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Vali Höll Out of World Champs After a Serious Crash in Practice

Oct 11, 2020 at 0:57
by Ed Spratt  
Vali H ll cutting through the mud in fresh TLD neons.

Vali Höll will not be taking to the start line for her first Elite World Championships after a nasty crash in practice that saw her go over the bars on the canyon gap.

Sadly after her incredible performance in seeding on Friday, we won't be seeing the young Austrian rider take on the Elite field after a serious crash in practice this morning. We have been told that on her final practice run while attempting the huge gap she cased both wheels and went over the bars. With lots of rain overnight and continued bad weather this morning there is now a large amount of mud and deep ruts on the course leading up to the canyon gap after the woods.

Vali Höll has now posted on social media a photo of her injured ankle after her crash from practice this morning.

We don't know anything more at this time but we will update this story as we hear more. We hope she has no serious injuries and that we will see her back on the bike soon.

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 Oh no, I hope it's nothing serious, in any case I wish a speedy recovery!
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 She does everything else fast!
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 In any CASE. Sorry.
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 No worries, I hear she has a great lawyer.
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 The conditions look horrid today, hope noone gets hurt
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 Good signs for the coming season.
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 There goes the lynchpin of my fantasy team. Along with Laurie Greenland, this makes two riders I've claimed this race Frown This is my fault Vali, I'm sorry for putting imaginary points before your health. Get well soon, you'll smash it next year.
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 Don't worry Callum, I may have inadvertantly jinxed Vali too, doh!
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 Is this like some narcissistic complex?
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flag mi-bike (Oct 11, 2020 at 2:00) (Below Threshold)
 @Molesdigmyjumps: A small % of commenters sees every crash, DNF, or surprise result through the prism of their fantasy team. Sad!
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 @mi-bike: a small percentage of the commenters does not understand these comments are not seriously implying any causality
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 @zede: as if it’s not possible to be concerned for riders and disappointed at the same time. Had Vali as my anchor. Can’t wait to see her race a full season in the elite category.
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 "It is what it is...."
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 Already in Minnaars Gopro Run I thought he would case it after being too slow out of the woods. The organizers should probably close it when the conditions are not perfect. The riders under adrenaline attempt it when they are too slow.
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 Was wondering about that too. Some of those gaps in the mud would be easy to get wrong.
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 I already see the RB documentary, with the classical anticlimax after 1st senior season, 1st in quali, robbed from world champs. *Dramatic music*

Get well soon! What a bummer!
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 Looks like she hurt her ankle from her Instagram. Bummer
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 casing that jump with both wheels doesnt sound like much fun at all. Hope she has a speedy recovery!
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 Feel so bad for her, hope the injury not too serious and is relatively easy to come back from. Was really excited to see her take on her first World Champs in Elite. All the best Vali!
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 Gutted for her. I had her down for the win ???? hope it's not to serious. The photo on her insta doesn't look great
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 Yea, looks like a tib/fib fracture...Frown
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 maybe it's just swelling but looks like a serious dislocation
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 As they say .. the youth are so fast because "they haven't spent enough time between the linens".
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 Damn hope she is ok!!
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 When Brook's helmet cam got to that gap it made me gasp. After a mud-death-rut? Mental. Höll cleary wanted the win, I don't expect too many of the other women (junior guys too) to be hitting that!
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 The guys will hit the gap.
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 @Intense4life: Not surprising since they have been hitting it for 3 days now...
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 @Mondbiker: seriously. Clearly no clue
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 @Intense4life: couple guys even tricked it, seriously.
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 @Mondbiker: Plenty of junior males were slower than the women's gold medal pace, I doubt they were hitting it. Anyway, seeing the best guys make sense of this will be interesting. Ride it like it's dry...
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 Same I thought I was the only one who was thinking that.
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 @blackpudding: it isn’t an issue for anyone except the typical worlds clowns.

Vali is a badass, shit happens to the best of em, doesn’t make the feature anything really.
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 @nvranka: True, forgot about the "worlds clowns" - but most of those guys would still whip 99% of our asses, certainly mine included. Plenty of world-class riders were humbled by the conditions, fair play to anybody who took that track on today
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 Absolute beast, 1st in quali, going for that gap in today's conditions. Many of the men had to go around it. She has a bright future, heal up quick!
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 @ReeferSouthrland: hey she’s going to be great but her lack of experience and bravado got the best of her. She had no business going for that gap in those conditions. She knows it, her team knows it and her coaches know it. Make no mistake. Every guy on the list can make that gap. Assuming entry speed was sufficient. If not you make the right call on a feature like that and run the chicken line. Many of them had no choice after the slip and slide entry and made the correct call to divert. It’s about understanding your limits and trying to stay as close to those as you can without going over. Not just full bull charge. She won’t don’t that again.
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 @Intense4life: Her coaches are really to blame I would have told her do not even think about that. I hit much bigger gaps on a bmx bike but not in that level of slop.
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 Gutted, I wonder if she guineapiged it today.
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 Man, 2020 at it again.
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 Nooooooooo! This was going to be story tale JR to sr transition. Get well soon
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 She’ll be back to dominate the elite category next year there’s no doubt about that
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 Valentina, what a bummer! But I am confident that you will heal up quickly and return stronger than ever before! Gute Besserung!
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 No way, such a shame, heal up quick xx
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 Heal up Vali !!
It’s just a race, plenty more down the track.
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 Bummer, Maverick is out. Speedy recovery!
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 Oh no. Hopefully nothing serious.
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 Hm, looks like very suspect lateral malleolus fracture, edema too high to be only ligament damage. Lets wait and see.
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 Oh emoji s come out as question marks
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 brutal course. Sending healing vybz
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 welcome to the jungle . get well soon
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 Sorry this happened cause VH is rad!!! Heal up and shred soon!
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 Same initials as Van Halen yo, Dope!
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 Ankle fracture and torn ligaments according to IG
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 Oh no Frown (
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 Damn. She was ripping too! Time to close the gap?
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 Logged in to say noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Poor girl ????????????????????
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 Tracy wins!!
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 My fantasy league is over.....
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