, an academic, a hostage responder, and a weapons instructor.

These are the many lives of Nick Clark."

You can read the full story here.

BMC x Red Bull Claims its Prototype is the 'World's Fastest Bike'


BMC has collaborated with Red Bull Advanced Technologies to create what it claims to be the 'World's Fastest Race Bike'. To create the bike BMC's Swiss R&D lab worked with Red Bull's Advanced Technologies division for four years with the use of an advanced aerodynamic simulation that was originally developed for Formula One. The Time Trial bike is set to have its first competition debut this weekend ar the Ironman world championships although it won't be seeing much competition in its future as currently it is not UCI legal.



If you're going to cheat at least be subtle

Anyone who follows road cycling may have seen riders getting a little bit of extra momentum when they grab a bottle from the team car, but Burgos BH's Daniel Navarro pushed the envelope slightly further as he was towed uphill right in front of a camera on the final stage of the Vuelta a Asturias.

Unicycle one-hour world record

Simon Jan du Voyage takes on a Unicycling World Record and sets the new longest distance completed in an hour of 33.365km.

What happens if you put a giant propeller on a bike?

bigquotesI dive into my old collection of Popular Mechanics magazines and get inspired to build something! I found Ernest Winter’s air screw bicycle, so I tried to build it. He claims it is able to hit 20 miles per hour, will I be able to match his speed? How will I build the propeller? How can I power it with my feet? Will it go fast enough to fly? How does it compare to a giant fan? I go on the journey to test it and more!Fireball Tool

Double the engagement points in a Hope hub

bigquotesOf course it goes without saying that modifying any bike part is risky and you'll definitely void any warranty. As mentioned in the video a steel freehub body is highly recommended but even then please consider this a risky thing to do and you do so solely at your own risk.

Disclaimers done, I mentioned that the Hope hub on my fatbike was modified to give double the engagement points a few weeks ago and since then every video has had comments asking when I'd make the video showing how it's done.

Well the wait is over, Adam and I had some free time and we went to work not only showing the engagement mod but also how to double up the springs for a louder hub too.
Ali Clarkson

Turning a leaf blower into a jet engine

Last week's Slack Randoms had a custom jet bicycle and now we have a bicycle mounted jet made from a leaf blower.

Creating a mountainside kaleidoscope

bigquotesIn a breathtaking display of skill and color, a collection of the world's best freestyle snowboarders and skiers, strapped colored smoke to their skis and boards at The Nines to create a kaleidoscope on the mountain

Featured riders:
Valentino Guseli, Nico Vuignier, Jesper Tjäder, Jennie Lee Burmasson, Fabi Bösch, Hailey Langland, Mac Forehand, Luke Winkelman, Matej Svancer, Thibault Magnin, Fridtjof Tischendorf, Max Moffat, Hiroto Ogiwara, Kaito Hamada, Kim Gubser, Lukas Muelleauer, Moritz Boll, Niek van der Velden, Alex Hall, Andri Ragettli, Kirsty Muir, Mia Brookes, Yuka Fujimori, Pat Burgener and Taylor Brooke Lundquist.
Red Bull

1 Million FPS

If you haven't already then go and watch 9 Value Bikes Hucked to Flat in Ultra Slo-Mo from our latest Field Test. We used a Phantom camera to shoot the bikes at just 1,000 frames-per-second, imagine the flex we could capture at one million.

The Climate Game


While you're waiting for the second round of the XC World Cup to kick off in Albstadt this weekend the Financial Times has created an interesting game you can play here that tasks you with trying to reach net-zero by 2050. The game was created using published scientific research and bespoke modelling by the International Energy Agency for the Financial Times.

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 That exposee about Nick Clark by Iain Treloar is an absolutely fantastic piece of journalism. One of those kinds bizarre story you wouldn't believe if you didn't know it was true.

Secret Tip: If you found this article entertaining, look into the other pieces Iain Treloar has done for Cyclingtips. My personal favourite is the one about the wild and whacky adventures of David Lappartient, president of the UCI, and his connections toTurkmenistans cycling-crazed "president" (read: dictator).
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 The author went to a lot of work for sure, but ultimately it’s pretty sad, the guy was probably a decent biker, but he chose to lie about it to get ahead.

