Video: Aaron Gwin's Massive Crash from the Lourdes DH World Cup 2022

Apr 16, 2022 at 7:55
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA full length look at my practice crash from the first round of the World Cup series in France. Thankful to ride away from this one but it hurt! Aaron Gwin

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 Kinda surprised at how unhelpful the course marshals were. Didn’t help him get his bike off the track or really help at all despite being right there.
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 Didn't they say "go!" "go!"? quite urgently as if he wasn't doing that/
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flag scott-townes (Apr 16, 2022 at 11:16) (Below Threshold)
 I wouldn't blame them. The French have a long history of receiving help from Americans so it stands to reason they wouldn't know how to reciprocate.
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flag conoat (Apr 16, 2022 at 11:19) (Below Threshold)
 @scott-townes: the french are a unique blend of apothetic and angry at everyone that doesn't also smell of wet ashtray and a*sholes. lol

they just, as a culture.....kind of f*cking suck
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 @scott-townes: along history?? You mean that one time with the help of half the world?
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 @conoat: oh hello you
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flag conoat (Apr 16, 2022 at 11:32) (Below Threshold)
 @ybsurf: it was two times, actually. lol

and, "help of half the world" is a bit disengenuous. it's like saying if I load 5 tons into a truck and you come along and put 5lbs in there, and then say, "SEE! I HELPED!"
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flag conoat (Apr 16, 2022 at 11:36) (Below Threshold)
 @BenPea: don't take it cannot help your genetics. Wink
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 @conoat: ahhhh, so that explains why the Brit’s are so nice, got it!

It’s kinda unfair to stereotype, isn’t it?

When you masterbate about the worlds problems, do you use your own hand?
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flag conoat (Apr 16, 2022 at 11:38) (Below Threshold)
 @nurseben: I am not british
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 @scott-townes: This kind of nationalistic BS isn't particularly helpful, and is almost invariably signifies ignorance
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 @conoat: I think I found my new home
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flag conoat (Apr 16, 2022 at 11:53) (Below Threshold)
 @tigerfish50: absolutely nothing wrong with nationalism. nothing. the only people that despise it are those trying to force a globalist mindset onto the world. People need the ability to create spaces that they don't need to contend with disparate views.
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 @conoat: f*cking how insecure are you? You need a f*cking shrink pal, you spend your time trying to hate everyone else as much as you hate yourself. Makes life bearable. Now f*ck off back to 8chan.
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 @scott-townes: 3 words: American Revolutionary War.
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 @scott-townes: lmao your comment busted me up. But to be fair, didn't the French basically save our asses pretty early on which allowed us to get independence.
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 I was observing that as well. It did not even appear that anyone asked how he was or if he needed additional help.
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flag conoat (Apr 16, 2022 at 12:03) (Below Threshold)
 @BenPea: I can smell your breath as you pound at your keyboard! cigs and stinky cheese!

bud....just admit your culture sucks. I mean, you were happily beating people that wanted freedom like 6 months ago. fix your shit!
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 @BenPea: he's joking man, probably just salty the French are currently dominating dh. I personally enjoy the ribbing between nations. Hit him back with something about his teeth lol.
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flag conoat (Apr 16, 2022 at 12:15) (Below Threshold)
 @DylanH93: that would work, but I am not british. I just live here. lol. I actually have perfect teeth!
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 @BenPea: Dear 'Merica ... let us not forget that the French first saved your a$$es back between 1778-1782.............
"Between 1778 and 1782 the French provided supplies, arms and ammunition, uniforms, and, most importantly, troops and naval support to the beleaguered Continental Army. The French navy transported reinforcements, fought off a British fleet, and protected Washington's forces in Virginia."
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 It's the Marshalls job to warn over riders about if there is something in way! Looks like Gwin got up pretty fast and moved off the track under his own steam. I'm sure if it had been worse they would have done more. These guys are the unsung heroes of our sport. So no need to throw shade their way.
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 @conoat: wrong space of mind, or wrong corner of the internet. Pretty classless.
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 @conoat: @scott-townes: The Statue of Liberty, an American icon of freedom, was a gift from whom again?

