Video: Enduro-Packing the 2023 World Cups with Matthew Fairbrother - Round 1

Mar 27, 2023 at 5:52
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesJoin me for round one of the Enduro World Series whilst I bike-pack to all of the rounds!

Round 1: Maydena Tasmania - It was almost over before it started as I got put into a moon-boot just before flying out. Upon arrival in Tasmania I was then savaged by headwinds and rain.

In the race it was all going well until it wasn't. I struck 3 major mechanicals taking me back from 5th (U21) to 29th (U21).
Matthew Fairbrother

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 This should be the new format
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 100-200km transfers sound about right.
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 Some say Matthew Fairbrother isn't event awake when he rides to each event - he is sleep riding and the mountains move towards him. Also - some say that he actually rode from North America to Tasmania over the Pacific Ocean. The great Pacific was too afraid to let him sink as it feared he'd be angry....
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 This kid is the pure spirit animal of mountain biking. Sponsors, lend him your gear! And some cash, kid's gotta eat too.
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 @konafarker: The enduro Stig?
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 @ea99018: perhaps... or was he built from the ribs of Chuck Norris?
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 The fairest brother of us all.
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 Entering an Enduro - Sure Racing w a broken bone in my foot - Okay Bikepacking to and from - I suppose, just to say I did it. . . Having to change tires out, including the cush-core - That's gonna be a no for me dog.
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 I'm waiting for him to start using a pedal boat to cross oceans.
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 he'll use a pedal powered airplane like this bad boy:
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 Watching the live timing I knew he was thereabouts, and then saw that he’d finished dead last after stage six. When this video opened with him drilling out a moon boot to fix an SPD I was fearing the worst, so was happy to learn at the end of the video that he just suffered a few mechanicals.
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 Real life urban legend.
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 Great positive attitude, not a bad word on his runs/mechanicals, good luck mate.
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 Serious props to Matthew, hope it comes together for him this year! Don't think his race could have been much more troublesome, but it could have been great. Onto the next one (after the ride there!)
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 It's like Dakar, on MTB. Kids a BEAST!
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 Anyone gonna talk about how he just ran 44 km to a bike shop to fix a snapped chain?! It’s on his instagram story.
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 Just a casual marathon hey?
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 The road along the coast there is dead flat as well. Only one hill he could coast down into St Helens at the end, after running up it.
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 I feel like this is an early chapter in a story much bigger than the 2023 UCI season. You're mean as Matt
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 Pretty impressive. Would love to visit Africa sometime!
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 Australia* autocorrect
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 Put it a run like that after bikepacking!
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 Love what you do bro, please be careful riding on the road next to cars, that shit is no joke!
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 Keep it up, Matt. Keep your eyes on the end, not the set backs! You got this!
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 I love that he is doing this again, one of my favorite stories from last year...
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 True warrior! Both mentally and physically superb rider!!!
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 How hard do you have to ride to snap an axle? Damn.
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 Mighty machine man.
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 You rock, Matt!
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 this guy wins at life.

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