Video: Dean Lucas & Ed Masters Talk Strange Ranking Point Rules, Weather Cancellations & More

Aug 26, 2023 at 3:26
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesJoin myself and Eddie Masters for another episode of Towed In here in Andorra. It's been a pretty wild week for us here and now there's a whooooole bunch of mayhem trying to figure out if we are even racing.

Luke Meier-Smith and Flo Payet drop in for a bit to add to the flavour, have a watch and enjoy!
Dean Lucas

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 Main event getting worse and worse. Side shows getting better and better.
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 Ed Masters telling it like it is.
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 Yes, and: "He said f*cking" , please read in uci-girl's voice
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 I live Iddy Misters.
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 Just imagine what the weather might be like in MSA in October, during hurricane season.
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 Adam Brayton has been stitched.
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 Semi finals & Finals shouldn't be on the same day. In fact, I'd get rid of the terms semi-finals & Finals, and make it more like what you see in motorsport. Qualifying & race....
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 That would be better. I sat through the semi's for the first round but haven't bothered since. The action is all in the finals.
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 So now it's pre-qualifying, then qualifying, then race...
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 @HappyBiker19: maybe we do a timed training, then qualis, then finals! Could be a neat idea.
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 @iridedj: Wow. snarky, and spot on.
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 Maybe all riders should just decide to not race for one ore two rounds and just get together to ride for fun. Then talk to the UCI again.
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 Unfortunately the top 15 riders would more than likely not do this, they would continue to race to pick up their pay checks and continue with their heads in the sand and keep racing. I think people sometimes forget that the lives for the top 10-15 riders is wildly different than it is for the rest and therefore they don't reeeeallly care because it's not the world they live in.

They will say things like "we in this together" but they aren't and this is the reality in all sports.
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 @TheBearDen: if they had the backing of their team and sponsors (they would still get exposure and clicks if done right) then the race checks are negligible (they are negligible already due being comically low anyway)
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 @TheBearDen: Do you think so? I guess it would be even harder for those in the top 20 or top 30. The top guys are not depending on one or two races, if they do it right they might even get their pay from the team/sponsors/media. The UCI money is a joke anyway.
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 @TheBearDen: Bullshit man, do you know any of them at all or are you just making this up? Eddie and Bernard are on a good team and live a pretty good life and they give a damn.
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 @bikes-arent-real: lol they give a damn eh? You know them personally? Haha
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 Come on, that's unrealistic. The pros need to race under every track, wheather or any other adverse condition (like UCI regulations).
They can ride for fun everyday though.
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 How about 1 on 1 down a wider taped track. Like dual slalom, but on a DH track. Just like my brother and I used to do all the time. We loved that shit. Just faster with pros racing their bros.
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 Rider Union! Get it going again, riders can change things for the better. We, the viewers, would not mind if we haven't got a race or two to watch for the UCI to make things right for the racers. Also, we love drama so its a win-win.
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 I'd love if RedBull would make a deal with the big teams sponsors and start its own DH Cup, UCI is a pain in a hole
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 Manopoly points.
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 Keet it coming lads, great insights
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 Doesn't look good for semi-finals format
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 Ok but wheres friday fails?
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 Just the UCI in general is the friday fail

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