Video: Emily Batty Gets Chased by her Trail Dog

Jun 20, 2020 at 5:01
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWorking on mountain bike skills with my little dog. He's a welsh terrier, and can keep up on fast trails for roughly 10-15km just fine. On slower trails, or hiking, he can go nearly 20-40 km no problem. He's a good boy, most of the time. Emily Batty


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 If I wanted to watch over-excited Welsh dogs chasing batty on a Saturday night, I'd go for a weekend in Cardiff.
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 Gosh damn people act like Red Bull is everclear or rat poison. It’s a sugary caffeinated drink, obviously not good for you, but if you are actually a healthy person and understand moderation it’s not gonna kill you. I don’t even drink it because yeah it’s bad for you but plenty of fit people drink stuff like it.
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 And in return RB does lots of rad stuff that the rest of us can be entertained/appalled by, at no immediate, personal cost to ourselves. F-1, jumping out of balloons, air racing, etc.
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flag mtboaxaca (Jun 20, 2020 at 17:11) (Below Threshold)
 A person that cares for their body/ professional athlete would not drink RB or Monster its toxic garbage. The zombies drink it thought and say they like it!
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 @mtboaxaca: they look forward to having a few RedBull/vodkas after they podium. No podium, no cocktail. It’s how humans get through life!
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 @mtboaxaca: watch The Last Dance documentary about Michael Jordan. That dude is smoking a cigar more often than not when he’s not training. So many pro racers are known to be huge party animals off the bike. Athletes are human and do unhealthy things sometimes just like the rest of us.
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 for real man. love how everyone loses their minds about how red bull should pay rampage athletes more and provide hospital coverage if theyre injured, while ignoring the fact that its a professional coverage of a sport they love that they dont pay a cent to enjoy from their homes...
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 @mtboaxaca: I worked for a Pro Continental road team for several years and before a time trial, criterium or late in a race the riders would often "go for a bull ride" and they have won world tour level races and national championships.
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 I agree. I think the caffeine/sugar you intake before a race varies from person to person. I will drink a very flat Redbull 30 minutes before an XC race, but it has to be completely flat! I limit my caffeine/sugar intake the week prior to the race, then the night before I put an open can of Redbull in the fridge the day before. I like it over coffee, since coffee can have 130mg of caffeine and I think Redbull has about 80mg? But, whatever reason my body just handles the flat Redbull over coffee, I'm not jittery at the start, don't get that weird over caffeinated sick feeling, nor do I crash as fast. Maybe it's in my head I don't know but it sure is my free throw ritual.
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 legs are too short, get him a bike
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 Red bull gives him wings.
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 I agree, her dog might keep up for some short spurts, but definitely he can not keep up with Emily at her race pace. I gather she's had many other very eager drooling males chasing her in the past...
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 Not gonna say I wish Emily would feed me treats, Not gonna say I wish Emily would feed me treats, Not gonna say I wish Emily would feed me treats.... “I wish Emily would feed ME treats! DAMMIT!”
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 OMG - thought she was going otb at 0:25. Love the view from the dog's back!
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 By her scream I think she thought that too Smile
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 Theres some content on redbull tv that i really appreciate (uci and climbing stuff) but no way i'll drink redbull. Do they make a healthy product so i can support them?
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 You can actually try their "Organic" drinks. They also sell Tonic, Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon and Cola Soft drinks. Still not healthy, but way better than the energy stuff.
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 This was dope. Fun, cool video that was likely just a great little project while dealing with covid crap, thanks for filling a small piece of my day with a smile inducing mtb video. For the rest of you health-nut Holly's, stop focusing on Red Bull, they clearly know their market and that market doesn't have to be you or make you happy. Focus on the awesome riding and cute-as-hell puppers. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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 Is Buddy a Trail dog only? Does Emily have another dog for the house?
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 Great dog vid. For some reason, a dog will leave a Redbull to drink from a puddle. Go figure.
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 everyone evereacting about RB baffles me because the ones complaining probably had X mixed with RB in some point of their lives. ????
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 Now that tobacco and alcohol advertising are out (or on the way out), sugar is the next poison in the crosshairs. And rightly so, IMO.
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 Three of my favorite things: bikes, trail dogs, and Emily Batty!
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 Good video! Now can I please have Jolanda Neff riding with her pet llama, and Pompon with her pet goat.
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 Woof woof; that was great!
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 That has got to be the fittest dog in the world to be able to keep up. If there's a dog XC he'll be in rainbow stripes.
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 If I could only scrub like a trail dog...
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 Kinda irritating all this energy drink cheap mktg (at the end)...
But, hey she's a beast !
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 It pays for the videos, so I'm okay with that. But I find it funny that finely tuned athletes would even consider putting that into their bodies.
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 Kinda irritating to see myself doing things for others 9-5 everyday. But it pays the bills and some hobbies.
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 @chyu: yeah ok, but energy drinks can be kinda harmful... I always asked myself if the athletes really drink that stuff...
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 @danisroka: I've heard they don't and are told by the sponsors themselves not to. They all drink out of branded water bottles bc it's not energy drink inside. Maybe they crack a can at the finish line and take a sip, but they're likely not drinking more than that.
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 @rrolly: That stuff will rot a hole in your gut.
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 Sponsored riders rep their sponsors' stuff. She isn't riding that Trek because she just loves it so much.
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 @rrolly: you know they make cans full of water, I wonder how many athletes we've seen drinking a "can of Redbull" when it's just carbonated water? But yea I agree, it's weird how there's energy drink companies that sponsor athletes, ifs there's a market there's sales
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 No more trail dog videos Pinkbike, this is the ULTIMATE trail dog. Sorry.
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 That Canadian dog scrubbed and inside lined better,promoters dream race.
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 More Kate Courtney videos
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 Bahaha - I'm here to see Emily ride and find out it's a Red Bull commercial!
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 Imagine the dog is a rabid flesh eating zombie'd ride like hell....that aside dogs are ace!
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 I don't recognise the area, but I hope that wasn't in Ontario because we have dogs must be on leash laws here unless of course it's private property.
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 If it’s the zone I suspect some of the trails aren’t even sanctioned!

I bet she didn’t get a film permit!

I wonder if the dog tags are current?!

As an active member of the Fun Police Patrol I hope you can stop this madness from happening again for the sake of us all!!!!

*eye roll*
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