The Complete Guide to the 2023 World Cup Enduro Teams

Mar 6, 2023 at 7:22
by Ed Spratt  

It's been a busy off-season of team rumors with big changes for 2023 and beyond. After the UCI released its EDR team lists last month, we can take a look at all the team moves and try to anticipate what first Enduro World Cup season might bring.

Cannondale Enduro Team
Max Beaupre, Ella Conolly, Iago Garay

The offseason has seen a big shakeup for the Cannondale Enduro Team as Ella Conolly is now joined by Iago Garay and Max Beaupre.
Iago Garay x Cannondale x 7mesh 2023

Canyon CLLCTV Factory Enduro Team
José Borges, Jesse Melamed, Dimitri Tordo

Some big moves over the off-season for the main Canyon team. Following the departure of Jack Moir, the team has picked up the 2022 EWS champion Jesse Melamed. Alongside Jesse will be José Borges and Dimitri Tordo.

Forbidden Synthesis Team
Emmy Lan, Zachary Rebitt, Alex Storr, Rhys Verner

The Forbidden Team adds two new riders for 2023 as Alex Storr and Rhys Verner are joined by Emmy Lan and Zachary Rebitt. Emmy Lan dominated the U21 Women's racing last year securing five wins across the season and will be one to watch this year. The team also features Connor Fearon and Magnus Manson listed for downhill.

Giant Factory Off-Road Team
Youn Deniaud, Luke Meier-Smith, Remy Meier-Smith, Mckay Vezina

The Giant team sees some fresh faces for 2023 as Luke Meier-Smith and Remy Meier-Smith will be racing both downhill and enduro. Alongside the Meier-Smith's there is Youn Deniaud, Mckay Vezina and Josh Carlson for EDR-E.

GT-Continental Factory Racing
Noga Korem, Katy Winton

The newly named GT-Continental Factory Racing features just two riders listed for enduro with Noga Korem and Katy Winton back for another year of racing. We expect some of the riders currently listed for downhill to cross over as Wyn Masters and Ryan Pinkerton did last year.
EWS Canazei 2022

Lapierre Zipp Collective
Lisandru Bertini, Isabeau Courdurier, Adrien Dailly

The Lapierre Zipp Collective features a three-rider squad for the 2023 enduro World Cups. Adrien Dailly and Lisandru Bertini return alongside Isabeau Courdurier who will be defending her 2022 EWS overall title. The team will also have Jerome Gilloux and Kevin Marry racing EDR-E. Antoine Rogge is listed to race downhill for the team.
Isabeau Courdurier put nearly 20 seconds into her closest rival to take the win today.

Nukeproof SRAM Factory Racing
Kelan Grant, Elliott Heap, Corey Watson

It's a three-rider lineup for the Nukeproof SRAM Factory Racing as Kelan Grant, Elliott Heap and Corey Watson will take on the new World Cup season. Sam Hill is not listed for enduro this year and has been doing a few downhill races over the offseason. Nukeproof told us "Sam just likes to keep the DH neighborhood curtain twitchers busy and his options open," so we will see later this month if he is at the first round.

Orange Factory Racing
Becky Cook, Christopher Gallagher, Thomas Wilson

Orange has revamped its team for 2023 as just Thomas Wilson remains from 2022. Added to the roster this year is Becky Cook and Christopher Gallagher.

Orbea Fox Enduro Team
Martin Maes, Vid Persak

No changes for the Orbea Fox Enduro Team as Martin Maes and Vid Persak are back for another season. Edgar Carballo Gonzalez and Florencia Espineira are listed for EDR-E but as in 2022, we may see some crossover between disciplines if the schedules allow.

Pivot Factory Racing
Morgane Charre, Matthew Walker

After a very successful 2022 season the Pivot Factory Racing team is back for 2023 with Morgane Charre and Matthew Walker listed for enduro. Ed Master has been put down for downhill but after a fifth place in last year's overall, we expect him to race some of this year's events when there is not a schedule clash.
Morgane Charre fighting up front again to take 2nd in Vermont.

