Social Round Up: The Huge Builds Begin at Red Bull Rampage 2022

Oct 16, 2022 at 2:14
by Ed Spratt  
Check out some of the behind-the-scenes goings-on from the first few days of Red Bull Rampage 2022.

Red Bull

Brett Rheeder

Alex Volokhov

Thomas Genon

Cam Zink

Reed Boggs

Kurt Sorge

Brandon Semenuk

While his build crew is busy at work building his line for next week, Brandon is in the middle of the Lake Superior Performance Rally.


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 Semenuk won the Lake Superior rally race and takes the 2022 ARA up Rampage! From one insane adrenaline rush to another.
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 That’s pretty awesome but what about building his line ? Allways thought they were limited on time for building and practice? Although he probably doesn’t need a whole lot of time for practice sessions. Kinda of interesting seeing where his priorities are though, probably didn’t have much of a choice
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 @Crankhed: he’s been out there to plan the line and his team is working on building it. I don’t think they are allowed to ride yet so depending when he gets back he may not miss any practice time. It’s really just that his build team is down one guy (him).
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 Yea I eventually saw the comment under the photo about his build team being out there. The dudes living a dream for sure. I guess I’d of probably went too if i was in his shoes . What better way to hype a guy up than winning a rally before showing up for something like Rampage @sino428:
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flag inside-plus (Oct 16, 2022 at 13:19) (Below Threshold)
 @Crankhed: Im bot bothered by it, he's done rampage for how long now? Shifted how much dirt? If he's got another event to compete in, then its cool that he can pay his dig crew to work.

Does seem a little unfair though as other riders will be more physically spent by the time the main event goes down.
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 @inside-plus: that’s the choice those riders have to make. Other riders could simply choose not to dig and let their dig teams handle too. If they would rather rest and work with one less set of hands during the build there is nothing stopping them from also doing that.
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 @inside-plus: Absolutely no advantage having less hands on the build, many hands make light work and there's no such thing as a light rampage build. They need all the help they can get
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 @sino428: Yeah plus dig karma is real
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 @inside-plus: Too bad "karma" isn't real.
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 @sino428: Brandon is certainly management material. Doing a great job there lads, I'll be back on Thursday to lend a hand!
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 when is going to show up in something like HardLine ? he the skills and the mindset to go fast AF under the clock...
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 Measuring in feet. Anyone know what that is in cubits? What is the temperature there at the moment 916 Fahrenheit ?
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 You're riding a 73.66 cm bike, eh? Big Grin
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 @yoobee: i’m on large . A large what, I don’t know...
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 I wish we used SI measurements in the US. it's clearly the superior system. Unfortunately, it would be way too expensive to change at this point. All the road signs would need to be replaced, all the text books would need to be changed, etc. But it would be nice to not have to make so many conversions all the time.
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 @howsyourdad: Well, for your convenience, these canyon gaps lenghts are XL and XXL.
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 Just express distances in lightyears. That's the same in imperial as well as metric, isn't it?
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 @vinay: Well, the metre is defined by light, more specifically the distance light travels in a vacuum in1/299792458th of a second og ΔνCs; 299792458 m/s, therefore directly connected to a lightyear. Just multiply it up.
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 @danielfloyd: Nah it would be a fake measurement
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 @danielfloyd: what a bad argument, most other countries in the world have changed and dealt with the same thing
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 @megatryn: So, a lightyear is the same distance for everyone, regardless of metric system, isn't it? If you say a lightyear is an SI unit, what would be the imperial equivalent?
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 @vinay: Probably eagle-flaps or emperial-opression-reach
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 @jj12jj: Sweden even changed what side of the road they drive on. September 3rd 1967 they switched from left to right. The US can figure out how to switch to SI, we (the collective, not me) just don't want to.
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flag danielfloyd (Oct 16, 2022 at 11:04) (Below Threshold)
 @jj12jj: yes, but most other countries are much smaller than the US.
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 Well a cubit is about the size of your forearm measuring from your elbow to the base of your hand. I guess we can ask semenuk to take a measurement for us
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 @danielfloyd: you measuring up in metric or imperial tho? I'm no expert but I heard it makes a difference.
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 @pisgahgnar: The Swedish still measure distances in Swedish miles. Which are metric miles, actually. Might be a nice middle ground for everyone to settle on.

