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Start List for Semi-Finals at the Les Gets DH World Cup 2023

Sep 8, 2023 at 9:50
by Ed Spratt  
After qualifying, check out who will be back between the poles in the semi-finals at the Les Gets DH World Cup.

Elite Women


Elite Men


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 I know it's been asked before, but I can't remember seeing the answer. How exactly is the start order decided after the qualies? I understand they need to put the not-qualified protected riders somewhere (like Kolb starting 40th), but is there a default rule stating where on the start list they're inserted? And even more so, why isn't the order for all of the riders the same they qualified in? For example Antoine Vidal qualified 30th between Thomas Estaque and Davide Palazzari, but he's starting 15 riders later in the semis.
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 Here's UCI's rule about starting order. Good luck figuring it out!

4.11.015 The start order for the semi-final, if applicable, and final will be determined on the basis
of the reverse results of the last qualifying round (the fastest rider starting last), except
for the protected riders (defined in art. 4.11.014) and the fastest 5 men elite and the
fastest 2 women elite non-protected riders, who will start as the last group of riders by
order of the last qualifying result, reversed.
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 My memory is that protected riders who did not qualify inside the top 60 were slotted in as if they placed 21st through however many there were. But if they qualified 59th, they still were placed as if they were 59th. Looking at the start list here, it appears that the top 15 from qualies run last, then all protected riders who were not in the top 15 are placed in order in front of them, then all other qualified riders in order. So all protected riders get pulled near the end, likely for TV reasons. One more note, on this start list they only show the 'P', which is protected into finals. If you look at the qualies results, it also shows 'p' which is protected into semis only.
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 @bnflynn: Oh yeah, the P's and p's got to me again, not remembering Vidal indeed is protected into the semis, so that explains it on his part.
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 @Bibico: This does make sense but is difficult to follow. Probably needs an example and the women is easier to see how it works as there are less riders.
So you take all protected riders and the fastest 2 (or 5) non protected. They start last and in the reverse order that they qualified. Everyone else starts before them, also in the reverse order that they qualified.

So for Les Gets, look at the fastest qualifiers until you get to top 2 non protected - Lisa Baumann and Gloria Scarsi.
Those fastest qualifiers, from Holl to Scarsi start last in the reverse order they qualified. Then you add the protected riders that were slower than the top 2 non protected, in the reverse order they qualified. So Hemstreet and the Hoff start after Scarsi.
Then it's everyone else in the reverse order they qualified.
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 GMBN has scheduled the start time of their Youtube live stream of the semis. I don't know if Youtube has the same schedule in all countries.

Stream starts with women Elite at:

4:30 a.m. Eastern US time
1:30 a.m. Pacific time
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 Pretty sure New Zealand is 10 hours ahead of Les Gets, for Kiwis who will want to watch on Youtube.
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 ALLEZ BENOÎT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Easy man, he will start. But not sure he will finish…
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 @pinkknip: Mommy didn't jerk you off today?

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