Update: Dawid Joins Szymon Godziek in Leaving NS Bikes

Dec 29, 2023 at 5:28
by Ed Spratt  

Szymon Godziek has shared the news that he is leaving NS Bikes after riding for the brand since 2018.

In his very brief announcement Szymon has shared some of his top moments from the past five years with NS Bikes, check them out below.

bigquotesFew clips from the past for you, amazing 5 years with NS Bikes. Time to move onSzymon Godziek


Dawid Godziek has also announced that he will be leaving NS Bikes after four years.

bigquotesthank you @ns_bikesco for your support for the past 4 years! Unfortunately it is time to say goodbye! I have so many great memories with this brand! Also - I got my first free parts from them over 15 years ago!! More details about this topic in our latest youtube video #godziekbrothers
Nadszedł dzień na pożegnanie mojego kilkuletniego sponsora rowerowego. Dziękuje bardzo @ns_bikesco za dotychczasową współpracę. Pozdro dla całej ekipy 7anna z Trójmiasta, która tworzy wyjątkowe marki rowerowe znane na całym świecie! To od NSa dostałem pierwsze partsy za darmo, na testy, ponad 15 lat temu. Więcej w temacie na naszym kanale #godziekbrothers
Dawid Godziek


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 Just saying, Pinkbike could be closing out 23' signing up a legit team + Danny Hart, Tommy G...
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 Can't wait for January so we can get a ton of new signing posts. The departure posts are getting depressing without any context to see who has already inked deals basically...
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 i wish riders would put teams on blast if the end of their contract was handled in a crap manner.
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: can’t poop where you eat.
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 @bubbrubb: Tell that to my dog
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: Godziek just did as far as I'm concerned.
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: would also be a laugh if the teams put the riders on blast : “Hypothetical rider X hasn’t had a podium in three seasons and still thinks he/she/they deserve more money, we told ‘em they were dreamin’.”
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 @bubbrubb: ... unless what you eat likes poop
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: then nobody would want to sign them in fear of being blasted in the future.
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 Would be funny to just do a crash reel when leaving.
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 Dawid also posted something cryptic the other day about riding for NS on his last IG post.

"Last clip of the year. Last clip riding NS? We'll see..."
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 Something Special comes his way
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flag jimmyricard (Dec 30, 2023 at 0:15) (Below Threshold)
 It can be intense for such a specialized rider to transition teams but is just the ticket. I have a feeling he will find himself commencal with a new crew. Unless he GT's the FO, to YT.
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 @therealnobody: Subtle but not
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 Damn is the industry really doing that bad or these guys are switching teams cuzz..
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 I think he's getting a better deal from somewhere else because his riding has progressed so much in the past years! Kinda like when Söderström went from NS to Specialized
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 This much turnover is a strong sign of contraction. A lot of these pros will be working “real”ish jobs next year. It’s sad for them. Personally I am excited about prices coming down and looks like a resurgence in local/regional DH series though.
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 Industry is worse that you think rn
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 @kanioni: kinda like that, yeah. Haha
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 @hot-beef-sundae: that's why growth at all costs is dumb. A ton of companies overinvested in the industry and now people are in less stable financial situations than pre VC investment into our industry. Sure Godziek bros are probably going to a new sponsor but reckless investment is usually followed by reckless cost cutting and this is what we see in DH and Enduro
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flag Kamperk87 (Dec 29, 2023 at 15:14) (Below Threshold)
 @spaced: Growth at all costs has it's place in the Tech Sector but not in the mountain bike community.
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 @spaced: My tech company layed off 10K people this year. Wall st and the PE firms make their money and if they have to do that on the broken back of riders, employees and suppliers they will.
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 @Cyberhatter: Sorry but it sounds like you run a terrible company. Why are you breaking spines?
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 Specialized welcome Smile
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 End of 2023 is a rough year for pro riders, not seeing their values for the sport anymore... we are open for sponsorship !
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 I'd expected this would be a life long parthership, I thought two top level Polish riders riding Polish bikes was the marketing combi.
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 Guessing he’s one of the few moving up to a top tier brand.
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 Now that other bigger brands (commencal, trek, spec)are making great dirt jump bikes, the market share the NS had must be swindling.
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 Honestly after a point it is tiring to see one “somebody off a bike brand” article every single day at least once, but on special days twice. The bike industry expected a miracle, and instead of a miracle only a “really f*cking great time” happenedand everyone is loosing their shit as this would be the apocalypse.
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 Welcome to the end of your first season.
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 This is typical “silly season”. Happens every year. All the departures are announced prior to the end of the year and all the “new contracts” are announced in the new year.
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 @islandforlife: okay if 50% of the riders announcing being off of their brands will announce good sponsorships in january I give you qnything free from any of my bikes. This silly season is not my first rodeo but this one is different.
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 @tajtigabor: yes, this one is different for sure as many companies are shutting down rave teams or shrinking their sponsored roster. But hard to tell until we get through the end of Jan. Teams are also always cutting the old dead meat and bringing the new young cheap hotness.
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 @islandforlife: however, rave teams are great for selling burning man bikes..
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 This sport is so fun to do but there is no money to afford these athletes
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 Szymon has pretty decent marketing value.
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 @kraken: A sponsored rider doesn't make a brand alone, and NS isn't a brand with a diverse offering, i.e., a way to weather a dip in the market. If NS did nothing with what the Godziek's were producing, that's on NS.

The way I see it, at least one Godziek is an RB athlete, they should be able to do enough with that...it just stinks that it happened to couple of real nice guys.
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 Big S is awaiting him
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 Great article title. Really tickled me!
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 Ns bikes should not let them go.
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 That's an interesting one. So another brand should buy him out? That would make them the money to give Minnaar a bike to ride.
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 Santa Cruz
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 They don’t seem to sponsor free riders ay? They need to get back in the game.
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 @Joe89: That company lost it's soul. I don't expect them to do anything outside of racing.
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 Canyon made a lot of room for freeriders in recent days. And Szymon would be good choice.
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 I think that Canyon is not a good choice for Szymon. Trek would be better
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 @Soplik: I have an opinion also
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 @Soplik: well… , would be great if he did. But … who knows. Let’s wait for the outcome
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