I can only imagine how many fakers we have on Pinkbike Wink
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 The emotional damage this guy does to people is wild. I wonder if he killed his wife? He doesn’t seem to have limits..and his kids will surely see this article. Imagine how f’d up that’s going to be for them, they are still children. Scariest of all, he’s now a gun nut, wtf?!

Someone hoist the red flag!
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 Yeah that story was insane, I could not stop reading it.
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 It would make a great movie.
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 So great to read.

Reminds me of a guy my daughter fell for, he made her believe he was a millionaire with stakes in new tech startups, drove a big car, bought a big house (not, they got kicked out), now he is living on her expenses...
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 John Oliver also did a good segment that touches on the Turkmenistan / UCI connection.
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 @warmerdamj: What really got me was the ever-increasing depth of deception. Just the layers upon layers of lies. In the beginning you think he is just another guy lying about a pro-cycling career - in a sort of innocent way, to lend more credibility to his role as a bike store owner and cycling coach. But it's not just about bikes and as you continue reading the whole thing gets so much worse.
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 @Muscovir: One thing is constant: Pathological, narcissistic liars never know when to stop. He was destined to be found out sooner or later. He wasn't just digging himself into a hole, he rented a whole excavator to dig deeper.
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 So how did he get that KOM?
  • 5 0
 @26AD: Yeah they never really came back to that!
  • 1 1
 @26AD: I thought the implication was that he was getting these times on an ebike
  • 1 0
 Compared to lance though
  • 4 0
 @Jamminator: you stop after you’re President of the United States
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 I found the article depressing. How sad, Nick fueled by narcissistic lust, went to extreme costs and effort to become a living metaphor of a Facebook post….
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 @26AD: A comment under the article mentioned "e-doping" like there's software to alter your times
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 And the reality: there's tons of guys like Nick out there. Most of us have probably met them already, people that make outlandish claims about being both a pro road racer and being a freerider pioneer in the mountains of BC, changing the stories slightly, or omitting depending on who they're trying to impress.

The thing I find really sad about this is a lot of these people possess the social qualities that make them likeable, charming, and engaging. They could just simply be liked for who they are, but something within them feels the need to take it steps further and fabricate stories about their past. We could chalk it up to severe self-esteem problems, but I think it runs deeper than that. It's almost as if the person you've met is real, because being fake is who they are.
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 Definitely read the Nick Clark article. It is well worth the time.
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 Can you really just make a bike and call it the world's fastest bike? It's the rider not the bike.
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 It is mostly the rider but the bike and equipment make a measurable difference over the long haul in an entire race.
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 You can call it the least speed-reducing bike
  • 1 0
 You can, but the following week another manufacturer will make the same claim. Collaboration seems to be the current theme. The only plausible claim a manufacturer can make is that based on the selective tests they undertake, the bike is faster than their previous model.
  • 7 0
 Can you really just make a bike that isn't a recumbent and call it the world's fastest bike?
  • 1 0
 What you wear and you're position make more difference than the bike.
  • 12 1
 Can you really call it a mountain bike if it has a battery and motor assist?
  • 1 0
 Especially when motorcycles are technically bikes if we are talking the number of wheels. Pick a number of wheels and be a dick about it.
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 Chris Boardman already had the fastest (also not UCI approved) bike. This BMC / Red Bull one ain't it.
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 Nick Clark, “She’s so ugly, she’s graceless … she looks like a mountain biker.” May this so called man have his penis fall off and spend eternity going up the alps on a fixie.
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 I think Nick is so tortured in his own head, there is no need for punishment.
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 One thing is for sure. Nick Clark holds a PHD, world championship and Olympic gold in BULLSHITTING
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 Oh boy that Slow Mo Guys youtube channel is a rabbithole and a half
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 Was the road biker racing really that dumb to hold onto the car in front of other competitors? I wonder if he was just quitting the race and the car was hauling him in.
  • 10 0
 That's what I figured, he was done.
  • 5 0
 Not dumb or quitting, he finished 11th on GC. Spanish riders in Spain, it’s tricky to get DQd Wink
  • 7 0
 Maybe he had a "mechanical" and they were "fixing" it on the climb during riding.
  • 2 0
 @ZanielGa: I agree, if you look carefully the support staff member is hanging out the window as if he is doing some bike maintenance
  • 2 1
 @ZanielGa: In my book, it still would be grounds for disqualification if he was getting an unfair advantage against the field. The car is going way faster than any of the riders up the hill.
  • 6 1
 @tacklingdummy: No shit Sherlock?
  • 2 0
 @wingguy: Wait, this guy didn't get DQed for this??!?
  • 1 1
 @hirvi: Well apparently he didn't get disqualified, so your statement doesn't apply. Lol.
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 Now that’s what I call Scrambled Eggs

