Video: Official Highlights from EWS Petzen-Jamnica 2022

Jun 20, 2022 at 1:40
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe dust has settled on round two of the 2022 Enduro World Series and it’s one for the history books! Riders took on one of the biggest courses in recent history under a blazing sun, tackling five stages that crossed from Austria into Slovenia and back again.

Let Ric McLaughlin guide you through all the action at this insanely physical race!
Enduro World Series

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 We had 25 minute videos previously with longer interviews. I prefer to wait 1 day, but to get more videos of people riding, showing different sections of the trail and POV shots with longer interviews. Easily 30 minutes can be filled out with less "flashy cuts" and more content to get into the spirit of the race.
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 On DH field everyone claiming Warner must be a must for the show... Yet we had a guy on the EWS absolutely nailed it with his vibe and hard work... but everyone forgot seems...
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 With you on that. the old format seemed to work really well.
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 Seemed like an improvement over the 'Highlights' from the last round. Cool to see Jesse pick up a win against a stacked field like that!
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 Check out his POV on the Pro Stage!!
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 Good apart from the lift music the whole way through
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This is pretty brutal, how EWS is treating riders/content creators who want to record their race run... meanwhile they have no problem with their favourite pro's wearing cameras on race runs.
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 Cue the comments wondering why they don't have 100 cameras and 20 miles of cable to cover all the stages...
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 It’s just be nice to see more than just the top 3 riders tbh, also maybe an interview with someone… back like they used to do. We’re not expecting DH coverage but at least there you get to see the top 10
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 @CantQuitCartel: They're doing these shorter highlight reels immediately and putting a bit more time into the EWS Show which is coming out on the Tuesday after a race. There's a bit more of that in there
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 I’m sorry but this is the worst highlights video I’ve ever seen
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 It’s the mullet and the schnitzel. Get on it JM
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 I like the new ews content of raw vids, highlights, full analyses, prerace chats with riders and teams, etc.. but the race format got a bit messy.. A queen stage? Plus a pro stage? Now a shakedown stage?
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 I like the video and also the filming. A lot of different sections were filmed. Great! I am looking forward to see the content from comimg weekend.
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 It was better than the round one effort. Still missing the preview. The pro stage one was good but what about the rest of the stages
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 Enduro is awesome !!!
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 Nice to have highlights but it would be even nicer to have also full lenght "director's cut"!
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 There's the EWS Show which is out every Tuesday after a race. That's more 'full length' and great production value
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 Didn't know there were mountains like this in Jamaica
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 Jamnica my dude. Unless you were just taking the piss, then, apologies.
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 @dirtmcleod: lol. yeah, mostly just making fun of myself because my brain keeps registering Jamaica when what I'm reading is clearly Jaminca. Though I am down for runs like this in Sandles, Jamaica - *hot hot hot*
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 4 kiwis in the top 10, what's happenin down there? Big Grin
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