Vero Sandler Picks Up Monster Energy Sponsorship

Sep 25, 2023 at 4:00
by Ed Spratt  

Monster Energy has announced that it has added Vero Sandler as the newest member of its Freeride MTB team.

Vero Sandler has been pushing the limits of freeride, both on camera and off for years. In the announcement from Monster Energy it says she will have a full sponsorship from the brand and will be given support for her "creative approach to video projects and riding in top class freeride events."

bigquotesJoining the Monster team has been a dream of mine for years, I’m just so hyped to be a part of such a sick line up of riders and to work with a company who creates awesome opportunities for freeride mountain bikers. I can’t wait to work on some really exciting projects with the team…I’ve got some new ideas for video projects that I want to put out, and some fresh lines to dig in my backyard. Hyped to work on some dreamy projects with the team! Vero Sandler

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 It's crack a monny o'clock....
  • 33 0
 Today has been absolutely epic
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 Like I needed a reason to get my crack on. But yes I will celebrate Vero doing some local mannies with my locarb monny.
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 To The Sky!
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 It's the dream
  • 3 0
 W'heeee HEY HEH!!
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flag bmxbackground69 (Sep 25, 2023 at 13:32) (Below Threshold)
 Mommy o'clock
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 BANG! Congrats Vero - well deserved for pushing the sports and creative builds etc.
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 not BANG ® but Monster ®
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 @huvudvind: wonder much longer, since Monster bought Bang
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 RIP drywall.
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 Big Grin DDDD
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 and what of Monster organized a freeride event/comp for women...?
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 That would be awesome and a big FU to Redbull. Come on Monster, pick a cool name and venue and step up.
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 @CustardCountry: I don’t drink energy drinks, but I’d drink Monsters if they steeped up to sponsoring a freeride event for women
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 @CustardCountry: yep that's what i thought, like, the window to do a big annual womens venue is now..
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 @CustardCountry: Monster Tantrum....I'm telling you first
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 @Justfucnsmash: Monster Mavericks, Magic Monsters, Monster Madness,

If the women have had kids then Monster Mumpage?

There's a reason I don't work in marketing....
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 @Justfucnsmash: Monster Mash...
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 @CustardCountry: Just what we need, a "big FU to redbull" a brand that has funded so much into cycling.
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 well done, we need more support for female riders!!!
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 Well deserved, awesome rider and all about the fun of bikes
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 Everyone see’s Vero building trails but the trail that she built that will always be her best work is the trail she built for women to get into freeride and video. Its a different landscape for women now who want to freeride and Vero has played a big part in that. Monster deal very well deserved. I doubt she will be drinking any of it though.
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 one of us one of us! - drywallers everywhere
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 I'd love to see non sugar drink companies (and non "not porn" companies) giving riders this level of support. That said, riders need to take whatever support they can get their hands on.
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 Absolutely this!
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 About time!! Awesome news
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 Nice. One of the most entertaining riders to watch
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 Get that pikey juice down yah : )
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 Going to be a banner year for Vero edits! Congrats!
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 Well that was quick lol. Monster taking the piss at this point
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 Fine work Ms. Sandler!! Your desire, dedication and zest for life makes you a fine role model thank you.
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 Vero is such a lovely person first, epic rider and such a beast of a digger! Totally deserved!
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 Finally!! So well deserved!!!
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 Hell yeah!!!!
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 Woohoo Vero!
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 Interesting no coverage of the womens whip off contest...
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 Amazing news, congrats!
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 monster should make a low caffeine low sugar drink
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 they do, I've only seen it in the states actually
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 they do!!! its this crazy thing called 'evian water & a Wake-Up'...
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 Pretty sure all the athletes have access to Monster (or Red Bull) branded canned water, I've seen other people drink it.
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 @Dagabba: Monster def does that. Through a friend of a friend I had the chance to visit the shop of a monster sponsored team. They had a whole pallet of the canned waters at the shop. There’s no way redbull isn’t doing the same.
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 @Dagabba: They do. It’s labelled as athlete only so they can pose appropriately for photos
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 Congrats! Vero is rad!! Good move Monster.
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 Rad! stoked for her!
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 congrats Vero!!
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 Good job.
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 Well Deserved!!!
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 Oi. pass a Monny!
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 Her quote is from chatGPT right?
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 Way to go Vero!
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 Cool. No invite for her at the next formation if RB ever bother
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 Doubt that. Monster athletes compete at Rampage.
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