Anybody ever try the Hope Hub modification?
The pawl kit is reasonably inexpensive if it were to go south, although id be a little concerned about overheating the pawl during the grind process and loosing its temper/becoming weak/soft and even if you could keep it cool enough by using water or a file or whatever there’s still the possibility of damage to the ring on the inside of the hub and as far as I know that ring cant be replaced/repaired and your out a $250-$300 hub with a big fat zero engagement Frown . I wonder if the metal used for the pawl’s is any harder than the metal used for the ring or VV . My guess is it’d be pretty hard to damage simply bc its such a hard metal but my luck says otherwise
Either way it seemed pretty easy to do and more engagement would be something I wouldn’t mind having on a SS setup, plus it didn’t really cost anything
Anybody ever tried anything similar to this??
  • 1 0
 I did that with a Pro2 Evo many years ago. The drive ring was fine, but the freehub self destructed. With just 2 pawls engaged, more forces are acting on them and being transmitted to the freehub bearing adjacent to the pawls squeezing it. The bearing shat itself apart.
  • 1 9
flag Snowytrail (May 7, 2022 at 16:03) (Below Threshold)
 I didn't try it....I bought an Onyx. Zero degree engagement out of the box and 5 years in it has never skipped.
  • 6 3
 Pfffft,oh yea, an Onyx huh?
I Never heard of her
Anyways were talking bikes dude @Snowytrail:
  • 1 0
 Yep sounds like my kinda luck I think I’ll stick to whatever engagement they have
Ill bet that was fun to get apart hopefully you got your cassette back @the-one1:
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 Hello! I'm the dude in the video.

The first hub I did this on was a Pro 2 with an alloy freehub back in 2011. Its still working, with all the original parts.

I have another I did last year which gets used for commuting duties (also SS) and also still all original parts - apart from the chopped pawls of course!

We had to be a bit 'careful' promoting modifications in the video, but its a pretty solid and reliable mod, especially combined with a steel freehub.

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 First of all, awesome video man and thanks for the feedback! I may give it a shot later on but obviously bike parts are kinda scarce right now and Hope stuff isn’t exactly cheap. Ive got Hope hubs on 2 diff bikes and they dont seem to have that bad of engmnt. really and their pretty bombproof right out zee box
Foo =✊=| twattle sir
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 @AdamR28: could you do something similar with an i9 hub or are the tolerances so small that it would’t probably work?
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 @Sethsg: can be done to any hub if you're careful and confident enough!
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 German shepherd smoothie was a real possibility with that propeller bike.
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 I know how to make that bicycle faster, but everyone will down vote me for using the e-word.
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 The Fake Pro is a must read, what an articlE It would make a great film, but it would be a nightmare to explain to the other half while watching.
  • 3 0
 Maybe the most aerodynamic
  • 3 0
 Are prop with a leaf blower jet boost powered bikes the future in 2023?
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 I mean , I’m really busy with a kickass job and kids, so it would be great to still get in my laps in less time…
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 Anyone know what the random flat plate above the BB on the redbull bike is for. Im assuming its just for aero and as a good place to put the logos
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 Quite a lot of TT bikes built for triathlon will have reservoirs to hold fluids with a straw that you can drink from when your tucked down on the bars. Check out the triathlon specific Specialized Shivs for a huge example
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 Cycling is the only sport where one can claim to be a professional and get away with it.
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 Great story about the guy Po cycling. He took everyone for a ride and nobody complained, a trully fully politician with a bike problem.
  • 4 3
 Worlds fastest bike? Possibly.
Worlds ugliest bike? No contest.
  • 13 0
 Obviously you’re not a golfer

That won’t even be the ugliest bike at the Ironman.
  • 8 0
 I see you don't follow triathlon much.
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 I still don't get how that guy got the kom then
  • 4 3
 Unicycling: Why?
  • 2 3
 Specialized lawyers called. They want their wind tunnel back.
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