Video: Gabriel Wibmer Hits Creative Urban Lines in 'The Grind'

Oct 31, 2022 at 4:42
by Ed Spratt  

Gabriel Wibmer takes to the streets of Hamburg with some inspiration from BMX street and flatland riding.

bigquotesOur idea was to combine MTB with BMX and for this we watched several BMX edits and one thing became clear to us very quickly - we would definitely need Grind Pegs!Gabriel Wibmer

Gabriel's 27.5 Canyon Spectral AL fitted with custom pegs

The custom pegs were machined in-house at Canyon.


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 extremely mediocre bmx edit but on a mtb = mind blowing mtb edit
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 sure the riding is mediocre, but the total absence of taste and style exhibited by the filming, editing, and music choice is pretty remarkable!
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 This pegs the question, is this sponsored content?
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 I checked his bio. He does not have a box background
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 A fellow pinkbike put it best how I felt after watching a similar video:

Consider me 'whelmed...

Something is lacking, maybe the Redbull Helmet and support/guidance ;-)
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 @DGWW: bango bongo
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 May I add a lack of originality? The Dockland Building stunt has already been done "punk style" in 2010 by a very cool guy:
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 Issa sledgehammer
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 You ever take it off any sweet jumps?
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 lololol roflcopter
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 why do the Wibmers always have the most dated royalty-free music in their edits? everything about the edit except the riding is trying as hard as it can to make the riding uncool.

EDIT: i mean stomp-clap folk rock? it is 2022 not 2011. why not put mumford and sons and Alt-J in your next edit? i guess they would charge royalties, though, so better get some soundcloud nobodies LARPing as them instead.
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 The music really does make or break edits. There was a Sunday-Vans one a few months ago with heavy moves all through, but the shitty Getty-images spec soundtrack just destroyed it.
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 I was thinking the same. Why finish it off with stock music after all that hard work riding and filming.
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maybe to save a few bucks on licence fees, inflation yadayadayada....
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 The 'fake' sound effects ruined the edit for me.
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 Pegs....on a mountain bike? Please stop.
  • 2 3
 Maybe on a DJ, but not an FS…
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 @audeo03: Rubbing the "free bikes" in our face.
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 I say bring on more pegs!
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 This is the joke. It's here, over your head.
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 back in 2004 Marzocchi even made a dirtjump fork with through axle for begs and had stainless steel grinding guards. it was called Dirt Street fork
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 Why does it matter to you what someone else does to their bike?
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 its incredible what he can do on a bike and i cant do that!

but i feel like he s just trying to recreate whats we've seen with Fabio which was huge, watching here in comparison feels a bit boring - he s pedalling all the time, flow is missing. Just my humble opinion Smile
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 Streets are flat in most cities
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but creativity is not limited somehow on urban streets, other street trial riders / free riders have managed to produce lots more wow moments, even with slightly worse riding but better production/music/ creative storylines and settings.
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 Tough crowd! Incredible all-around riding skills and great watch. Makes me want to take my mountain bike for a rip around town.
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 Some of these comments are a perfect example of the ridiculous level riding is at today. Calling this mediocre is absurd.
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 Eric Porter proved a long long time ago that you don't need pegs to grind handrails on an MTB... Let Aaron Lutze explain
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 The guy is talented - a few brave moves like going over that bridge! This video reminds me of the where there was a whole scene for this sort of riding - Street! Aaron Chase, Jeff Lenosky, Dylan Tremblay etc used to really do some ridiculous stuff on heavy hardtails with narrow bars!
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 Thank you for remembering tremblay. Truly a talented rider who quietly did some of the best moves on a mtn bike. His 360 drops back in the early 2000nds were pretty ground breaking at the time and kind of slipped under the radar. Drop in for the win.
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 @fernie-funguy: Ofcourse! his and Shawn Denny's sections on drop in tv were always my favourite! Me and Dylan actually follow each other on Instagram ha
  • 2 0
 @adzrees: What a character combo those two were. Loved the episode from the first season of drop in where the lady had asked where they got their dreadlock hats from and they revealed THE HAIR IS REAL! Classic
Drop in update. Darren Butler still shreds although his ankles are just worked from that horrible crash in Kamloops he limps a lot first thing in the morning. Byron Grey still shreds although his body is almost worse than Darren on account of the fact he has eaten shit so many times (bikes and snowmobiles). Mike Kinrade still shreds but fatherhood has caught up and he has a regular job these days (he was lodge manager at retallick Heli ski for a number of years while they got into the bike scene) Shawn Denny still shreds but mostly bmx racing with his young son. I rode dirt jumps with him last year and his style is still next level.
You probably know more about Dylan. I heard he was on a little island off Vancouver island and runs a bike shop/museum. Haven’t seen him in at least fifteen years…….
I was in the fernie episode with the boys and look back fondly and yes I still “shred” although at fifty I don’t bounce like the old days.
And I still have a norco 4x4 that is in sick shape.
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 @fernie-funguy: haha yeah! I remember that!
To be fair that drop he did - that roll-in kind of thing to road gap was brutal!
Its so good to hear they'll all still riding and doing their thing.
Thats it with mountain biking - it takes it toll on your body but we all keep going for the love of it, its more than a sport, its a passion, a way of life and a community i guess,
That is pretty sick that you rode with Shawn - is he on Instagram these days?
Yeah Dylan like most of the drop in guys found that life balance of being a dad with a couple of kids and out riding, from what he posts he's still got next level skills and style but I think he's more all mountain/enduro/ exploring riding.

