Video: Jackson Goldstone's Course Preview for the Snowshoe DH World Cup 2023

Sep 29, 2023 at 1:33
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesJoin Jackson Goldstone as he takes us for the GoPro course preview down the rough and ready Downhill World Cup course in Snowshoe, West Virginia!

It's going to be a white knuckle ride on this slick and physical track in the penultimate round of the 2023 UCI Downhill World Cup season.
UCI Mountain Bike World Series

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 The young Jedi. Boyish enthusiasm shines through the terror. Yoda would be proud. Such a great personality.
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 Youngling, there force be within. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.
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 Just taking it super chill
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 ... while I'm tucking in my shoulder to avoid a tree coming fast at him, as I'm watching in my chair.
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 Ha! Was just thinking to myself "this pace would probably win most local races". These guys are from another planet.
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 Yep gotta love Jackson’s course previews. Jus rippin down this slick ol’ hill having a nice chat about stuff…
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 If he is mountain biking, then I don't know what the hell I'm doing
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 His 'super chill' speed is the same as my YOLO speed.
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 hahaha you wish yoooo!
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 Faster actually
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 @nastynate711: that's fair.
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 I would love to be able to ride at his super chilled level!
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 Yeah, I'd really like to "mess up" things like he does Smile
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 This track looks sick, love the rocky sections, they look like my local trails, not that much speed, but techy and exciting. And I dig the Snowshoe vibe!
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 Would be so sick to see a video of each track before and after the race to see what line choices and a weekend of heavy racing do to it
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 Amazing idea!!! Yes, Please.
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 just rode about 70–80% of this track a couple weeks ago and to be fair I didn't know the lines at all (even less than Jackson here) but my brothers in christ carrying ANY speed in that last rock garden is just hilariously hard. super fun to try, though
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 "One of the flattest courses on the circuit"................We need 1199. Bring the world cup to the home of mountain biking.
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 that rock garden is GNARLY. can´t understand how you can ride it that fast...
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 I remember racing Snowshoe in the mid 2000s and multiple people spraining their ankles trying to walk their bikes through the rock gardens. It’s hard to overstate how gnarly that place is.
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 Last year, I stood just below the exit of the rock garden for elite practice and race runs. It was interesting to watch both Bruni and Amaury hike back up numerous times to sort it out. During his race run, Amaury made it look like there weren't even rocks there. It was unreal.
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 Does a great Claudio impression "WOO-HOO!"
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 Mentally calm with lightning reflexes and next level technique - a winning combo - and apologizes mid run how Canadian
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 I love how he keeps apologizing as if we’re all watching going, “what a bum.”
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 Killer. Please set the camera to "Pro Tune" to avoid all the artifacting in the video. I want to see the glistening rocks.
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 It's the youtube compression algorithm adding those artifacts, you can assume the raw video off the GoPro would be higher quality. You can't put video on Youtube and have it stream at whatever bitrate and resolution you desire, Youtube recompresses all video you upload to its own settings, which is why it usually takes a little while after uploading a video until your clip is available to stream in all different supported resolutions.
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 I knew the one section from Jack Moir's videos, you even heard him chant as Jackson went by.
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 Jackson always has the best course previews
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 That looks like a trip to the hospital waiting to happen, now I'm seriously worried for these riders lol
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 He let his riding do the talking
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 So would it be ok if i stripe all the rocks and trees with spray paint that look sniper where i'm riding?
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 Those poor rims...
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 Least exiting track of the year, presented by the most exiting rider of the year (except Deprella)

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