[UPDATED] U23 XC Results & Overall Standings from the Snowshoe XC World Cup 2023

Oct 1, 2023 at 6:02
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the seventh U23 XC World Cup of the year in Snowshoe, check out the results below.


U23 Women

1st. Samara Maxwell: 1:10:49
2nd. Ronja Blöchlinger: 1:11:51
3rd. Ginia Caluori: 1:12:27
4th. Noëlle Buri: 1:13:30
5th. Emilly Johnston: 1:15:08

U23 Men

1st. Carter Woods: 1:10:27
2nd. Adrien Boichis: 1:10:42
3rd. Riley Amos: 1:11:22
4th. Zabdiel Adair Gutierrez Prieto: 1:11:54
5th. Bjorn Riley: 1:11:51

The U23 Men's Race as it Happened

6:00 PDT: The U23 Men are Off
The U23 are off the line with Carter Woods leading into the start loop.

6:08 PDT: Carter Woods Leads the Start Loop
After the short start loop, Carter Woods leads the race with Adrien Boichis and Riley Amos right behind.

6:11 PDT: Adrien Boichis Moves into the Lead
Adrien Boichis has taken the leading position on the first part of lap one. Carter Woods still sits in second with Brayden Johnson sitting in third place. Riley Amos has fallen slightly off the front of the race in fourth, five seconds back.

6:14 PDT: A Group of 4 has Broken Away
Carter Woods retakes the lead as he is closely followed by Adrien Boichis, Brayden Johnson and Riley Amos. Luca Martin sits in fifth place, 16 seconds back.

6:15 PDT: Carter Woods Ups the Pace
Carter Woods is on a mission to spread out the leading group as he gaps third-placed Brayden Johnson by three seconds. Riley Amos is another two seconds back. Adrien Boichis has kept right on Carter's rear wheel as they head into the last part of lap one.

6:18 PDT: Carter Woods Leads into Lap 2
Carter Woods is still leading after the first lap with Adrien Boichis right behind. Brayden Johnson is 13 seconds back in third as he is closely followed by Riley Amos. Luca Martin is in fifth place, 20 seconds back.

6:22 PDT: Riley Amos Moves into 3rd
Riley Amos has broken off from Brayden Johnson as he is 13 seconds back from the leaders. Brayden looks to be falling back and could get picked up by Luca Martin who is five seconds behind him.

6:24 PDT: Riley Amos Pulls Back 4 Seconds
Riley Amos continues to close in on the race leaders as the gap has dropped to nine seconds.

6:29 PDT: Adrien Boichis Leads into Lap 3
Adrien Boichis and Carter Woods have halted the progress of Riley Amos as they picked up the pace in the later stages of lap two to build the lead to 18 seconds. Rily Amos is still looking strong in third as Luca Martin is nearly another 20 seconds behind him in fourth.

6:40 PDT: Carter Woods Leads into Lap 4
Carter Woods and Adrien Boichis really picked up the pace in the third lap as the gap to Riley Amos grew to 24 seconds. Luca Martin pulls back a few seconds in the last part of the course to go over the line 58 seconds off the leaders' pace.

6:43 PDT: Adrien Boichis Moves into 1st
Adrien Boichis takes his turn at the front of the race as it is still evenly matched in the battle for first. Luca Martin has now dropped back to be over a minute back in fourth while Riley Amos pulls back a few seconds.

6:46 PDT: Zabdiel Adair Gutierrez Prieto Takes 4th
Zabdiel Adair Gutierrez Prieto has passed Luca Martin as he sits just over a minute back from the race leaders.

6:47 PDT: Dario Lillo Drops to 17th
Dario Lillo is having a tough race as he has fallen all the way down to 17th. Dario was in the running for the overall title but with Adrien Boichis the current standings leader he would have wanted to be at the sharp end today..

6:50 PDT: Carter Woods Leads into Lap 5
With only two laps remaining Carter Woods and Adrien Boichis are still leading as they continue to power around the Snowshoe course. Riley Amos does not seem to be gaining on the leaders but he is holding well in third with a 31-second gap.

6:57 PDT: Carter Woods & Adrien Boichis Remain Evenly Matched
The leading pair are still together with just over a lap remaining. The pair of Carter Woods and Adrien Boichis have been inseparable for the whole race and it is looking more and more likely we will be in for a wild final lap.

7:00 PDT: Carter Woods & Adrien Boichis Start the Final Lap
The final lap is now underway as Carter Woods and Adrien Boichis will need to try and lose each other unless they want a big sprint finish.

7:05 PDT: Adrien Boichis Launches an Attack
Adrien Boichis tries to build a gap to Carter Woods but it is shut down quickly and the pair stair right together at the mid-point of the last lap.

7:07 PDT: Adrien Boichis Launches Another Attack
Adrien Boichis is more successful this time as he builds a small gap but Carter Woods is able to eventually close the gap and go into the lead.

7:08 PDT: Carter Woods Builds a 3-Second Gap
After a second unsuccessful attack from Adrien Boichis, Carter Woods picked up the pace to create a four-second margin to 2nd place.