Don't keep me waiting!
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 @conoat: you gotta give the guy some material to work with at least lol..
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flag conoat (Apr 16, 2022 at 13:58) (Below Threshold)
 @mi-bike: it is telling, I will give you that! one country, after freeing itself from tyranny, gives another a symbol of freedom, but the almost instantly devolves back into totalitarianism...almost like the statue held the power to reists.....
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flag scott-townes (Apr 16, 2022 at 14:02) (Below Threshold)
 @mi-bike: The Statue of Liberty "an American icon of freedom" hahaha

Do tell us more about what the Statue of Liberty represents. Don't keep me waiting! Oh man, this is too funny.
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 Absolute trash thread.
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 @scott-townes: Bro chill, it's one unhelpful marshal. The French are our friends and neither of our countries would exist without the other.
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 @BenPea: Wow, relax. If we take ourselves (or our nationality/culture) too seriously, it makes problems worse, not better. People want to joke about ’Murica being full of monster truck driving, AR-15 carrying, cheeseburger eating fatties then go for it. The exaggeration is what makes it funny. Almost no one actually believes it’s true or representative. Freaking out about it makes you look bad, not the other way around.
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 @conoat: so which is the nation you are so personally proud of then?
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 @scott-townes: the french thought it wasn’t much of a crash at all. and he should just get up.
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flag scott-townes (Apr 16, 2022 at 15:41) (Below Threshold)
 @DRomy: Wrong, I'm completely serious and think we should judge people based on their nationality. Humor and sarcasm do not exist in the U.S.
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 @conoat: 'absolutely nothing wrong with nationalism. nothing.'

I think those same words were said by Hitler once upon a time.

Please don't have kids.
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 @dubod22: Went straight to playing the Hitler card. Yikes. Loving your nation and being proud of your national identity is not inherently bad just because some tyrants from history manipulated those instincts for evil ends.

Then telling someone not to have kids because you have a different perspective...well that just sucks.
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 @scott-townes: Funny about not being funny and being funny.
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flag dubod22 (Apr 16, 2022 at 17:29) (Below Threshold)
 @DRomy: They just called out 70 million French people. That's not a different perspective. That's straight-up racist.
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 Same happens with's like there's no pre game talk from a manager. As opposed to the likes of f1 where the Marshall's take a full on course
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 @dubod22: France is a country, not a race.
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 @dubod22: If you read the laws for most countries, they have more favorable laws and benefits for their citizens. Membership has it's privileges.
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 @DRomy: Your mate said there was nothing wrong with nationalism. I was pointing out that there is a big problem with nationalism - not that conoat IS Hitler.

Your mate was being xenophobic, racist and bigoted about a nation. I told them not to have kids. You then tell me I'm the one being harsh.

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 @dubod22: You're dealing in absolutes and seem to find it impossible that there can exist degrees of something. Very little in the world is all good or all bad, and trying to reduce discussion to these absolutes so you have feel superior does not help anyone or anything.
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flag conoat (Apr 17, 2022 at 1:05) (Below Threshold)
 @rookie100: none. pride in the state, is the root of evil.
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 @theboypanda: no Marshall's = no races, and all we ask is breakie/lunch and it not to pish down
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 If you don’t like @conoat / Nick Keanes casual racism and bile (it’s his specialty, alongside being a total fantasist) then make sure you don’t ever support his mobile bike mechanic ‘empire’ Mtbdialed in the UK.