Yes! nice - I've still got a couple of my old bikes but they arent as comfortable riding these days ha
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 how was he able to do that tree brush without brush guards... revolutionary
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 Awesome. But where's his illustrious cousin? Surely, he must have recovered from the last time he broke every bone in his body, no?
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 Those poor disks, WHY would you do this with a full face & GOGGLES ?
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 Someone get this guy a BMX bike, this is bastardising mountain bikes
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 Always appreciate a man who’s willing sprint into a set of stairs and anyone who’s willing to hit a handrail always gets my respect and he sort of shows how difficult it is to land inch perfect on a handrail with metal pegs and balance on it when your wheels aren’t turning and you can’t move the bars.
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 that fullface helmet is soo BMX
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 Orrrrr, just get a BMX... ?
  • 3 0
 Having pegs on the same side as the brake rotors seems like a bad idea...but I guess that's better than being on the same side as the derailleur???
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 Great for slowing down on those rails when it gets too fast and scary!
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 Fabio could hook a brother up with sum editing tips and help Gab take it to the nxt level ?? His bike skills are something else . Be cool if him and his brother did something together between the two of em it’d probably be pretty wild.
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 Fabio Wibmer's cousin back at it again!
  • 4 0
 Just making sure there are “Napoleon Dynamite” quotes. Well pleased!
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 Too bad the warranty department at Canyon doesn’t let us do any of that.
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 transitions to stairs were the things that used to make me lose sketch and here it is appearing so easy.
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 What rear hub is he running? It's a multi-speed freecoaster.
  • 1 0
 This is what I was wondering.... ?
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 Its probably got a couple cogs ground off cassette so he can shift to a spot we’re the chain just slips over em then shift back to whatever gear he wants,I think Fabio did the same thing
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 @Crankhed: Sam Pilgrim did it as well.
Listen to the sounds afterwards, every time he makes such maneuvers ...
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 @Crankhed: I know the old Chase mod, but it looked like a full cassette,
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 @chrisfirth: I believe it was called the "Chase Neutral gear"
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 @bunky4130: If you want to get picky the SIC kit was called that. Riders did a DIY mod.
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 Gabriel and Fabio should do an edit together it’d be a good come back for Fabio after all this time healing up. And maybe hook his brother up w/sum edit tips
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 Up and over that bridge is the most terrifying move in the video. If he can’t finish that power move, make sure you fall water-side!
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 Fabio Wibmers cousin appears to have a bmx background
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 "Why I hadn't seen a peg on a shock since '08"

"Sure, grandpa"
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 Ya’ll need to chill. You’re not the one waking up in Fabio Wibmer’s shadow every day!
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 A Hang-5 with a suspension fork. What a time to be alive.
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 loved the shoe as a transition to get up the stairs... creative riding from the Wibmer's as always
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 So I'm guessing he's using the sweet new KIS system on his canyon. Hahaha
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 extremely mediocre give these pegs to kurt vorise so we can see what they can actually do
  • 1 0
 So does he have a bmx background?
  • 1 0
 Is that a freecoaster rearhub?
  • 1 0
 Where is everyone with a BMX background now?
  • 1 0
 Someone who says, "Grind pegs," has a questionable BMX background.
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 This is terrible. Just… no
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 not as dialed but definantly has more style. great vid!
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 Every so often a video gets posted that completely humbles my riding abilities... that was straight up amazing
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 Not as good without white shoes.

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