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Video: Jesse Melamed Tackles the Long, Fast and Dusty Queen Stage at EWS Pietra Ligure

Sep 20, 2020 at 1:20
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesStage 3, the queen stage, of the EWS this weekend. It's the longest and the best. Fast, fun and some good flow in parts. Jesse Melamed

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 Fuck he is so fast when he gets in the zone
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flag Endurip FL (Sep 20, 2020 at 7:49) (Below Threshold)
 Unfortunately it was only on stage 2 today that he seemed to be in the zone...perhaps he crashed?
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 I love the zone!
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 @Endurip: yea a little mistake on the first stage that was costly.
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 Holy shit that drop thing was sketchy...Hopefully the riders will remember to slightly aim to the left when going down there in racemode. Otherwise things could get ugly.
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 yeah "i think i go slow" ... no i bet he didnt, he always goes fackn freeekin fast Big Grin
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 It's one of those where even if you think of going left you should probably have gone even more left.
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 Open question:
When people say ‘I’m going mountain biking’ what does that mean ? We’ve always struggled to pin down what our sport is. It’s also hard to have a sport that what you do at a hobby level isn’t necessarily represented at a pro level due to the vast number of disciplines.
If you play snooker, tennis, football, whatever , you can look at what you do and then sit back and watch the pros show you how it’s really done.
Are ‘enduro’ bikes bringing back what our sport is about? Back to one mountain bike to go mountain biking ? Up down , sideways etc, and then repped in the world stage by top pros?
We’re seeing more and more enduro bikes get used in easier DH races and XC bikes becoming more and more ‘down country’ is the inevitable endpoint going to bring our sport together Xc/DH/enduro as just one thing and have a world champ?
I’m not trying to be a dick, I’ve been biking since mid-90’s it’s just really interesting and I’d really like to hear other PBers opinions and maybe Mike you could focus on this on a podcast in future?
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 Sports such as snooker, tennis football are not a good comparison, since the environment, surface, conditions etc. are very well and easily controlled.

A better parallel might be with surfing and skiing/snow sports where natural landscape and conditions are much more of a variable in determining the outcome.

Just like in mountain biking, there are many sub-genres and disciplines within each of those sports; big-wave specialists, tricks etc. on the surfing front. Snow sports too... what is "skiing"?

Sure there's a base skill level, but why should everything be melted down to being a "mountain biker"?
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 I also think the mentioned sports are a bad comparison and we don't need the one mtb discipline. saying you ride mtb is like saying you drive a race car, you give a vague direction of what you do and if you want to get more specific just say you ride downhill/ xc/ ... and explain it for outsiders. racing cars also comes in many different forms from formel 1 all the way to wrc, but saying you play football is already very specific under the bigger topic ball sports
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 Honestly, I think it's because it's not really on tv. You get XC racing in Olympics but all due respect, it doesn't make very exciting watching. If DH ever becomes an Olympic even, I think it would make it much more clear in people's minds. Enduro is the best afaic, but it's not broadcast friendly at all.
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 @roma258: I'm not an XC guy, but I love watching the XC races. I actually prefer to watch them than DH (preferences, not saying it's better) because it's head to head at the same time. I would love to watch Enduro over anything since it's the type of riding I most relate to, but they have to figure out how to make it more watchable for the casual fan.

Maybe that's the question. How do you make Enduro broadcasts more accessible to more people?
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 You’re trying too hard
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 yeah you ´re right and the only bike you need is a grim donut! timed lap prove it!
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 @roma258: "but it's not broadcast friendly at all" the technic is there... the riders have cameras, you just need to stream it. maybe just top 10 or 20? you could also position a couple of people with cameras at every stage like in dh. not a hugh thing in my opinion. then there are drones that can fly behind rider all the way of the stage. there are alot whats possible nowadays Smile
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 @Zany2410: I'd like to see someone try. But part of the problem is that the race is super long isn't it? Like, you're not gonna be able to keep people's attention for 5-6 hours.
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 I also have been riding since 93-94. Because the sport was in its infancy, I hadn’t evolved into specific disciplines. Back then the bikes were similar in XC and DH. Just like sports cars, Rally, F1 and Touring. I’m sure on the 50s you could have had a driver win at all three disciplines, no no longer.

I should probably never say never, but I doubt we will ever have another John Tomac winning both series. The sports are too different.

You do t need the muscle to absorb heavy impacts like in DH for XC. And XC guys need the body of a marathon runner.
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 He almost ate so many times, so much going on there! Hats off to all the riders, this is nuts!
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 if it looks this fast on video it is freaking fast in real...uncredible. my videos are more...disappointing. neither fast, nor this skill level. #massiverespect to all riders there. even more respect by pedalling up as well!
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 I was getting opposite go pro effect from this because of his pace. Everything looked terrifying.
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 Wonder what a bit of rain will do to these tracks, will find out when results come in, may be?
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 just watch the last ews ... that was crazy
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 @jessemellamed what tire combo and what pressure if ya dont mind me asking?
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 he made a bike check not a long time ago, just have a look Wink
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 are the ews tracks open for everybody after the races?
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 for sure, the trails of the video are hiroshima mon amour and hellboy. from pietra ligure is a very long pedal, best thing is to take the one lift shuttle from finale to the start of the famous trail "rollercoaster" and from there you have 30\40 mins pedaling to the start.
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 Does he walk the track prior to his one practice run? If no, that is even more impressive.
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 The track walks Jesse!
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 My favorite part, "that was sketchy". What a great trail. I'm envious.
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 Doing that entire stage at race pace is insane.
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 holy smokes

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