Polygon Factory Racing
Jack Menzies, Brady Stone, Mathew Stuttard, Dan Wolfe

The Polygon Factory team keeps Brady Stone, Mathew Stuttard and Dan Wolfe for 2023 while adding Jack Menzies to its roster. Jack Menzies secured multiple top-ten finishes last year and finished 16th overall during his first year in Elites.

Rocky Mountain/Race Face Enduro Team
Lily Boucher, Remi Gauvin, Emmett Hancock, Andreane Lanthier Nadeau

After Jesse Melemed's move to Canyon the Rocky Mountain/Race Face Enduro Team has picked up two fresh faces with Lily Boucher and Emmett Hancock onboard for the 2023 season. Both Andreane Lanthier Nadeau and Remi Gauvin are back for another year with the team.
Photo Margus Riga

Specialized Enduro Team
Francescu Camoin, Estelle Charles, Raphaél Giambi, Kevin Miquel, Charles Murray

The Specialized Enduro team looks to be keeping things the same heading into 2023 as all riders return for another year of racing. While the team list has not included Sofia Wiedenroth in the lineup she looks to still be part of the team. The team will also have Joris Ryf racing EDR-E
Charlie Murray rounding out the top 10

Sunn French Connexion Racing By Alpe D'Huez
Theo Galy, Irénée Menjou, Sophie Riva

The pairing of Theo Galy and Irénée Menjou will be joined by the talented Italian racer Sophie Riva. Sophie has been a constant threat for the win in the U21 Women's racing and will be a rider to watch for the upcoming racing.

Trek Factory Racing Gravity
Pedro Burns, Harriet Harnden

On the Enduro side of the Trek Factory Racing Gravity team, it is business as usual as both Pedro Burns and Harriet Harnden carry over for 2023. Harriet had an incredible season in 2022 and we are sure she will be looking to build on this success as she is now one of the top riders.
Harriet Harnden started off a bit slow in Saturday s Pro Stage but turned up the heat come Sunday.

Weride Fulgur Factory Team
Alessandro Maghetti, Mélanie Pugin, Franca Rudolph, Mattia Santoro, Mirco Vendemmia, Luca Zenone

A newly formed for 2023 the Weride Fulgur Factory Team has picked up some big names with Florian Nicolai and Melanie Pugin onboard. It's interesting to see two big names in the sport on this new setup so we will be watching to see what the team can do.
Melanie Pugin too the win here in Pietra today.

Yeti / Fox Factory Race Team
Bex Baraona, David Jack Brown, JT Fisher, Kate Lawrence, Slawomir Lukasik, Richie Rude

The Yeti / Fox Factory race team stays mostly the same for 2023 but to fill the gap left by Kasper Woolley the team has picked up consistent top performer Slawomir Lukasik. It's great to see Slawomir get his first factory ride and we can't wait to see what the season brings. The team also has Ryan Gilchrist and Mick Hannah racing eMTBs in the EDR-E series.

YT Mob
Jack Moir, Christian Textor, Kasper Woolley

The YT Mob has returned for 2023 and with it the brand's first official enduro team. For the upcoming season, YT has filled its roster with a stacked lineup of riders as Jack Moir, Christian Textor and Kasper Woolley take on the new World Cup series. YT has also listed Manuel Lettencichler for EDR-E racing.

All the other UCI-registered EDR teams and riders

Abetone Ancillotti Vittoria Factory Team: Tommaso Acerbi, Nadine Ellecosta, Tommaso Francardo, Nicola Grotti

Canyon CLLCTV Dainese: Alexandre Cure, Alexis Icardo, Gloria Scarsi

Commencal Enduro Project: Louis Jeandel, Guillaume Larbeyou, Alex Rudeau, Mathieu Ruffray

Cube Action Team: Veronika Brüchle, Jonas Göweil, Nathan Secondi, Hanna Steinthaler, Gustav Wildhaber

Devinci Global Racing: Georgia Astle, Greg Callaghan, Evan Wall

Giant Swiss Enduro Team: Lars Henrik Büngen, Benedikt Lasse Eschler, Robin Janser

Ibis Enduro Team: Zakarias Johansen, Cole Lucas, Louise Margareta Paulin, Colton Peterson, Raphaela Richter, Robin Wallner

