Video: Jackson Goldstone's Qualifying Crash POV from the Loudenvielle DH World Cup 2023

Sep 3, 2023 at 0:07
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWith the track changing constantly through the day, the Loudenvielle track gets the best of Jackson Goldstone in Qualifying Runs for stop 5 of the 2023 UCI Downhill MTB World Cup Series. GoPro

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 He gets up and finishes the run faster than it would take me to stop groaning and trying to stand up.
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 I watched a football game yesterday. Man, these guys are longer down after a slight bump in the back…
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 He probably still has stitches in his gut from the appendix surgery too.
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flag Sscottt (Sep 3, 2023 at 11:29) (Below Threshold)
 @michaelheinrich: if you watched the other version of football you wouldn't see that.
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 @Sscottt: yeah, but we'd have to wait through ten minutes of ads to see ten seconds of body chess.
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 @Sscottt: yeah, I dig women's football, they're rad
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 Is it just me or is that camera angle awful, I'm constantly trying to see further ahead but can't!
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 Yep, it's awful.
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 That's what it feels like when I'm riding and trying to look further ahead but I just can't help but look infront of my wheel lmao
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 Unfortunately it's a simulator of where I actually look when I ride vs where I should lol
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 Go pro tip #1- angle it up higher
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 Imagine stacking like that and someone's just going hard on the vuvuzela at you
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 Damn. That section looks way too dangerous. They should probably cancel the race and get IMBA in there to build a sidewalk that won’t be impacted by the rain!
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 100% cancel the Dry racing, Way to fast. We can do some racing at the finish line, roll from the hip landing, fastest time wins.
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 Cone it off asap
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 Get COMBA in there to bench cut that sucker, smooth it out. Make it almost uphill and add some sweet 2 foot tables. Then armor a random section with smooth rocks and call it a tech-trail. This is the way.
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 Maybe I'm the only one, but something about watching a video where you know they crash, is somehow worse than not knowing. I was cringing a bit on each blind jump/tricky section.

The ability to get back up and sort himself out that quickly, and then crack on, is impressive. I'd have been taking it slow, even if I'd somehow escaped without injury.
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 Jeez, that kid is so damn fast and so damn tough, too.
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 Oof that was brutal, wish the spectators would stop shouting 'go' at him after he went down
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 race aint over till you x the line, lost the day but, still racing for series points......
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 @naptime: I think he knows to go man, he's there to go. If hit his head so hard that he forgets to go then he definitely shouldn't go.
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 That's was what i was saying. It's like the Colosseum of Rome with a blood thirsty crowd!
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 @bikes-arent-real: Im sure he's implying nobody seemed at all concerned from the yelling and if he may had taken on an injury or not. His adrenalin, especially being young, could in such a dramatic situation cause him to ignore anything possibly bad or if the bike is damaged. Does it have to be a head hit to take ones time and collect their senses or asses there bodies/bikes first. He did bounce back up very quickly and fortunately neither were the case. Don't be so narrow minded Wink
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 Massive crash - get up and send the rest anyway. The strength of mind is crazy in top level DH
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 If it was me, I'd need a heli ride to the hospital. You are a beast Jackson!!
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 I think Thibaut Daprelas crash was worse, somehow he was back on his feet in an instant?! How scary that would be to come in to a berm at race speed with only one hand on the bars, and have only a front brake to slow you down!
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 It was becuase his GoPro was looking down and couldn't see where it was going
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 Man, this got me missing the looong gone young blood days when I used to bounce from a crash without injuries......
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 but how did that happen there was no mud!
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 Sending love and healing vibes. Am a big fan whether youre on or off the bike. Go well big man (well more little than big, but you know what mean)
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 Did he go down on the wrong side of the course marker?
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 i didnt think he was even gonna keep riding...then he finished the run with a mf one footer
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 That speed is unreal.
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 Hope you all good Jackson! nice run otherwise - you're a fast little bugger.. I think I bagged this track ages ago when it was first announced that it looked like a cow paddock but now im well into it, well done Loudenville.. Hoping things dry up enough/weather is ok to make a race of it/appease the limp d*ck organisers, and it's not cancelled cause it's slippery......... and the coverage is ok....... and the commentating is ok.....F*ck it I'm gonna print some shirts - MDHGA (make DH great again)
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 Where did Finn go off course? That track looks really narrow.
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 Crashing is fun.
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 an then you hit your 40's..............
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 @naptime: I'm almost 50 Wink
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 @wbro74: Me too Frown
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 @naptime: It's just a number bro Wink
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 @wbro74: I %100 agree with this statement. Your body treats you the way you treat it.
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 @wbro74: I keep telling myself all the time, but after crashing, the number of days to heel keeps adding up.
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 @nug12182: that's the problem, a LONG list of old injuries coming back to haunt.. in my head I'm still a 17 year old rad as f*ck BMX/FR sender but the reality of it is..... my body just isn't.
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 @naptime: Like a old DH buddy told me, whats the point of going into your coffin with a perfectly scar free, broken bone free, ache free body.
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 OMG - that's like something out of a DH nightmare ! how didn't he die? !

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