Social Round Up: Custom Bikes & Kit from the Fort William DH World Champs 2023

Aug 2, 2023 at 14:32
by Ed Spratt  
World Championships is the standout event every race season with the all-or-nothing aspect of the battle for the rainbow jersey making it one of the biggest spectacles of the year. To mark this occasion brands will often produce custom bits of kit for their riders to show off on track. Here's some of the best kit we've seen so far on social media and we will be hunting down some of the best examples in the pits for a closer look later in the week. Let us know if we have missed any great custom designs from the racing this week.

Tahnee Seagrave

Commencal Les Orres

Rachel Atherton

Santa Cruz Syndicate

Thibaut Daprela

Marine Cabirou

Laurie Greenland

Bernard Kerr

Madison Saracen

UR Team

Aimi Kenyon

FMD Racing

Troy Brosnan

Loic Bruni

Ronan Dunne

Louise Ferguson

Chris Cumming

Veronika Widmann

Greg Minnaar

YT Mob

Vali Höll

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 Glad to see less orange fox lowers ruining bikes this year!
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flag jomacba (Aug 2, 2023 at 15:58) (Below Threshold)
 I'm offended.
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 @jomacba: Don't worry, my 14-th year old loves them too, they leave no doubts you are riding an expensive fork (being able to see it from a mile is an added bonus) Smile
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 Surely Atherton could have painted a spring gold to match the rest of the bike. The fox orange looks awesome and I love to look of the bike but a gold spring would be suuuhweet!
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 or just put a black steel spring
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 @souknaysh: Your fired!
  • 4 0
 @jomacba: haha I mean some riders add weight to their rig. Just slap that black boat anchor and call it a day
  • 6 1
 @souknaysh: okay okay, that's a fair point. Your rehired.
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 Or she comes out, smashes another world Champs and that orange spring is in every pic and she collects a little extra dough. At least the didn't run the orange lowers, good grief those things clash with a lot setups. Personally the Atherton looks so good you can't really screw it up. Something about that classic looking frame layout.
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 The top two posts here illustrate why we should all stfu about fox orange. Opinions, arse holes, you do the math/maths.
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 The Irn Bru themed bike I need that!
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 Man just get some pics of the bikes, hoe hard can it be
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 But... But... This has got that Elon Musk...
  • 2 0
 About as hard as correctly spelling a 3 letter word, maybe?
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 Canyon really pushed out the boat by printing two custom stickers per rider...
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 Good for them. I’ve never really seen the point of custom painted bikes for 1 race. It must cost a fortune
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 Aimi wins best bike and kit so far!
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 Don't do Instagoon...
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 Minaar FTW - that is one sick ride.
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 Why do they bother to make custom clothing? The riders have to wear their national jersey for world champs
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 I was about to ask the same
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 In my day, reporters actually went to the event to photograph all those custom bikes.
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 To be fair, the disclaimer is in the text.

"Here's some of the best kit we've seen so far on social media and we will be hunting down some of the best examples in the pits for a closer look later in the week."

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 I think the photographers are all still going, and taking the pictures. It's just that its the teams and riders contracting them to take the images for their social media......
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 Iron Bru bike is something else man! So rad!
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 Love how, Tahnees bike has all the smoke effects what looks like a lot of effort put into the production for the image and then has a stick holding the bike up in place..priceless. Atherton's bike looks mint!
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 As someone who's browser blocks all things instagram and facebook, could someone please write a detailed description of each photo please?
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 Or embed a screenshot in the event those links don't load?
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 Williamson's Saracen is freakin' beautiful. Never sad that about a Saracen before.
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 Curious here: why, on the theme from Greg Williamson's bike,is there a sentence in old french ("Je suis prest", meaning "I'm ready") ?

Edit: Nevermind, I've found it's coming from Outlander serie
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 Not the best custom painted WC bikes recap...
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 That +44 on greenlands knee on that kit. Details indeed! Love it. Fingers crossed he gets a good one in this weekend properly buzz off his style.
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 I would have thought a Buckfast and deep fried mars bar paint job would have encapsulated a Scottish theme more than Irn-Bru for Aimi's bike.
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 Is it just me or are only the v10’s and the dissents really well done. Also last year had better bikes
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 Wow, that Atherton bike!
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 On Vital I saw a High Pivot with an O-Chain... why?
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 previous sponsorship agreements?
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 It has more benefits than just simply pedal kickback
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 Ami wins! Hopefully the race as well
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 Where's the photos....
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 Canyon and YT could make a bit more effort
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