Video: 3 Minutes of Chaos from the Fort William DH World Champs 2023

Aug 9, 2023 at 7:34
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesHere is a delicious slice of downhill chaos for you little chumps. Sleeper Collective

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 Great edit. Best coverage I've seen so far.
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 most likely the only footage you've seen too
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 havent watched yet. But it says 3 minutes, so it should be the best one so far.
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 yep glad someone is doing it worst coverage ever of world cup this year big fail by the uci to switch redbull terrible
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 That's not saying much considering how terrible the coverage has been this season. Terrible. But yes... solid edit.
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 I am assuming everyone who says terrible coverage just didnt pay the tiny amount someone asked for you to watch it - coverage has been equal to or better than redbull, different commentary but to my mind no worse or better - just different. I found Rob Warner to be an annoying twat with no insight and the tendancy to repeat the same info about riders week after week. As for the Champs - a VPN and my GCN+ coverage meant I got to see the whole thing, commentary from the Don and and enjoyable Saturday morning.
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 @aug7hallak: it’s 100% more footage then the last recap video
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It's $30 for a month of flosports just to watch a single race. How is that not a lot of money?

Also, using the same canned "wilhelm scream" bike impact sound effect for every bike landing (instead of real sound) is a huge noticeable quality downgrade and I can't imagine why you would think otherwise. Explain - why didn't this bother you?
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 @paulskibum: That's a poor assumption. The coverage just is not as good as it was. Period.
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 Agreed, but they still missed the handlebar trumpets and fish flops, I'm gutted...
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 @pascy74: you do realise that redbull never had world champs rights for most territories, only the world cup?
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 @Mtmw: I have not noticed any sound effects in the GCN race coverage.

Also as I said GCN+ and a VPN does not require you to spend $30 on flosport. It is a lot of money to spend $30 on flosport though unless you really want to watch any of the other stuff they show. That's why I didn't investigate Flo.

For everyone else - please elaborate on how I am Wrong or where coverage has got worse under GCN (World Cups not the champs as apparently no one could see the World Champs). And please dont drag out the hackneyed argument that Warner is the only commentator worth listening to, already given my opinion on that useless fop.
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 @paulskibum: It's really funny that you are here arguing for the quality of paid coverage (GCN+) and in the same breath you are advocating pirating it with a VPN. I think the general argument here in the PB comment section is that the new coverage setup is horrible for fans, and nothing makes that more clear than defenders being stuck with "pirate what you paid for and hope you don't get banned" as their best argument.

Yes, here is the terms of use, VPNs are covered under multiple parts of Section 16 including 16.1 (g):

They list getting permanently banned as the consequence. The way VPN app-bans usually work is they gather data on offenders for a season, then ban everyone right after they re-up their subscriptions at the beginning of the season (and keep their money, yes the ToS says they can do this). This is how it has worked every year with ESPN and hockey.

Regarding the canned sound effects, Ben Cathro had to watch them too and talked about them on his video. If he's not authoritative I don't know who is.

I think what I'm trying to say here is that if you could just buy "pro downhill" as an app for a reasonable price I'd be happy. But the separate licensing of the world cup and world champs is insane, anti-consumer, bad for the sport, and will shrink the sport.

However much I think we fans are getting a bad deal, consider BK's counterpoint on the deal the riders are getting:
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 @paulskibum: and that's where your WRONG
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 @paulskibum: You think fake bike sounds is quality coverage? They are asking $30 to watch a single race and even if you paid, the commentary and camera angles for this race were horrible.
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 @paulskibum: I paid for GCN+ and still could not watch world champs without a hassle as I'm in the USA.
As far as your comment that it's just as good in quality is utter BS. Whether or not you liked Rob's commentary it was far better than what is currently being offered. We have not seen any major increase in what is getting shot for video in regards to missing sections of the track of more riders. What we have got is a major decline in image quality every time it switches to the drone footage that 1/3 of the time can't even keep the rider centered on the frame.