Liv Racing Enduro: Rae Morrison, Isabella Naughton

Raaw // BC.Bike Gravity Team: Christian Derkum, Torben Drach, Jonathan Heitmann, Helen Weber

Radon Enduro Team: Leopold Barich, Max Pfeil

Rossignol Factory Team: Nils Heiniger, Morgane Jonnier

Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team: Emeric Ienzer, Hugo Pigeon

The Gravity Academy: Reid Huelsenbeck, Chloe Mckenzie, Matthew Mitchko, Alden Pate, Jackson Wicklund

Theory Global Enduro Team: Tom Binet, Bailey Christie, Julie Duvert, Carter Krasny

Tribe Pyrenees Gravity: Levy Batista, Clement Charles, Luca Fourcade, Justine Henry, Alizes Lassus, Enzo Perez

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 Disappointing to see Santa Cruz no longer supporting an enduro team
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 I was wondering the same thing after i saw Iago Garay riding Cannondale this weekend.
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 its because there's no future in DH, I mean Enduro, I mean XC, I mean anything that isn't Ebikes for non-racers
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 Im going to call it now " Charles Murray Mens and Isabeau Courdurier Womens for the overall"
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 North Americans, South Americans and most of Asia is limited to spending huge amounts of money to travel overseas to try and race is unfamiliar locations, jet lagged and on limited budgets to qualify because they stripped the qualifying race series. While NZL/AUS and most Euro's have qualy races in their back yard. Cool beans.
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 I am conflicted. I suspect... I won't be handing out all that cash for coverage I don't know will be any good, then my reading this may be a waste of precious time. Good luck UCI and Discovery.
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 @jamesdad I doubt they’ll miss your support.
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 Yeti owners should be proud that they are paying for a big enduro team, Somehow the high prices of Santa Cruz and Scott enduro bikes are not enough to support a good team.
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 So sick to see local boys Jack Brown and Max Beaupre out there ripping this year!
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 Dan Booker is on Nukeproof is he not?
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 Enduro as a pro sport is dead unless the new broadcasts give it priority over dh. I was hype to follow enduro that lasted about 3 seasons as it’s impossible to follow and coverage is near impossible without ruining the sport. I check out the new bikes riders have and that’s about it ….
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 I'm honestly amazed it ever got as big as it has, given that it's basically impossible to televise. The bikes are cool and it's a great format to participate in, but watching/following it is a big letdown (and probably always will be, IMO).

Best case scenario would be something like the Lifetime Grand Prix did for gravel / marathon mtb (Drive To Survive-esque series released after the season was over, cutting together a bunch of interviews, race footage, etc).
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 @bkm303: Half hour highlights show, people riding bikes, sorted.
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 @jimmythehat: they basically already have that and it's kind of a snoozefest. Definitely not something that would get people fired up like the DH or XC coverage.
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 @bkm303: the coverage was much better in like 2016-2019
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 @bkm303: because the production of that had declined to incredibly low levels in the last year, completely clueless
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 enduro is fun to race on a grassroots level, probably fun at this level too, but hot damn is DH invigorating to watch. Truly entertaining. I don't think enduro can ever top the entertainment value of DH
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 @ciechan: Local DH curtain twitchers spot that in 2016 Nationals was off pace. Not sure why no switch to Masters by now. Brand destruction, despite the love. Entitled to, just questioning the strategy.
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 Dan Booker is on his own league
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 No word on Miranda Miller?
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 She is apparently partnering with SRAM to make video content
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 Only interested in Crankworx Enduro Team lineups. Bye Bye UCI and Discovery.
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 Jesse not riding the new Canyon Strive? Oh wow
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 @boozed: Smart comment. Spectral for rounds requiring a more nimble setup, Strive for the steep on Euro tracks.
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 And still no news on presenters, commentators, coverage, etc
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 maybe because when it comes to racing, racers are more important than coverage
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 Commencal-Les Orres??
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 Super cool to see "the gravity academy" fielding a team
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 Where in the Sam Hill is “Sam Hill”?
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 Weride Fulgur sounds like an Indian (with a French mother and a Turkish father) whose been living in Germany for 11 years tries so say: We ride full gear.
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 Disappointing to see Flo back in the e-bike race series. But nearly guaranteed podium exposure for Orbea by entering in this class. .
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