It's been a while since I've read 1984 (Orwell) but wasn't there this discussion on how they switched to the metric system and didn't quite like it. At least they thought that a pint was just perfect for a beer and half a liter is just too much. Either way, if we switch to the metric system completely, the Pinkbike comment section will be alight. Measuring pressures in bar instead of psi might be doable, but measuring angles in gradians instead of degrees (as surely 100grad for a right angle instead of 90deg is easier to work with, isn't it) or just radians (as these make most sense) might turn geometry discussions in more of a mess than we've seen so far.
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 @jj12jj: but US is a poor country. Look at how many run down neighbourhoods are there. Did you know that 50% of US citizens don’t even have 400usd cash for ‘emergency situations’? maybe if you took money from the millionaires (which US have the most)…
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 If only there was a way to convert units with a 10 second internet search. Alas, I’m too lazy to do that so instead I’ll take 20 seconds to complain about it.
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flag sheepsfootchoilbelly (Oct 16, 2022 at 14:12) (Below Threshold)
 Imperial system is based on tangible things. In the 21st C that seems less relevant but there's something nice about a system that isnt obesessed with 10.
Plus your fractions understanding is so much better Smile
(*coming from a mixed-system country)
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 @sheepsfootchoilbelly: 10 IS A DEEP STATE SHILL. BURN ALL METERS, GRAMS AND LITERS. They never told you that on Sesame Street.
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 @vinay: actually no i think metric is in decimals and imperial is in percents
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 What happened to the Pinkbike Ruler? That should be the holy standard.
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 No Dylan = No dice.
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 @danielfloyd: I love how people are getting offended and downvoting your factual statement. But I disagree that’s the reason we haven’t switched over. If Biden can print money out of thin air, surely there’s a way to plan out a multi-year conversion to the metric system. Imagine if we didn’t have to deal with fractions in construction. That alone would be worth the trouble. lol
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 @gnarlysipes: I wonder how many døllaridoos are wasted each year as a direct cause of faulty calculations of fractions and conversions between imperial and SI? I bet it's not a few.
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 @megatryn: Too many. I make more bad cuts than I care to admit on my DIY projects because of fraction arithmetic. I just need to buy a metric tape measure.
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 Most worrying feature so far was those strawberries in a chicken salad
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 It's almost like a tail whip at rampage. Oh wait, that actually works, too.
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 I'd love to see the edition of Rampage won by a guy who hadn't done any trick, just choosed soooo f*ckin difficult and technical line with big gaps and drops but almost untouched, not groomed to become big skatepark for fullsus mtb bikes
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 Well next year when Brage rides thats what we'll be getting!!
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 same. Gee almost in 2010. But that was a lot of "progression" ago.
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 The gnarliest line never built Eek
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 Maybe someday Red Bull will actually pay the riders and diggers what they’re worth.
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 I see this comment a lot, what are the payouts for riders and builders at Rampage?
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 @mtshakira: like 8Grand and a case a beer? Diggers get the glorious title of "best dig crew" and a wooden trophy? Lol
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 Not gna help by having very limited ticket sales this year. Maybe this zone is just way too small for past years crowd sizes?
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flag CM999 (Oct 16, 2022 at 10:09) (Below Threshold)
 They are paying them what they are worth. If the market decided they were worth more then someone would pay them more. This is a small scale event within a small scale sport. 20 riders in a desert is not a high value event to any sponsor
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 If there wasn't a return for their time they wouldn't be there.
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 Also the prize fund is $200k, not $8k
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 @lehott: At least its Merika and the case is a is Utah though and that may complicate the EtOH per oz which is american for some unknown quantity of ml's. Suffice to say excellent compensation.
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 @CM999: Bore off and go and hold up some traffic on the road you muppet.
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 what are they worth? how much money does the event make?
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 @CM999: People love to use "The Market" as an overarching statement, even if they have no idea how a market economy works and have never taken a single financial course in their life.
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 @jrocksdh: espn deal helps
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 @Henary: good. ESPN's been pretty dead to me so maybe theyll win back some viewers(altho i use vpn)
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 @holdandhope: Grow up and face reality. No one outside of a small part of the mountain biking community cares about this event. It’s really boring to watch live as the gaps between riders are too long. Therefore the value of the riders is limited to what sponsors think its worth and how many tins of drink RB think they sell off the back of this marketing stunt. If you were a sponsor why would you pay an uneconomic rate for the marketing you get from the event.
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 @nickfranko: I am a commercial accountant who spends most of his working life working out what price the market will bear for my companies products.
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 @CM999: you're clueless. This event produces video and photo that will be around for years, shared and watched by millions of non mtbers. And yhis event and otheres like it is the foundation of Red Bull's image being associated with badass action sports athletes, and allows them to sell millions of litres of caffeine soda for $3/can everyday.
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 @mtshakira: when I built twice they don’t pay the builders ANYTHING. The rider was responsible for paying their diggers expenses. THEY WOULDN’T EVEN GIVE THE DIG TEAM AN EVENT T-SHIRT. Can’t even make this up. #f*ckredbull
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 @CM999: long gaps? Boring?! Aren’t you speaking of GOLF?!
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 Pics and cutoff phone footage??Semenuk racing rally cars during Rampage dig days?? Sorge had sum good music at least but this coverage reminds me of a lame hoarse :dead hoarse:
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 6PM in the UK on Friday night. Perfect. Smile
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 Semenuk a True GOAT, winning a rally car championship and doing a logistical nightmare to still make it to Rampage-and having great friends to get started on his build. Impressive young man.
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 Yeah it’s crazy thinking about how relaxing rampage probably is for him after a pro rally race. Error margin probably feels huge on the bike while at the sketchiest event in mtb. No roll bar though..
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 Thank you for putting this together!
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 At this site there are a lot of features that were machine built. Now riders can refurbish old machine built lines by hand. I believe this makes it the first year riders are making hand built lines with the aid of previously machine built features. Should be a very interesting rampage.
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 Does anyone know who is dropping in off the front of the starting hut? There is a near vertical landing built just below it. Maybe TVS doing a caveman off of it?
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 If I were in Brandon’s shoes ide be at the titi bar watching my boys dig on zoom. Till the jumps and landings were ready for my presence at the event.
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 Cam Zink has given me vertigo...
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 Semenuk going for the Rally Rampage double.
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 looks like a session
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 Geo restricted WTF
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 Still on AOL? There's a thing called vpn.
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 @jrocksdh: what'd you call me?!?!
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 Is Brandon Semenuk the Bo Jackson of extreme sports?
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 Take away the rugged surroundings and the features are of the same kind as Audi Nines, Darkfest etc. Still amazingly impressive, but not the step outside the 'big hits and tricks' genre that it used to be.
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 This site is one of the exact locations as it "used to be", so not really sure what you think has changed. Yeah, there are a few groomed takeoffs & landings, but they're only showing the sections being built. They're riding down a 1,000 foot cliff with a few groomed hits scattered in. Getting down the hill from the start zone is way gnarlier than any big jump line with the exception of Hardline.
I like them all, but giant, groomed booters are far less technically challenging than any Rampage run.
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 SlopeRage is taking shape!
  • 3 2

