Video: Brendan Fairclough's Home Rampage is Back with a Cliff Drop

Nov 7, 2022 at 7:25
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesBack at home and back on the home Rampages. Having so much fun exploring our local area finding fun little challenges to ride. Have had this one in my mind for a while. Makes a change from the normal bike park laps.

So good to get the heart rate going every now and again.
Brendan Fairclough


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 The video almost definitely didn’t do that drop any justice, looks mellow but it almost certainly isn’t!
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 Almost worse video than The Slab
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 I understand he is a family friend but it is either time to pay for Beney to get lessons in shooting and producing a video or ditch him for someone who actually knows where to point the camera and then effectively pull together an edit.
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 @Puddings: I was not talking about the video but about the "expedition”
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 @pk71: What you want them to wear cramp ons and a harness with heavy rattly stuff and say the conditions are spicy?
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 @inside-plus:No, but not even seeing BF in such a drop with all this emphasis, we see even more challenging ones on Saturday Sends
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 @pk71: I gave up on the slab because the video shooting was so bad - I am guessing from your comment, I saved myself from a shit storyline/concept as well!
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 That looked a lot like it was almost rollable. Think his wheels left the ground for a split second.
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 It was ramped out quite a bit in the end. But videos don’t do it any justice. We’ve tried taking videos of us riding similar vertical features (but not nearly as big) near us, and it just looks crap on a video. Like ‘why bother even to get the camera out’-crap.

I reckon in real life its going to look a lot more impressive...
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 I have walked past this valley/quarry a few times and had though it was beyond possible for a bike to be ridden off the edge. Its not a big air drop as such, just the fact that it's practically vertical for such a long way down.
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 thats a normal "slab roll" in Squamish
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 I guess at least this isnt the borefest POV footage that his channel has been stuck on since home rampage.
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 National Treasure
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 With a trail lid... Jesus...
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 Aye, there was a vid from a while back with him riding val di sole in just a trail lid, which of course is his decision, but when you are a role model for a lot of younger riders, I do think you have a certain responsibility to at least promote basic common sense in regard to safety.
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 Jesus won't help you ride that...
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 @teamdoa: Well, he still has a helmet and there is quite free space around. Have you seen dirt jumping?
I´d say the basic common sense would be not to expect the same level of riding from an og pro as from young beginner. I´d start there.
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 @bigtim: Yes, but Jesus will forgive you for doing it!
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 @teamdoa: I mean I'm not judging anyone, it was more just of a "waw." type of comment...

I agree with you but more on the topic of back protectors - a trail lid is still a kind of protection so I guess that's all right. But I can't believe how many riders I've seen riding courses like Hardline without any back protection... I will agree on this: it is their choice, although it's a stupid one truth be told. But indeed, some of these guys are clearly "influencers" for younger generations and should pay more attention to that

Anyway that's a whole other topic
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 @teamdoa: I reckon wearing a helmet is promoting basic safety.
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 funny too, he mentioned Remy as an inspiration, and that guy also does super gnarly high consequence stuff with a halfshell.
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 The dog phoned that one in…
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 Sick! I love looking at the world through my Freeride Vision glasses....I rarely take them off.
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 Thats a youtuber I can like and subscribe to.
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 Jordie's tree says hi.
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 A reversal of:
Mom: we have food at home
the food at home...
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 a lofty left hip is the logical extension to this line
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 Looks like this kind of "trail work" could cause some serious erosion down the road. Not worth the edit IMHO.
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 That gulley that they are in looks like a Holloway/Ancient track way to me, huge piece of erosion from hundreds, maybe thousands, of years of traffic cutting into the ground, water also erodes them further making the gulley even deeper and steeper, they are causing no harm to this scar in the landscape.
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 @bigburd: I'm talking about the side of the gully that he drops into. That tree to his left will most likely end up down in the gully after a few winter storms.
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