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Video: Course Preview for the Finale Ligure EDR World Cup 2024

May 11, 2024 at 0:03
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesIts time to go racing in Finale Ligure! Before we see the riders roll off and begin their battle for the top step, lets take a look at the course the enduro riders will be tackling. WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series

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 Its more DH than the Polish DH WC Round
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 Enduro is always more DH than DH.
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 Downhill now is on handmade race track, less and less natural trail.
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 I am sorry but I am just in the middle of this dh track and 50% of it is natural and the flatter sections are bikeparku. They did 100% they could on the terrain they had.
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 @lkubica: I didn't mean about Polish track in specific, I meant in general.
I like more natural terrain of enduro racing, than man made of DH.
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 @redguy13: This is true, even here there is enduro trail along wc track and it has more slow tech. But the WC speeds makes it a different kind of tech. It's like a slalom and downhill on skis
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 @redguy13: define natural trail... I think you'll find Enduro trails are also made by human hand, not my mother nature, Jesus or God.
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 @ponyboy24: Natural trails are usually old animal trails (sheep,goat,donkeys,etc) or hiking trails linking villages or farms,etc.
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 @nozes: I know what people mean when they use this terminology, but my point was that 'natural' is a stupid word to describe something that is man made.

Old hiking, mining, farming trails etc are still made by humans.
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 @ponyboy24: I guess the right way to name it would be "purpose built trails".
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 I’ve been going to Finale every year (minus Covid years) since 2009. It’s the best. So many tracks, some real technical ones. When we first went most of the bikes were DH bikes. Now you hardly see one. Enduro bikes are brilliant. Looking forward to riding Finale this year!
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 Would love to go!
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 My dream to go, however I have heard that Molini is just as good or better. As anyone been to both and give their opinion. Not sure were to go, Thank you!
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 @fedfox: I’ve been to Molini Di Triora too. It was ten years ago, so the experience is dated. The tracks we did were generally more technical, like goat paths. There weren’t any catch Berms etc. there were very few uplifts too and the town is pretty tiny. It’s not anything like Finale to be honest. But depends what you value in your riding experience?
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 @notphaedrus: Thank you so much for the feedback, I do prefer more technical trails, but for what you mentioned Finale is more balance and is hard to beat the beach and town. Perhaps I will try to sneak a day or two in Molini. Thank you very much for your feedback, much appreciated.
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 @fedfox: Go to Morini for sure. Great town with a chill atmosphere. Trails are epic! Was just there last week. Get in touch with Molini MTB. We did 3 days of riding, could’ve done more for sure.
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 @stevestorey: thank you for your feedback much appreciated!!
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 Talking to my wife about trying to spend a few months to a year in Europe after the kid goes off to university and when I retire from the fire department before starting the next career. Finale keeps coming up as a great home base. Everything there just looks up our alley.
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 @stevestorey: Thanks for the feedback. After 3 trips in Finale would like to try something else, even though it's hard to beat what they have there Smile
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 @bogdanc: this would be the different you’re looking for. Trails have a different feel, in a good way. Finale is fantastic but a few days in Molini is the perfect way to mix the trip up a bit.
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 @fedfox: no worries! Great spot to ride bikes and take in the local lifestyle
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 @stevestorey: I've seen a few vids of the trails and they look obviously more natural but are they still mantained somehow ? Like loose rocks and trees in the way ?
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 @bogdanc: they are well maintained. Especially the classic Molini trails. I’m sure on some of the lesser used and known trails you’ll find them in more of a natural state. Didn’t see any trees down over our 3 days.
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 It’s insanely good
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 Ahh yes Finale Liqueur

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