Nobody likes a bigoted bike mechanic, do they?
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 All things being equal, they never wanted America to win, just to bleed the uk, stated policy. They dithered for years before showing up late and leaving early…so weak cheer for the now extinct French monarchy? kinda like thanking your buddy for pounding out your toxic GF to wake you up she’s toxic. Bruh I saved ya, sure, but there’s better ways….not to mention trading CA for the Indies…and freezing the USA out of trade. @HairyLegs:
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 @justanotherusername: @justanotherusername: unlike @conoat I quite like the French, granted they don’t queue well and sometimes have an attitude but that’s part of their identity. I'd like to think we live in a world where we can joke about national stereotypes without being called the R word and having our businesses cancelled by PC inquisitors. Race and nationality are not the same thing but BOTH are topics we should be able to joke about.
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 @BenPea: France helping America was more about effing with the Brits and maintaining a grip on their colonial holdings. Most of which the French sold to us after the war.

It wasn't exactly altruistic. Y'all got to mess with a centuries old enemy and make some $$$.
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 @theboypanda: Definitely not heroes! I get your point Please don't reduce the meaning of such an important word/idea. There the furthest from being heroes unless there former/active duty police,firemen or military.
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 @MikeGruhler: If were talking about the real heroes of this world, I vote for school teachers, as there the once who teach proper speling.
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 @conoat: possibly but nations aren't it. They're made up of millions of people with loads of different viewpoints. You, sir, give us brits a bad name.
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 @haighd2: Oh I completely agree but @conoat isn’t a nice person making a bit of a joke, he has a now private Twitter account dedicated to this kind of stuff - in short he is a massive dick head.

Saying the french don’t que well,or something similar isn’t the same as this, especially when it comes from someone like him:

‘the french are a unique blend of apothetic and angry at everyone that doesn't also smell of wet ashtray and a*sholes. lol
they just, as a culture.....kind of f*cking suck’

@mr-moose - @conoat isn’t British, he is an American (Not that he represents decent Americans) ex barman now living in London offering mobile bike repair via while talking like he is some kind of f*cking revolutionary genius.

He doesn’t give the British a bad name, he gives people a bad name, an angry, delusional guy obsessed with his own inadequacy.
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 @DRomy: crap, I have an AR-15 and lifted Truck. I’m a walking American stereotype.

My wife and I love France. Been there twice, looking to go back next year. We enjoy the people and cutler there. Never ran into any marshals though.
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 @PtDiddy: I met a French cutler once. Great guy.
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 @conoat: can we ban racists already? @mikekazimer @mikelevy
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 @PtDiddy: Hey, nothing wrong with that! Stereotypes are just oversimplifications. I’m sure you’re an awesome, complex human being, who, by coincidence, also appreciates his 2A rights and getting out into nature off-road
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 @justanotherusername: What a horrible thing to do to someone, even if he is a bigoted jerk.

Talk about angry, you are the one so bent out of shape that you’re willing to doxx someone and threaten their livelihood.

Talk about delusional, you think you are so superior and pious that you can wield power over people’s existence.

Talk about being obsessed with your own inadequacy, why would someone go to such lengths to destroy someone else if not because the destroyer is trying to build himself up by knocking someone else down?

This is not a defense of conoat, but I am calling you out for being equally awful by your own standards. A different kind of awful, but just as awful. I’ll offer an alternative path, say, “I don’t like what he’s saying and I think he’s wrong” and leave it at that.
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 @waldo-jpg: I’m blown away by how people cannot deal with others they don’t like. “Ban them!!!!!” That’s not productive. No, you are not entitled to a “safe space” to protect your feelings. The downvote system hides comments the community dislikes. That’s sufficient. Stop trying to purge and cancel everyone/thing you disagree with.
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 @DRomy: If someone is consistently a complete dick to everyone why not call them out on it?

He belittles others, their profession, thinks disabilities are slur to put onto people, is happy to say what he wants to who he wants all while bigging himself up to be some kind of big deal, some kind of ultra rich man of leisure so who’s threatening the big mans livelihood?

