Slack Randoms: Taco Bell Klunkers, Multi-Sport Sends, Wild XC Courses & More

Apr 23, 2023 at 9:34
by Ed Spratt  
We use Slack as our workplace communication tool at Pinkbike and we have a #randoms channel that we use to share an assortment of videos and stories from all corners of the cycling world and beyond... We thought a couple of the moments from the past week were too good not to share with a wider audience, so here are some of the highlights.

Taco Bell x State Bicycle Co. Klunker


Taco Bell has teamed up with State Bicycle Co. to bring another unlikely cycling collaboration in the form of a custom Klunker. The comes in a purple, pink and yellow colorway with a seat tube bottle opener, custom branded saddle and a limited edition Taco Bell x State Bicycle Co. frame bag.

bigquotesThe Klunker Bike is a retro-inspired mashup of a beach cruiser, mountain bike and BMX, perfect for biking to grab tacos at Taco Bell. The State Klunker eliminates all the complications of modern-day bikes, focusing on recapturing the our rider's favorite childhood memories of riding, so they can mash, coast, take a jump or lay down skids via the coaster-brake-equipped hub. From the bike’s built-in bottle opener on the seat tube, fans can find this model decked out with the iconic Taco Bell logo and signature purple, pink and yellow brand colors. The model even features a fork lined with “Live Mas.” The hype doesn't stop there; with every bike purchased, guests will receive a complimentary Taco Bell x State Bicycle Co. custom frame bag until supplies last. State Bicycle Co.

Ben Ferguson, Carson Storch and Tyler Bereman's MultiSport Send for Red Bull Fathom

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bigquotesRed Bull athletes Ben Ferguson, Carson Storch and Tyler Bereman have come together to emphasize style in a daring mid-air, three-sport, three-trick feat at Mammoth Mountain. A statement of creativity and simplicity, Red Bull Fathom grasps the vision of these style kings on a level never seen together before. Splitting through the middle of Ferguson’s signature high amplitude method and Storch’s daring mid-air whip is Bereman’s classic whip across an 80-foot gap, airing towards his fellow Red Bull athletes. Red Bull

Wild XC Course Features

XC courses are more technically demanding than ever and this example is definitely not for the faint-hearted lycra-clad racer. You wouldn't want to be on the lower line if Mathieu Van Der Poel was racing.

420 Jam 2023

bigquotesIn this video I host my annual 420 jam, This year was held on 4/16 at my trail spot. This is the 4th jam I've put on here at this location and this was the biggest one by far! This was the first year of having sponsors help out with prizes and cash giveaways. YT Industries helped out a ton this year with throwing down cash money for best rider and highest air as well as cooking burgers and hot dogs for everyone. Wook Fools donated a bunch of cash for other giveaways. We also had a ton of Pit Viper sunglasses to give away along with goodies from Only Fire and Champelli. G-form also donated a bunch of pads to give out too. This year's jam had a ton of new line choices and features from the previous jam, A huge new 12ft wood ramp on the big line, a new 10ft dirt quarter pipe where we held the highest air competition. It was a crazy jam this year with a special guest appearance from the world's best Electric Unicycle rider Mike Leahy. We had some of the craziest tricks go down from X games medalist and pro riders from all over the world, Bmx to mountain bikes and even electric unicycles and dirt scooters. Sit back and click play and enjoy the chaos go down and if you missed out this year don't miss this event next time! Dylan Stark

Racing in Colombia with Loic Bruni

bigquotesLittle recap of my trip to Colombia that I did with Loris and his mechanic PA. We got an invite from 2 local legends putting together a big event few months ago and decided to go and discover this new country, people and more. Loic Bruni

KBR Session with Brett Rheeder

Cardrona Raw with Laurie Greenland & Jackson Goldstone

bigquotesMe and Jackson headed up Cardrona to film on one of arguably the worst days weather-wise. Vision was terrible but we made best with the cards dealt. Laurie Greenland

