Must Watch: Kaos Seagrave Gets LOOSE in 'Unhinged'

Sep 15, 2022 at 7:55
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe first athlete edit instalment from the freeride and downhill powerhouse that is Kaos Seagrave. Unhinged was created, designed, constructed, led and activated by Kaos and his team and set in the stunning Welsh hills that are home to Kaos. A short film that defines Kaos’ character both on and off the bike and delivers in true Kaos style and flair that is always notoriously dripping in steeze! Red Bull

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 yeah K-man!!! radical. Hang on, RedBull listed in the sponsors, Redbull branding all over the video. Yet no RedBull helmet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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flag scott-townes FL (Sep 15, 2022 at 10:40) (Below Threshold)
 YEAH MAN! WE NEED MORE RED BULL LOGOS! DANG, MTBING COULD BE JUST LIKE NASCAR, BABY! LET'S GOOOO!!! Oh yeah, that tree tap was really sick. I can't wait to see him and Jackson competing at Rampage in a few years.
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flag markcorrigan FL (Sep 15, 2022 at 10:56) (Below Threshold)
Can't tell if you're joking or not but Jackson goldstone will never ride Rampage.
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 @markcorrigan: You psychic bro? Plenty of current and former WC racers competed at Rampage, in case you didn't know.
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 @scott-townes: Whatever JG does he will be successful. However, his WC racing potential is too high to endanger being the next GOAT if Rampage is in his horizon. He may not want to be the next GOAT, but if I were Roskopp/PON, I’d encourage him to NOT try Rampage and send him on a party yacht every October far away from Virgin…
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 @Staktup: Roskopp might’ve sold out to Pon but the dude is a legend in sports, he’s in it for the gnar. Just watch him skate.
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 @Staktup : Well, he did manage Hardline alright for a first timer.
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 @trippleacht: Are we forgetting he has already been to multiple Fest Series events before? He as an impressive trick bag too, it's not like he would be out of place in Rampage
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 @trippleacht: And I think Hardline is suited well for the gnarliest DHers since they are used to the high speeds. I'm sure he can hit every feature at Rampage but if he wants to podium that's where the more experienced freeriders and slopestylers shine. You know Jackson will try to podium and that's what I'm cautiously optimistic about. Too much risk and not enough reward. Maybe at the twilight of his racing career - and after he packs on 20 pounds of more muscle as he matures to minimize injury too.
- Armchair Expert signing off Smile
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Have you even watched Jackson outside the tape???
He’s got the whole package.
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 @markcorrigan: Jackson Riddle or Goldstone?
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 All of these MUST WATCH posts interupt my MUST WORK flow. Frown
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 logged in to upvote this one..
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 When I get loose & sideways, it’s after a 6 pack.
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 Manuals never fail to impress me…. One day I’ll pop one.
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 That backflip to manual! So smooth. Looks like Wyn gets some challenge.
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 I would've hooked my wheel on that tree branch for sure. My front wheel. As I failed to get enough pop and just smashed right into the branch.
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 Some of the drone stuff these days is cool, but often it feels like it's just a cheap imitation of a cable cam. Sick edit and awesome riding overall though
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 Agree. I really dislike the way FPV drone shots bank. It's very unnatural and jarring.
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 That wheel tap was on point. Damn.
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 Banger! He just oozes style.
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 how is he doing after the hardline wreck?
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 nice vid! Kaos is fun to watch.
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 Huge props to Joe Simkins for making such a great edit!
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 The lad can ride! Enjoyed the vibe and style.
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 Kaos seems like such a mellow dude. I've been waiting for him to break through and get more exposure. Great vid!
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 Kaos for rampage!
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 His knee almost touching the front wheel on the first sick.
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 Learned a lesson yesterday- I’m checking the comments before clicking Must Watches from here on.
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 Not the first freeride movie named unhinged. This puppy from 2007 with barrel was fun:
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 The back flip into a manual on a long freeride bike was totally insane. The amount of control that must require is unbelievable.
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 So proper. Can't get enough
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 he has the best style! awesome video. also hes on a pink bike.
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 That was the best edit I've seen in ages! Sweet riding, interesting filming, and for sure made me want to ride.
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 I’d bet your ten bucks his parents had access to a crystal ball when they named him
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 Hells yea
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 Fair play. That was sick
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 Love the hip hop sound track. Need more of that. Kaos slayed that…such a nice edit.
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 Steezy beast!! Yeah Kaos!!
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 Was that Keith Lemon at the end?
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 Epic Edit respecta
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 steeze indeed!
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 Yooo, same pit-vipers I got.

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