Call me out all you like, why shouldn’t people have the choice to deal with someone like this or not? Why should terrible people hide in obscurity? I have personally not used a contractor at work as he is a racist shit, I found out about this from a social media post, I don’t want to give people like that my money - maybe others don’t too?

Freedom of speech, freedom of choice.
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 @haighd2: My thoughts exactly, some ribbing between nations is good if anything. People should be able to handle a joke, and if it pisses you off then hit them back with something better lol.
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 @PtDiddy: can confirm, I'm American as well and married to an AR15. We live in a lifted pickup, diesel obviously lol.
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 @conoat: the amount of uneducated and xenophobic comments in this thread is staggering.
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 @DylanH93: are very fat too?
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 @justanotherusername: I am not saying you aren't allowed free speech, so don't try to wrap yourself in liberty, especially because you are trying to actively punish someone for exercising his free speech. The fact that you see yourself as justified to threaten someone's livelihood because he is a troll on the inteneet is more concerning to me than conoat saying crap in the comments of a bike site. You are using your self-righteousness to excuse your awful actions. That's a big problem.
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 Missed the very…
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 @pastaman23: are people not just having fun? Thats what the internet was all about and then folk started taking it all serious, like its real life. Seriously, stop the moaning and grow a set or just stop reading it ffs.
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 @DRomy: You misunderstand me - conoat is engaging in free speech, his freedom to express himself, I am adding information to allow people to make their freedom of choice.

How am I punishing anyone? How am I threatening his lifestyle? How is he a troll? - his name is listed here on PB - he is doing all of this to himself.

He has made his opinion public - His choice, the fact you feel linking his views to his work is ‘punishment’ clearly shows you understand his views will be seen in the light they are intended - why shouldn’t people know and avoid him if they choose to do so?

Search his public name online and you will see his business, it isn’t private - freedom of speech isn’t freedom of consequence, he can say whatever he wants and people can choose if they wish to have their bike fixed by him or not as a result.
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flag conoat (Apr 17, 2022 at 13:18) (Below Threshold)
 @justanotherusername: I just love how convinced you are that you know everything, can somehow change my life with PB comments, and how much time you spend trolling around the internet trying to suss out my identity(hint: you are wrong. lmfao. that said, the person you think you are doxxing might be coming at you in the near future).

I went from a 2bd/1bath apt. in your head for rent free, to a 5k sq.ft(I would have gone bigger here, but your head only has so much space) 5bd/5bath spead on some acreage!

just go ahead and start referring to me as daddy. You know you want it....
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 @conoat: OK, I’ll bite. I’m interested… are you real or just from a troll factory?
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flag conoat (Apr 17, 2022 at 13:51) (Below Threshold)
 @Diggerex: real human. also a real troll. people like @justanotherusername, Steve(why are the pussy ass f*ckwits always steve's or Brian's? whhyyyyyy???), just cannot divorce their emotions from their interactions with people. He will always be a reactionary little bitch. I cannot change that.....until the point he admits his faults and begs on bended knee to me for the lessons in life that will get him to be some semblence of a man....
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 @conoat: I am not convinced of anything and simply state the facts that I can see in front of me - your registered name on PB is 'Nick Keane' - true or false?- If false are you impersonating somebody, or have you hastily removed your name maybe?

- A quick google of 'Nick Keane' shows a company director of the same business listed on 'Nick Keane's Instagram.
- If you look on said Instagram the person 'Nick Keane' is seen to own the very bike you are selling on 'buy sell' on PB.

I haven't spent 'so much time' - it literally takes less time than it does to write this to google a name and follow a link to Instagram.

Erm, ok then 'Daddy'.....
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 @justanotherusername: hey, might be less good at the internet than you think you are.
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 @conoat: You do realise just typing over and over again that someone else is wrong, doesn't change reality?

So 'Nick Keane' - "West coast american living in london" with a picture of an identical Eminent bicycle on Instagram also for sale on your account right here and a name matching the name you registered on here on PB isnt you? - You sure about that?