7:09 PDT: Carter Woods Leads by 11 Seconds
Carter Woods has powered to a sizeable lead as it is looking likely the Canadian will be first across the line. Adrien Boichis is starting to struggle as he will have to accept 2nd place after a very close battle.

7:11 PDT: Carter Woods Wins in Snowshoe
Carter Woods has taken the win by 15 seconds as he also denies Adrien Boichis the chance to wrap up the overall season victory.

The U23 Women's Race as it Happened

8:00 PDT: Ronja Blöchlinger Leads the U23 Women Off the Line
Ronja Blöchlinger moves straight to the front of the race as she leads the field into a shorter start loop.

8:03 PDT: A Traffic Jam Forms Leading into the Woods
A quick start is so important in Snowshoe as the lower place riders stall heading into the narrower course in the woods.

8:05 PDT: Samara Maxwell Takes the Lead
Samara Maxwell is pushing hard at the start of the race as she competes in her first XCO race for the Rockrider team.

8:09 PDT: Ronja Blöchlinger Leads into Lap 1
Ronja Blöchlinger leads a group of three riders into the first full lap. Noëlle Buri is in second with Samara Maxwell currently holding third place.

8:10 PDT: Ronja Blöchlinger & Noëlle Buri Pull Away from Samara Maxwell
The two leading Swiss riders have created a seven-second gap to Samara Maxwell

8:12 PDT: Samara Maxwell Slides Off the Course
Samara Maxwell was pulling back time in one of the technical descents and lost control over a set of wet roots. Samara is now 13 seconds off the leader.

8:13 PDT: Samara Maxwell Catches Ronja Blöchlinger on the Next Climb
Samara Maxwell has found a burst of speed after her crash and has managed to catch the race leader.

8:15 PDT: Samara Maxwell Powers to the Lead Position
Samara Maxwell stands up and pushes hard on the pedals to overtake Ronja Blöchlinger to move into the race lead.

8:19 PDT: 58 Seconds Split the Top 5 Riders
As riders near the end of lap one there is already a 58-second gap between the leaders and fifth place.

8:22 PDT: Samara Maxwell & Ronja Blöchlinger Lead into Lap 2
Samara Maxwell and Ronja Blöchlinger are pulling away at the front of the race with third-placed Noëlle Buri 26 seconds off the front.

8:23 PDT: Samara Maxwell & Ronja Blöchlinger Increase their Lead to 39 Seconds
Samara Maxwell and Ronja Blöchlinger have really upped the pace as after the first descent on lap two the gap to thrid-placed Noëlle Buri has grown to 39 seconds.

8:24 PDT: Samara Maxwell has More Trouble Over Some Wet Roots
Samara Maxwell stalls in the woods as she has to put a foot down while following Ronja Blöchlinger over a technical root section.

8:25 PDT: Samara Maxwell Pushes Back & Takes the Lead
Samara Maxwell didn't seem happy about having to put a foot down so she pushes hard to catch and then pass Ronja Blöchlinger.

8:29 PDT: Samara Maxwell Builds a Small Lead
Samara Maxwell is beginning to ride away from Ronja Blöchlinger despite some troubles in the opening laps.

8:32 PDT: Ginia Caluori Catches Noëlle Buri in the Battle for 3rd
Ginia Caluori has closed the gap to Noëlle Buri as there are now three Swiss riders in the top four.

8:34 PDT: Samara Maxwell Leads by 10 Seconds into Lap 3
Samara Maxwell continues to build a gap to Ronja Blöchlinger as the World Champ is riding strong today. Ginia Caluori is third, 1:10 off the race leader.

8:35 PDT: Noëlle Buri Takes Back 3rd
Noëlle Buri has gone passed Ginia Caluori as she wants to lead into the first technical downhill.

8:37 PDT: Ronja Blöchlinger is Coming Back to Samara Maxwell
Ronja Blöchlinger is strong on the downhills today and is using this advantage to pull back time to Samara Maxwell. The gap is now just eight seconds.

8:40 PDT: Samara Maxwell Responds by Increasing the Lead to 19 Seconds
Samara Maxwell must have sensed Ronja Blöchlinger closing in as she picked up the pace again to build her lead to almost 20 seconds.

8:46 PDT: Samara Maxwell Leads by 21 Seconds into Lap 4
Samara Maxwell added to her lead as Ronja Blöchlinger is now 21 seconds behind.

8:53 PDT: Ginia Caluori Pulls Away from Noëlle Buri
Ginia Caluori has found eight seconds to secure third place with just over a lap to go.

8:59 PDT: Samara Maxwell Leads into the Final Lap
Samara Maxwell remains the race leader as she starts the final lap. Ronja Blöchlinger is now around 34 seconds back.

9:11 PDT: Samara Maxwell Wins by Over a Minute
Samara Maxwell secures a huge win in Snowshoe.

Full Results:

U23 Men


U23 Women


Overall Standings:

U23 Men


U23 Women


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