Video: Bernard Kerr & Wyn Masters Search for Inventive Street Gaps in London

Nov 29, 2020 at 5:24
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWyn and myself head back to the big smoke/ apple windy city know as London town and get the MTB hopper back out and jumps some things and lay down a 38KM lap. Bernard Kerr


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 Jeeez Bernard Kurr is painful to watch!
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 No offence to 300m people but he’s been Americanised !
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 @Matt115lamb: Trying way too hard!
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 Yeah looks like Wyn finds him hard work as well.
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 I like the guy! Maybe its cause I'm an American lol but whatever. I appreciate his goofy laid back style.
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 He's a posh, priveliged Surrey kid who's trying super hard to appear cool and down to earth like one of the lads.... just be yourself Bernard, even your name betrays you, be a posh shredder like Brendan and retire back to your country estate at the end of each day.
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 @ctd07: Thought you were wyn masters then using a secret account! But your Aussie!
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 @cliffdog: haha born and bred sussex lad myself, left England for warmer climate though. Used to frequent rogate, tilgate and friston etc back in the day, Fairclough and crew would be there sometimes with their big entourage of what I can only assume were their personal mechanics, massage therapists, butlers and hype crew lol
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 @ctd07: mate Brendan ain’t posh , he’s just a normal guy who’s lucky to make money from riding bikes !
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 @Matt115lamb: ...says the guy from Surrey
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 @ctd07: you calling me posh to , I like it lol
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 I’ve always wondered why pro mx riders don’t make films like this , doing one handed wheelies while on the phone , making jumps on streets and generally being a nuisance?
Might be because they aren’t so “ I can do what the fxxk I like “ , minded and they’d probably get dropped if not arrested !
Call me a old grumpy fart lol
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 ..... and I forgot to mention we’re in lockdown
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 Good features but what a pain to watch!
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 Jesus, that vid is a whole lot talking and not much riding at all. First completed trick more than 6min in (I skipped forwards to see when the f they actually do something), and the pace continues that way... yawn. Sorry mate, it's a no from me.
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 Fun watching this, used to work in London and the anti-climb paint bit is on the same street as my office. Exmouth market (phone box section) was a usual lunch spot!

Always thought the park just behind Exmouth Market had some cool features that would be fun to mess around on with a bike!
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 Spot looks rad cheers!
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 House and garage full of bikes, bike parts and motorbikes. Driveway with a pimped out Lada, blacked out Vito van, mercenary spec Land Rover and an Audi RS Avant. Sorted.
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 Don't forget the Vario, it will outlast them all!
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 Can we have Munich back?
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 "Please mind the gap" - what a clairvoyant train announcement
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 I didn't get to the end, did someone nick Bernard's Pivot at knifepoint?
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 Misters Kerr and Masters, them be some impressive jumps and landings, and the manuals were pretty good too. Most entertaining.
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 the relationship between bernard and wyn has a subtle vince noir/howard moon (might boosh) quality to it. Upbeat bernard/vince and perhaps dispairing Wyn/Howard...
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 Thats a cool mafioso Lada in that yard......even the Vito you guys took out its a dream wagon
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 Yes boys! class!
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 Is Wyn locked down in UK? Poor sod
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 He’s in a Bernard Bubble Facepalm
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 Love that Kiwi accent, "yiiih mate looks skitchy"
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