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Video: Kriss Kyle Hunts Creative Lines in Madeira

Nov 24, 2022 at 1:57
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAs the weather took a turn for the worst in the UK, Kriss and the crew jumped on last-minute flights to Madeira island to film their latest video in just 5 days. It wasn't plain sailing, being away from the UK, experiencing all 4 seasons some days in classic Madeira fashion. With master tour guide John Fernandez, guiding us through the weather, we got to hit North, South East and West finding the perfect spots for the video and this being the result.

Film/edit: Matty Lambert
Tour Guide: John & Freeride Madeira
Build crew: Monolith, George, Jake & Alex

Special Thanks: John Fernandez, Freeride Madeira, Marcus Cole, Specialized, Apartments Madeira and the whole squad!
Kriss Kyle

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 I really liked the part where he rode the bike.
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 The bit where he had a helmet on, or the bit where he had shoes on?
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 i read the headline as Kriss hunts creatives in madeira and clicked expecting to see him jumping a line of graphic designers into oblivion.....sighs
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 Glad you've featured this one - Kriss is a beast!
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 I'm in Madeira right now - I'd no idea it was such a great MTB destination, I've seen so many riders over here! Great edit. Next time I'm bringing the rig.
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 Rent a bike, hop on the bus from Funchal to Poiso, Ride down back to Funchal, get stoked, repeat, return when you have more time with you bike and hire a guide.
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 Give the guys at freeride Madeira an ring, or visit them in Funchal. Was there 5 or 6 years ago. No bike, no nothing. They hooked me up with a helmet, knee protection and a bike plus insurance and a shuttle and guide service for an entire day. Back than it was around 100€, probably more this time around, but worth a shot.
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 Get in touch with FreeRide Madeira, they have bikes+protections+guide with uplift packages, maybe they can fit you with an existing group, not cheap but a lot cheapear than going back. You won't regret it.
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 2nd and 3rd what everyone have said. I am in madeira relatively often since my GF loves the Island and whenever I am not injured I take at least a day with the Freeride madeira crew. Defo worth more and I will do a whole trip with them as soon as I fix my latest result of gravity induced trauma
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 Both his style and riding level are unreal, and Madeira is such an epic location. I cant wait to ride there again. Shout out for Freeride Maderia, a bunch of legends!
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 Bmx background strikes again
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flag steezer (Nov 24, 2022 at 5:27) (Below Threshold)
 It's the same with the BMXer's saying about coming from a scooter background & slaying it on 20"....
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 No, know. A scooter rider on a BMX is usually a scooter rider on a BMX.
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 Do certain tricks with a 29 trail/enduro requires a greater amount of effort compared to a slopestyle 26s that are
made for that, why not use them?

In an alternative universe we would have videos of downhillers riding rock garden with a 26 slopestyle or dirt bikes to make it more challenging...
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 I watched this video and I enjoyed it.
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 Simply wonderful x
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 I've never heard of this guy, he's a pretty wild and intense!
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 That was dope ! I liked the music . Matched his attitude. Film was different well shot . Riding was sick .
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 I don’t understand physics
I dont think KK does either ??
Errr, Cuz , uhhg
Never Mind
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 Such a great rider. There is literally nothing he can’t pull a flair out of.
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 Levels above other tech riders in my opinion!
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 how much agitation, calm down boy Big Grin
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 It’s the bmx background for sure
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 .. didn't realise KKyle smash a (dirt) wall ride ...
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 Unit 23 BMX Background ? Smile
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 no motor required Smile
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 Soundtrack dull and didn't suit the riding. Visit Christiano Ronaldo's House
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 Really liked the part where I muted the audio
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 Wow, someone give this guy a bmx. He would rip on one!
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 Crazy when something "simple" on a BMX like a feeble to 180 looks just amazing on an MTB.
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 crushed clip!
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 sand turns red, shit gets RAD!!
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