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 In local news: Man in stable condition after attempting to eat a Taco Bell bicycle after attending the 420 Jam. Was seen earlier applying packets of fire sauce to the chain.
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 Did Mike Levy singlehandedly change the trajectory of cross country racing when coining the term downcountry?
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flag querent (Apr 23, 2023 at 11:47) (Below Threshold)
 Downcountry existed before Levy willed it into existence. From what I've heard, it was originally from some dudes around Boulder, CO who would take a bus up to the Nederland trails and then rally xc trails back to Boulder.
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 If only there were xc trails back to Boulder...
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 @querent: we've been using it for about 20 years in wellington nz ....prob same for many places around the globe
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 @durist: I'm just parroting what Mike Farrentino said on a podcast. And doing it poorly. I think this is the one.
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 @tallbeast: exactly, that’s right near Boulder if I remember correctly.
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 Since when is this XC?!? Rad af!
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flag neimbc (Apr 23, 2023 at 10:21) (Below Threshold)
 Are they actually requiring more skill in XC now?
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 Would be nice to know where it took place,looks like South America but can't see where (I don't do IG).
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 Its always been funny to me how so many people think pro XC racers have no bike handling skills. Just because they look silly in their sausage casing outfits doesn't mean they can't throw down. Think about the hours these guys spend on the bike.
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flag mariomtblt (Apr 23, 2023 at 13:57) (Below Threshold)
 It’s pretty average bike park difficulty but yeah it’s so good to see it
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flag Linc (Apr 23, 2023 at 23:27) (Below Threshold)
 @mariomtblt: agree - like any 11 yr old at a bike park could ride that easily…
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 @RobKong: Especially since riders like Jolanda Neff do ride DH bikes or Moto during the off season/their spare time
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 @RobKong: I was riding Pisgah and saw Jolanda Neff in the parking lot just pedaling around on the rear wheel, Wyn Masters style. Just slowly making laps around the lot while the Shaw brothers were getting their bikes ready.
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 You guys realize that a lot of XC pros are insanely capable right? The courses could get properly hard and they could do it no problem
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 I was disappointed at the Vail Lake XC when many pros were not even clearing the double they built for the course. I was really expecting better from the WC level pros. Haley Batten at least had no problem clearing it every lap.
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 For Canadians there should be a Tim Hortons klunker with a Timbits box saddle bag.
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 Who else thinks XC should grant bonus points to any tricks thrown during a race. I would watch that.
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 Not points, but time deductions!
Bar spin: -1 sec
360: -3 sec
Backflip: -4 sec
Front flip: -5 sec
Manuals: Race time is paused for duration of manual (minimum 2 seconds)

Combos get a 1.5 difficulty multiplier.
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Manuals you say?

* Wyn Masters has entered the chat *
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 @tpfenning: Emil Johansen can through so many combos he could give N1no a run for his money
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 @Jules15: He'd just do bar spins until his race time is down to 0.
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 @HankDamage: easy enough to mitigate.

Rule footnote: Time discount only applies to first time each unique trick or combo is successfully completed. So first barspin gets the time taken off, but all other straight barspins do not. But a barspin 360 would still net -4. A second bar 360 would be 0. So on and so forth.
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 Hitting those jumps is pretty hardcore, hitting them on the one wheeled thing is just insanity. Also I'm worried in 10 years rampage will be a baseline for DH, Hard-line size jumps at enduros, and I won't be man enough to ride XC! Best go buy a road bike
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 They really priced the Taco Bell klunker $420.69. Giggity.
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 "Is this real life?!" said with eyes wide
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 That Taco Klunker really just needs a pair of bamboo bars to complete "The Look*"
*(preferred brand of moustache wax an optional extra..)
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 e-mono to the moon
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 I like gnarlier XC trails but why are they all manufactured? Can't they find some real technical XC courses?
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 They build them to be spectator friendly. Actual XC racing is boring to watch if you never seen them.

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