Video: Isabeau Courdurier's Winning POV from the EWS Tweed Valley Pro Stage

Jun 4, 2022 at 12:34
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesFormer EWS Champ Isabeau Courdurier was on a flyer at EWS Tweed Valley, winning the first Pro Stage of the season!

The Lapierre Zipp Collective rider took the win by less than one second ahead of Ella Conolly, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown on Sunday’s five stages
Enduro World Series


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 Would love to see her take the full win. Always such a positive personality even bouncing back from adversity
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 Look at all that plastic usef to mark the course! Sad sight. There's got to be alternatives surely, including not double and triple taping as done here, not taping the straight sections, and maybe someone's come up with a recyclable barricading tape?
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 There are alternatives but don't call me Shirley!
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flag FUbob (Jun 4, 2022 at 20:59) (Below Threshold)
 OMG the plastic.. Just think of the benefits to the environment if you or anyone in your family never have kids.
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 they could take used walmart bags and tape them to trees
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The tapes are made of LDPE which is perfectly recyclable
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 @Kolikjun: that is good to know, thanks. I hope they _do_ recycle it because the quantity used seems a bit excessive.

@FUbob: everyone can do their bit for a more sustainable use of resources, including parents of children, average joes, and event organizers.
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 @mi-bike: we gather it all up in a ball at the end of the race, making sure each and every bit is removed from the trees. Then we all gather round, open a few tinnies and burn it, watching the beautiful plumes of black smoke rise into the heavens, and we sing and dance around, sometimes removing articles of clothing such is the heat from the smoldering, dripping plastic globule flaming before us.
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 @browner: Pagan people are so close to nature...
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 @mi-bike: I've seen clips from what I think was a Scottish national enduro there, and they only single taped a lot of it. Plenty of riders had issues with visibility of it, especially when it came to unexpected turns in the trail. Adding the extra layers seems to make a big difference to that.
Agree it's a lot of material being used but hopefully they can either reuse or recycle it.
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 @CleanZine: reckon you can thank the frenchies for their special lines, and a certain Mr Rude for course cutting last year.
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 If I tried to go that fast I would be in hospital
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 so much for no spoilers in the headlines
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 because you first wanted to watch what exactly? scroll the results list on your own? wait a few days till there is the video recap?
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 The video comes up "marked as private". I watched the video on YouTube last night. Someone get that woman a windsock on the mic. Also the floating look with that stabilization makes it look a bit surreal, specially since the only part of the bike we can see is the visor. They should allow chest or chin mounts - they provide much better footage, and I think the whole "safety" thing is a bit of bull.
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 have they never heard of wind jammers.
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 Be nice if the title read Winning POV from the EWS tweed valley, not everyone like to know the results in the title.
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 Those sunlight to heavy shade transitions look do the narrow trees. Chrome plated spheres in all the racers.
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 If this is the coverage what’s Ric being paid for? Haha
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 Looks like the ews cameramans are afraid to go into the forest
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 I'm wind blown now!
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 Check your spoilers. Some of us have been out riding.
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