Didn't you boast about skiing in Switzerland not so long ago in a comment back to me? Well it appears that 'Nick Keane' was in Switzerland skiing too, what a mad world.

You are one super strange guy that's for sure - if you stand by your comments so much, own them, admit your faults and become some 'semblence of a man' you would say.
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 That marshal with the blue bib - wow! Talk about useless!
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 @conoat: and you may be just less good at life than you think you are
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 @Monkeyass: If your definition of fun is spouting hateful uneducated and borderline racist nonsense than be my guest dude. Conoat and Scott-townes were doing just that. Can‘t argue with stupid!
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 @pastaman23: you can't be racist against a nationality. please learn how words work...
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 @conoat: OK then, you are a xenophobe, lots better ‘Nick’?
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 @Monkeyass: nah I'm big boned. 290lbs is considered trim in the US!
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 Very telling video. Huge body hit and checking his left hand a few times. Ouch! Hope it was nothing too serious and he gets back onto podiums soon.

For all the Gwin haters, what exactly has he done to piss you off? From all I see, his championship run helped lift the sport and he continues to try and do good things. Free rider tip videos from a world champ! Yeah, I’ll watch and learn from those, thank you.
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 I'll never understand the ones who hate on him. Gwin is sick, really hoping to see at least one more win sometime. And even if he doesn't, his chainless win will be a top five sickest race run regardless.
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 I think many are frustrated with some of his choices, seeing them as missed opportunities.
But we gotta give him one thing: despite all the adversity, he seems to be giving his all at all time
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 Noone hates him, there are just people who believe in his comeback and ones who don't.
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 I don't think he parties with the other riders after racing is done. I think he takes a very business-like approach to race weekends and it rubs some the wrong way in a DH culture that is largely about getting rowdy and having fun. I don't think people hate him. They just don't mind seeing somebody else win.
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 @lkubica: That sounds nice and all, but…

I don’t “believe” Ben Cathro is going to get a great result this year. Most on Pinkbike would agree. Yet somehow when he posts a video or does something he gets nothing but praise and appreciation from the community. As well he should. Nobody feels the need to get on “how to bike” and say that Ben Cathro won’t win a World Cup.

Meanwhile Gwin gets criticized for winning a local race by 9 seconds. Nobody had anything to say when Shaw did the same thing a month before. People throw shade at his religion, his house, his contract, his decision to move, his e-bike… if a post involving Aaron Gwin shows up you can guarantee there will be multiple salty comments twisting something completely irrelevant into an attack.

That’s not a symptom of “some people don’t believe in his comeback” - it’s a symptom that some people strongly dislike Aaron Gwin and are cheering for him to fail. In other words, “haters.”
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 Gwin seems like a mellow guy from all his interviews/videos. I'm also confused why there's so much hate here
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 @alis66 cuz he post controversial political and culturally conservative content on his social media
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 @Blackhat: So maybe Cathro is more likeable, maybe I like him more, so what, not liking someone is not exactly hate. People have different personalities, some have more charisma some have less. But you would have to be mad not to respect Gwin and quite stupid to hate him. He must have done enormous work to get where he got.
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flag conoat (Apr 17, 2022 at 1:20) (Below Threshold)
 @DylanH93: the one without a tire I think trumps the chainless run. lol. the man is the peoples champ. that is all.
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 @Blackhat: Look at the the sudden and unexpected turn towards bad-mouthing the French in this thread, i.e. maybe mtb fans/riders just contain a high number of emotional punks?
Gwin seems like he isn't afraid to be true to himself and cowards often get threatened by the existence of such types. In his videos, he comes across as pretty down-to-earth so that's just a crazy guess at what gets some children worked up.
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 @sonuvagun: It would be fair to describe those anti-French commenters as “haters”

I’m not arguing that Gwin is totally and completely unique. Sudden and unexpected turns toward petty negativity are pretty common on this site. I’m simply saying that Ikubica’s theory that it can be explained by “some don’t believe in his come back” doesn’t match the evidence.

