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Video: Brook Macdonald Shreds His Incredible Dream Track

Mar 24, 2022 at 4:38
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesBrook “The Bulldog” Macdonald is back! Back riding bikes all day every day! No race tape this time around, but that doesn't mean the MTB heavyweight from New Zealand held back. On the contrary, Brook let his imagination loose for this one. To build his Dream Track, he joined forces with Remy Morton and the result is nothing short of MTB magic. Red Bull Bike

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 Brooks MacDonald Shreds a Track E I E I O…
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 And on that track there was some dirt.. E I E I O...
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 @danielfloyd: with a brap brap here and a shralp shralp there, here a shred there a shred everywhere a shred shred..
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flag wheelsmith (Mar 24, 2022 at 8:16) (Below Threshold)
 How I feel I look when I ride must watch
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 How I feel I look when I ride but I don't. This should be a must watch. There you go children I filled in the blanks
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 Brook and Gee, both such an inspiration for showing the world how you can come back from severe injury with grit and humble determination. Legends both of them, couldn't be happier seeing them continuing doing what they love. You don't get paid for this kind of sport ambassadorship.
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 drum n'base, big jumps, amazing rider, outstanding landscape.. with a BBQ, some friends and a shuttle will be the perfection!!
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 bassed comment
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 A word of caution though — Riding Under the Influence of Drum & Bass can be a risky endeavor for some uninitiated people...
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 That's more Must Watchable than most Must Watch videos of late.
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 That was epic! So good to see Brook shredding that hard after all that he's been through
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 I read the intro link to the video as "Brooke MacDonald forces Remy Morton to build dream track". For a second I was like this is going to be a spicy video.
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 The whole berm moved at 3:16 he slammed it so hard... props!
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 I'd be shuddering too if the Bulldog rode through me!
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 @blanshard16: That's what she said.
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 “.. just close your eyes.” That’s my strategy too.
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 Lol! That's what I thought too!
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 When me and a friend built our very first double, back in ‘96, every time I jumped it I landed perfectly but kept falling off. I had no idea what was going on until my friend watched from a different angle and told me I kept closing my eyes just before take off Big Grin
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 NICE, is Brokk joining the 'FreeRacer' ranks..? Wink
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 the berm flex @ 1:53 !!!!!!!1!1!
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 Que in Remy’s edit, pair of shorts and kids cranks. Was wondering why Brook wasn’t at the races. Amazing work every one involved! Gonna watch it again now.
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 Amazing edit, possibly the best I've seen in years. I'm more into technical DH but man what I'd pay to ride that. Good stuff Brook and Remy.
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 The behind the scenes video of this build is so good! Link- www.redbull.com/int-en/episodes/cycling-around-the-world-s2-e3
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 Love the pic of the outdoor dunny in the background at 1:26
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 thats exactly legacy brook deserves
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 Would love to see a race on that track! Amazing trail building.
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 So good! The track, the riding, the music, the scenery, the camera work - absolutely spot on
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 Yes Bulldog! These kind of tracks would be a sick format for an additional kind of DH race.
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 Can feel those berms grimacing on his approach - epic stuff
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 Brook on track.....R.I.P. beautiful berms.....
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 He is in my dreams! He is in my fucking dreams!
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 So sick. Crazy speed!!!
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 Amazing riding, track and filming.. but the music ruined it for me. would've been much better with just the raw sound of the bike
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 Seems they joined forces with Red Bull too
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 Every bike park needs to take notes, we need more tracks like this
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 Yeah man, trails built for single shoots really translate over well to use by the general populace.
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 Such cool, precise work from the trailbuilders! Amazing vid.
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 @scott-townes: tons of people can ride stuff like this, bike parks are just hostages to the insurance companies. They also want to build mainly blue trails since they still think thats all you need to make money
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 @luckynugget: You missed the point completely.
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 Take care
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 Noice work Brook (and crew) ! What about Brook and @tombradshaw riding this beauty together!?
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