Video: Aaron Gwin Follows Neko Mulally on a Full Lap at Windrock

Jan 20, 2022 at 7:31
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAwesome day ripping perfect conditions at "The Rock" with my bro Neko. Shot on my GoPro Hero10 Black. Aaron Gwin


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 Watching someone like Neko ride is almost hypnotic, the speed and flow of the pro riders is a beautiful thing to behold. Hope Neko and Aaron have an awesome 2022 on the DH circuit.
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flag Matt115lamb (Jan 22, 2022 at 2:41) (Below Threshold)
 He do well in your nationals Wink
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 I don't think he puts in a single pedal stroke. So sick.
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 Must be both chainless@fektor-b:
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 Even more so on tracks they know extremely well
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 And to think on the World Cup he’s not even a top 15
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 @flyingfox49: Well he did win a world cup chainless. Still a crazy video to go back and watch.
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 I hope Gwin gives those French a good battle this year.
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 I don’t think the French have any slow riders .lol.
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 Still he can try... ^^
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 Viva la France @flyingfox49:
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 Those off-camber roots always scare the crap out of me, especially when wet. Good to see they at least warrant a response from riders with actual talent as well Wink
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 It's amazing how these guys addapt so quickly to a new bike. Usually, for me to be comfortable and confident when I get a new bike it takes between 5 and 6 years.....
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 Uh what? Lol
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 So your just finally getting the feel for that 26" tired 435mm Reach bike you picked up half a decade ago?
Good for you Bro!
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 @SunsPSD: I'm getting there, hahaha!!!!
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 @Bitelio: I've been riding the same bike for 6yrs and am still learning how to get it to make corners faster / jumps higher. I'd love to check-out some of the new bikes, hope the demo trucks get back out someday.
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 I can relate to that, having ridden one of my bikes for over ten years. Capabilities expand from how familiar you are with it.
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 Living somewhere with massive vert and huge areas of access to build trails Im always impressed by how these small bike parks use the amount of land they are given so efficently.
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 Windrock off road park (4x4's, ATV's, Rock crawlers, etc.) is 72,000 acres. Massive. That said, I am not sure how many total acres are allotted to the bike park, but they do use what they have very efficiently.
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 Windrock is about the same size as your country. It’s a massive place.
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 @BigballmcCall: The bike park is pretty small. Especially on weekdays when they only got half way. Still an amazing place.
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 I live in a smilar place as you (huge vert & lotsa land) but Windrock is not a small park - that would be Kanuga, Vee Hollar, Beech Mtn, or Sugar Mtn in the same general area. Kanuga and Vee Hollare being small pedal-up parks, but both still feel large and have big features. I'd call Windrock large, not small and it feels wild vs. something overly developed like Bentonville which feels like Disney biking. You could spend 2-3 days alone exploring and getting to know just the lower half of the park, (about 1000 ft vert) which has the majority of trails, and then the upper trailhead (2,400 ft vert) that provides 4 major DH trails for the full vert drop - just riding those 4 in a day will eat you up.

Would take you nearly a week to really get to know the place. The entire park (including moto access areas) is 112 square miles - thats massive, but the bike park is probably 7-10 square miles (guessing) with 16 miles of trail (growing by the month) and from the top, easily competitive if not more fun and gnarly than Snowshoe's total elevation drop and features.
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 @BigballmcCall: I doubt that, trails here have trails to get between the trails.
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 @inside-plus: i was joking, but Windrock is the largest off-road park in the Eastern US.
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 @bman33: Seems like what you see on videos is the packed in area, but i mean in general not just windrock but trail centeres all over the show.
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 I’m guessing Dak’s frame is still in the jig at Intense?
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 You think they use jigs to weld them up? Clearly never owned an intense Big Grin
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 I can see the face of Gwin looking at the New FTW bike hahaha...Do you think he test the new bike?If I would develop a new bike I would love to have some feedback from other fast riders,I think Neko said that in the podcast.
Windrock looks like a very fun place to ride. How much time takes for an uplift?
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 Less than 10 minutes.
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 The new bike seams to work. Nice job!
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 A shot Neko posted showed Gwin setting up. The bike had a cover on the middle section but there seemed to be a high rocker set up. I think Gwin was "testing" another "protoype frame...
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 Looks intensely fun
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 Ugh Windrock is a five hour drive. Last time on the DH bike was 5 months ago.
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 If it looks steep in the video, it must be bonkers in person! Nice riding!
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 The horse face trail is a lot tougher and steeper then it looks on camera. I’ve been there and I couldn’t get up after I fell. Lol
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 That whip at the end though...
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 Neko looks riding really good, better body position than in the past bike even!
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 C’mon now, teach the kids out there how to be nice little mountain bikers and say hi to the people you pass on the trail!
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 Is Neko on his new frame?
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 Bigcambell it's about 0.1% of the size of nz but hey close enough
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 Rad vid on an awesome trail.
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 That trail looks heavenly
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 Senddin er Boyz! Highway to the danger zone....
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 Any idea if neko is riding an m29 or his new bike here?
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 His frame.
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