And for whatever reason, there is nothing sudden or unexpected about negativity towards Gwin. It is practically guaranteed.
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 @lkubica: Nobody is a Gwin hater just because they like Cathro more. Obviously.

The point is you can not believe in someone’s chances without constantly saying it out loud. And if someone feels the need to mock a particular person for having the guts to try? There’s more than just disbelief going on there. They are - as you correctly put it - mad.
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 @Blackhat: Fair enough, you're probably right.
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 @sonuvagun: that "badmouthing" is literally people taking the piss as the "Brits" may say at the French. Simply jokes/having fun. It's all the people who can't take a joke that got there panties in twist over some colorful jokes. Stereotypes exist for a reason, cause they are based on truths that make people uncomfortable and are afraid to admit because there afraid of being judged by strangers...or these days canceled by some soft ass Nancy's.
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 @MikeGruhler: Dude, I have no idea what other people are thinking or what they otherwise intend when they write what they write.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all about saying whatever it is you want to and can't stand the sand-in-the-panties crowd. But with mtbers on this site...I find a lot of them to get their mtb prowess confused other abilities, but maybe I'm wrong (wouldn't be the first time)
When it comes to the French, check your history books, the French have an illustrious fighting history, more recently it's been the French who have taken to the streets to give a big FU to their government overstepping on things. I dig the French in that regard.
Anyhow, I dig your confrontational but not insulting style.
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 It's because he won so many world cups in a row and then fell off when everyone went 29r. Whenever you dominate like that you will be critically analyzed to the moon. Then fall off to mid pack and anyone who doubted him will really sink their teeth in. Just how it goes in competition
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 @bertimusmaximus: I don't have the 'gram, what kind of political and cultural content is he posting? He seems like a pretty chill and nice guy so I'd be surprised if it's anything super controversial like "Pro Russia" or "Let's storm the Capitol!" kind of stuff.

imo it's a real shame that a lot of people can't understand that poltiical views are just a part of what makes up a person, and we are more alike than we are different. We can hold opposing views AND still respect one another.
  • 11 4

cuz he post controversial political and culturally conservative content on his social media

"Oh NOZE!!!!"

"A human doesn't agree with my worldview!"

"Now I must hate him"
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 @DylanH93: he’s American…
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 Ooofff. Good thing he strength trains. That hit would have shattered me.
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 You’ve got to be built to get slammed like that and be fine. But I suspect most WC riders can take it because lots of strength training is required to even get on the course. Surviving big crashes is near the top of the job description.
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 Stop crashing Gwin! We wanna see you back on top. Team America!
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 It does not matter if Gwin is winning or not because you can be sure that he will be pushing to the limits whatever. The true spirit of downhill
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 I think my shoulder separated just watching that
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 Wow. Lot of scrolling on this one.


Gwin is a damn stallion. That was a massive crash and he stayed super calm, took inventory…then went to win a local race on the East Coast. I hope he comes back and gets a few wins this season. The dude still has it.
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 He takes the low line at :28 which puts him left of the tree and in line with approaching course marker. Between moving right to avoid marker and moving hard left to get back on main line, front washes and rear follows, despite rider's acrobatic effort to transfer mass away from vector of slide
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 That marker was angled over. Bit unprofessional
  • 6 5
 @tigen: Blaming the track for a rider's mistake. Bit unprofessional.

