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Video: Jackson Goldstone & Laurie Greenland Flat Out at Coronet Peak

Jan 19, 2023 at 3:25
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesJackson has been down in New Zealand getting some training going for the upcoming UCI World Cup season. Jump onboard Jackson’s HERO11 Black Mini and watch him send it down this fast run! GoPro

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 That's the laugh that wakes me up at night in a cold sweat.
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 What?!?! You're scared of hyenas, bruh?
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 Laurie ain't messing around. Ho-leee
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 good time to fully send it... still 6 months to recover.
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 Straight the top of the fantasy team
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 Imagine a world cup on that track.
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 ...world series: Braves vs Oakland
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 People would die. They're going so friggen fast and overshooting things like crazy and that's just their having fun speed. Brook would love it though.
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 Not a ton of line choice, but certainly the person with the heaviest set of brass would win.
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 Bernard Kerr said that in his latest video riding there
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 Thought the exact same thing!!!!
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 @likeittacky: Bernard was talking about Cardrona, not Coronet Peak. They’re 2 different mountains. Cardrona’s closer to Wanaka, Coronet Queenstown.
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 @CMonkey: sure looked like the same course he was riding when he said it but i could be wrong
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 @likeittacky: it was, he posted 2 videos
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 @Jason98789: Yup can't miss a BK vid ! Such an amazing person and Rider
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 Yes but I still have my local KOM, I’m definitly cooler than them
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 And that's how you ride a bike ladies and gentlemen.
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 Whatever...that sure is hell isn't the way I ride a bike. My way allows you to appreciate the scenery, use those fancy 8 pot brakes and keep speeds safely below 12 mph. Personally I think those 2 are doing it wrong Big Grin
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 Reminds me of Stevie & Gee in Follow me....... #longlivechainsaw
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 That looks like a lot of fun!
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 It would be cool if speed would be displayed in this kind of videos
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 I think you just invented the GoPro Hero 12 GPS
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 @thestreetsofsf: They already record GPS.
The dumb thing is, the early gopro's would let you have access to that data in a simple overlay, now you need dodgy 3rd party software to extract it
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 Big tings for these two, coming up in the next couple years. But we all already knew this. Dudes rip! Jackson could definitely be voice actorfor a young Joker, with that manic laugh.
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 No, I'm pretty sure all juniors are on 24" rims. This keeps Jackson from having faster times than the elites.
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 So sick! Can't wait for the snow to melt! F$%^ skiing!!!
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 Hyena mania
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 Sick send but I personally do not like that speed up in the videos. It is ok to speed up a bit, but not that much
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 I just watched it again and it certainly looks sped up, especially at the beginning, but then again, Jackson’s voice sounds normal, and the sends seem appropriate for the speeds. I would think if it was sped up the amount of air time would seem strangely short. Is there any way to know for sure if it was sped up or not?
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 Sounds like a dying hyena!
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 they need to fire the editor of this video. clearly, they accidentally put it in fast forward instead of slow motion
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 Madness… i love it
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 This race season is gonna be good!
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 Nice to see them still loving it and not being too serious.
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 Hahaah that was pretty cute.
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 Did you guys hear the hyena at the end?
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 WTF these guys ride very well.
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 The air time at 0:24 was crazy.
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 Geez hookin!
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 This kid has potential.
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 who is who?
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 Jackson following Laurie Greenland
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 So good!
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