Now go back and watch the Redbull replays and remember just how good we had it.
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 Great stuff.
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 SleeperCo on a different level as always
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 Showing my age here, but reminds me of the Sprung videos that used to come out. Me and my mate used to watch them at least once a week.
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 I am solidly 40...................somethin. I and Sprung. Damn those were great videos. Buddy of mine snapped the headtube off if his Foes Slalom rig at Sea Otter 2000 or 2001 ish in practice on that janky double to table top they had. It was a in Sprung 7 (I think?) and frame by frame spread in Decline mag I believe.
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 @bman33: I remember it well....I think!
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 Fucking sick edit, all action, no chat and no insta self promoting. I could watch edits like this all day long
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 @uci : THIS is how you do MTB content
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 This is the best racing edit I've seen in a really long time. Love it. Love the chill soundtrack with the race noise coming in when needed.
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 Ditto - flippin cool edit, and some of the best coverage of the various crashes, Minaar's unbelievable gap and Boris's dancing. Was also livid that UCI had no coverage available here in NZ for Elite, but at least we got to see the Junior Girls race (fire symbol here x 3)!
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 Sleeper Collective carrying on the fine tradition and feel of the Earthed series. Thank you for this fine work.
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 Fun video. Fast riding, must be the skin suits they are wearing. Funny how the tightest of clothes came back full circle but it's always just copying what the moto racers are doing anyway.
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 Going by the soundtrack, I feel I can confidently assume Quentin Tarantino had absolutely nothing to do with this vid.
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 Man... we get our forum posts removed if we mention anything controversial but they can post a video talking about mfer and pink pussy.... interesting.... But on the riding... really wish we could have seen a clean run from Minnaar. That gap over the steps looked sick. And the hits that Thibault and Nina took.... damn!!! Was like the bikes just stopped and they kept going. Same hits.
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 The middle fingers in your face I see differently
Whatever the toilet the shit still stinks to me
Whatever the race the pussy's still pink to me
I'm not a rapper I'm a MC
My job is to move the crowd as you can see
You identify with nations, my home is the Earth
So I'm good anywhere on anybody's turf

--MZ Boom Bap

It's confusing because all healthy mucous membranes for all races are pink, not just the vagina. Kerr was crashing before he hit the more prominent feature. The frame-by-frame starting at 2:27 shows it nicely
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 @ceecee: Oh that was the Kerr crash... nice catch. That it was Diprela... Didn't he go down the same way?

Going back to look at that again... thanks.
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 hip music for the kids but I think i'll play it on mute
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 Only chick in the vid is Nina crashing? And Amy Kenyon in the start hut? Great vid. But you should make some effort to include the girls too ay
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 Nice & chill edit Smile (except for a few slams for the riders obviously)
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 great edit, best I've seen recently
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 Three minutes of chaos is what the Discovery production team call their pre-broadcast meetings.
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 keep the tunes like that coming. pure swag.
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 To bad Gwinn was hurt he might have won this world champ
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 Earthed vibes! Great work!
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 Really bad luck for Nina to lose the pedal in front of a stepdown Frown
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 that good edit! Is there really no replay of the race anywhere?
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 thank you SleeperCollective, I've enjoyed that
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 Love this edit. Inspired by Earthed and Sprung.
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 More edits like this. Excellent.
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 Serious old school vibes here and I LOVE it.
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 More please.
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 The roost at 1:00.
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 Team Fried
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 Such a great edit! and a Big shout out for the positive hip hop!
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 Music was total crap, riding was total br-A-A-A-P!
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 somehow you must have missed the hook of the song; "Choose knowledge over ignorance..."
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 @loam33: So in your world, any opinion different from yours indicates ignorance? Ooh yeah, there's some big brain thinking! But you go right on gettin moved with the crowd by that sucka MC.....
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 @naptime: So I take it you thought the riding was crap then?
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 @DaKahuna: nah I thinbk the song is actually pretty fkng good
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 Mos Def?
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 Beauty of editing
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 That was real nice...
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 Nice & chill edit (:
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 Great edit
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