Video: Aaron Gwin Takes a Flat Out Lap in Laguna Beach

Feb 26, 2022 at 2:18
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA lap of bike testing from a very windy day at the beach!Aaron Gwin


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 My friends and I spent *hundreds* of hours rebuilding that track and other canyon trails back in the early 2000's after years of disuse. great to see it's still running fast, so many other gnarly trails in that area. #CoolStoryBro
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 soooo can i get directions? GPS location maybe? lol
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 Thx Rads
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 @The-Banders: you can't find telonics? Seriously?
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 @jrocksdh: Thats what I was going to say. If you have ridden ANY trail in Laguna it was built by the Rads.
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 @The-Banders: Drive to Top of the World, park your car where the road ends. Face north.
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 @Revkev151: I live in norcal so I don't know that area. Never been down there.
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 @Sweatypants: Next trip south we take we are there!
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 @The-Banders: while ez to shuttle, there are actually much better trails on offer; and much more technical trails too. Def worth bringing all mountain bike or E.
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 @jrocksdh: we only have dh or dj rigs. I'm just chasing my kid around now.
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 Is that was in the UK (lol) there would be a at least ten people walking their dogs up the track.
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 I've run into families taking a hike on it. It happens quite often on the weekend.
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 @TimnberG: Can confirm, hikers even like to sit on the gnarliest parts of this trail, with their back to you and obscured by a blind corner. Pretty sketchy coming in to that situation at 25+ mph -_-
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 @ms-dos: my friends like to call those picnics. So crazy and dangerous
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 Wish he’d train more on UCI DH style tracks
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 little hard to come by in southern california...
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 Other than for racing, does he ever travel (home soil and abroad) to other locations to ride? Whenever I see any of his footage, it's always in Cali'. It'd be cool to see him rip some of those trails across the pond.
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 Be great if he was testing on World Cup caliber tracks, like most other teams and riders are doing this winter.
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 While I hope Aaron is more competitive this year, if he is serious about testing and being fully up to speed, why not head to Europe, tracks like morzine etc or even compete in the US DH events, cool trail, but worldcup type track it is not, how can you test on that?
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 Not sure if weather is your thing, but Morzine in the winter is not socal in the winter.
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 These videos are awesome. For beginners or crusty old experienced riders like myself. Please keep it up! That said, it would be awesome to see some videos about how to approach some downhill gnar sections.
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 made it look easy.... god dam
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 i really wish that he could win a few more race
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 Does this still count on Aaron's YouTube channel as views or does Pinkbike get the clicks for it?
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 Since it’s an embedded YouTube vid, Aaron gets the views.
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 Good question, I'm worried he might go broke.
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flag ctd07 (Feb 26, 2022 at 18:22) (Below Threshold)
 Bernard Kerr road the same trail on his youtube not that long ago, he gapped that rock jump too, Gwins going too slow nowadays
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 @ctd07: or he's testing a whole new everything, down to his shoes.
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 @ctd07: jump high for show, stay low for dough.
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 I live almost an hour from Laguna and it's always worth the drive. Love it down there. (Though I don't yet have the stones for Telonics.)
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 Sick to see ya in Laguna Beach I surf and mountain bike down here yeww!!!
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 Was hoping to see him in one of Bernard Kerr's LSD videos. They were all over that trail in one his vides a few weeks ago.
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 Love the flow!!
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 Gwinning - he's back, is it the year of the Gwin?
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 This is cool and all but where's My Buddy Diego?
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 That trail is nassssty in person
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 Watch how fats he starts.
It’s like he’s riding a motorcycle. 0 to 45 in less then half a sec
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 Why tf does pinkbike repost all of Gwins youtube videos?
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 Because it's Aaron Gwin!
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 Wheres the GPS real time speed Aaron?5
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 that last jump, no landing needed
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 Strava time?
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 The fastest Strava time that I could find was 1:42 in 2013. The fastest result this year is 1:57. Anneke Beerten holds the QOM at 2:07.

The length of Aaron's video was 1:46, and it looks like he started 5 seconds in, so give him a 1:40 to 1:43 (in there somewhere).

I think he has probably ridden that trail quite a bit, as have others on the strava board, but the fact that he was doing that speed for testing makes that number seem impressive.

I would weight the yearly results (and perhaps 2021) higher than the 2013 results as the trail conditions would be more similar (it is very dry here now). Maybe they were the same in 2013, but without a prior distribution I would bias my result towards more recent results.
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 @penguinni: does your math account for the sections of the video that are edited out? Not to say he's not incredibly fast, but this vid isn't an unedited run top to bottom
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 @penguinni: I don’t think this is the same segment in the video as the one you’re talking about? I’m just poking around some of my times and I see the segment that’s 4 letters and another “non hazardous” that is pretty close(but not the exact same) to the numbers you’re saying, and the non hazardous segment is significantly shorter than what Gwin hits here. The 4 letter segment’s KOM and QOM are 2:33 and 3:00 flat respectively. Maybe my phone just hasn’t flagged that segment my last couple times riding, I usually just come straight in from a little higher up without stopping where Gwin starts here. All kind of moot since the video cuts though
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 @penguinni: definitely wasn’t breaking any Strava records this day with how crazy the wind was. Just an average run doing suspension testing, did about 6 more just like it that day. Haha Would be cool to race it though.
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 Your the GOAT bro. Not sure why people have to bring up Strava. I have a buddy who has a couple of Strava KOMs because of a glitch. Just keep riding. Love watching your videos and seeing you out at Greer every once in a while. You are a super cool guy who takes the time to talk to everyone and a great ambassador for DH.
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 @Aeth: Ya not sure (the man spoke for himself below Smile

I was doing the best I could with the data I had available; a bit of travel segment search and a little looking at the video with a few (as you pointed out) possibly erroneous assumptions -- like the video a dually being the entire segment. Either way, seemed viscerally fast to me!
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 @AaronGwin1: Sounds good. Didn't want to speak for your times. Was trying to get a ballpark for us fans. Possibly a bad ballpark in the end.

Testing conditions in CA in a way that could generalize Europe sounds hard. It is bone dry up here in Oakland, CA. I imagine the set up must be constantly changing. One day someone will make an app for you to track that stuff -- or just an excel sheet Smile
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 You don't waste your weekends do you
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 @penguinni: haha all good, didn’t mean it to put you on blast or anything, I just couldn’t find the segment and was like “damn are people dropping this in 1:45, I’m even slower than I thought”
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