Kidding. So much respect for how gnarly these riders are and for the work they put in.
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 @mtshakira: Desertworx 2022 is gonna go off.
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 why is the pre rampage coverage so shitty? does redbull ban media during the building phase?
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 Yes just the early part. You will see much more coverage starting this week once the media is let in. Right now all we have is what the riders are putting out themselves.
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 Kurt Sorge wins the soundtrack for the Allah-Las 'no werewolf' tuneage....
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 Seems a bit tame after watching hardline, gaps need to be at least 90ft haha!!
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 Did they trick 90ft gaps tho lol
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 finally some rampage content but everyone with instagram has already seen that you lazy, pinkbike, give us photoepics, bike checks, line rumours, all that!
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 I don't believe media can be on sight until a specific date... So this what you get..
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 @Jordanh604: damn, the biggest event of the year and all we have is some insta stories
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 @nikifor88: at least we get to listen to all of pinkbike complain about the sickest mtb event of the year. Why are you people so worked up? Just enjoy the show.
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 @olafthemoose: im frustrated and everything pisses me off
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flag Jordanh604 (Oct 16, 2022 at 7:12) (Below Threshold)
 @olafthemoose: Right? Contest isn't until next Saturday. People should be lucky thru get any content what so ever before the event starts.
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 @Jordanh604: not that we used to have all i mentioned in 1st comment
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 @olafthemoose: And I can't "Enjoy the show" because I ain't buying ESPN Plus or whatever it is.....
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 @nikifor88: it's in a week. You've got at least 6 wanks to go until bike check day.
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 @Roost66: use a VPN and select a different country, then you can watch on RedBull TV.
  • 1 0
 @whackflyer: Do I have to buy it??
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 @nikifor88: time for some shrooms.
  • 1 0
 @Roost66: some VPN's are free, you want to do some research and make sure you get a good one if you're going the free route.
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 Wheres the ribeyes and big beautiful cuts of meat?!
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 Semenuk has no time for this shit
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 So they’re basically just putting on an event that will accelerate global warming by 1000% and now the sea levels are going to rise uncontrollably
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 Unrelated comment in relation to unseen SS video Yesterday

wazzup PB peebles??
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