I'm guessing he knocked off his main line a few seconds before this and when you're moving this fast and riding an unfamiliar line, the chance of a fall is drastically increased.
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 @scott-townes: no I was blaming the marker
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 Looked ok on the onboard. Then you see the footage from the side and OMFG
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 He didn’t say a word haha.
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 thats how you know it really hurt, he isn't laughing about it
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 @sunanddirt: and probably scary as f*ck. Like well this is the end of my career type moment as you bounce down the hill.
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 He fkn bounced
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 That'll sting. His worst off was getting off the boardwalk at Fort William - that was moto style catapult.
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 That one was terrifying to watch. Still can’t believe he walked away from it
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 Lourdes - Portugal ... lol
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 That was intense...
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 Waiting for someone to post that. Lol.
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 "The guys that make it are the guys that get in their cars at any time. Get in at 3am, get up at 4. That's why there aint a repo man I know that don't take speed." - Bud.
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 Lift heavy, so you can take heavy hits. It's served us both well.
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 "Aaron Gwin announces his intentions to join the FMB World Tour by attemtping to pull a Flatliner, a trick borrowed from FMX, in a DH event. Sadly, this attempt was met like all his attempts to win the World Championship and resulted in him falling flat on his face".
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 Yikes! The dude is on the struggle bus. Hopefully shit will come back around for Gwinners. Get well friend
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 Well, that was kind of odd?? Do the course guys only speak to you if you're laying on the ground, unresponsive??
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 Sh*t Gwin! Looked pinned on DH until washout. Great job getting after it and always inspiring to watch you ride
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 Commitment to gripping them bars is off the chart. Aaron, I have to admire your balls.
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 The French are so irritating. With their better wine, better food, better fashion, better round the world sailors, better bikers on road and off, better skiing and better mountaineering, better language, better country-side. Its obnoxious. Gwin is a badass. A Gawd on a bike. Credit where credit is due.
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 Maybe I’m repeating an earlier post, but did anyone catch that flagpole layout? He was corralled into a slick off camber at Mach speeds! It was ridiculous all the way down. Flat out dangerous.
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 How did that crash even happen!? Was like suddenly the bike was out in front of him and he was doing a Superman to body slam
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 Doesn't look fun going face first down that much trail at that speed/grade
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 Massive is a bit of an overstatement
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 "Massive" is a bit clickbaity, I mean, bad crash and all, he's had worse. Gee Atherton defines "massive" crash.
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flag stacykohut (Apr 16, 2022 at 21:15) (Below Threshold)
 he's doin whatever he can to stay relevant right now.... the new bike thing aint working. he should just spend some of his own ca$h and buy a stack of minions df and 3 or 4 trek session frames. he'd be on the podium within two races...
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 Is it the bike from his results of late? It would be interesting to see him on his winning bikes again to see if there is any difference.
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 Is this pinkbike or facebook?
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 Is this a massive crash? More of a slide out?edit ok the side footage looks more gnarly
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 Gwins a stud and you all know it
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 Get that dome checked up regularly, lets not have the Mirra and NFL type of CTE news takeover mountain biking
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 absolutely nothing like a well fitted full face and some protection… rock on!
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 Aaron gwin crashed . Idont realy see the comparisons? Good luck next run! Where was manar?
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 I blame his chain. Gotta be why he wrecked
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 That was intense!
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 The officials weren't helpful as someone already stated. Maybe grab his bike and ask if okay. Maybe they never do that, idk.
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 Huge crash!
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 Seen a few of Gwin's crashes, this was NOT massive.
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 yeah, i really do not think this counts as massive. Put a different name on it, does not make a splash.
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 The head and neck though from the side angle, most don't bounce face 3+ times into a berm. I agree a ton look gnarlier, but even paul bas crash at rampage "looked" nothing like a bender bail... guys now take their momentum into the ground. We see it in split times and injuries these days, a broken finger now likely needs surgery not tape at the pro level.
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 That was.not even a Knarly Section. All Gwin has done the Last 3 years is Crash. Being that he is Part owner of Intense he should hang up Racing & concentrate on finding Young Talent.
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 This is why you wear gloves
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 Huge crash compared to what i wonder
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 Respec! He's a fukn tank for just getting up from that!
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 He Flip Floppin
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