Video: Loic Bruni's POV as He Tries to Overtake 180 Riders

Oct 9, 2022 at 1:24
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesCampo was a few days ago. The second edition was even wilder than last year. Lots of dust and aggressiveness on the programme. I enjoyed myself once again with all the participants, no sores, lots of fun and top-notch organization. Really happy to have been able to share a closer moment with people on the bike in a great atmosphere. The level was really high and the fact that there were more riders was difficult for my comeback. I go off the rails halfway through to top it all off so I finish in 32nd place! Loic Bruni

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 Really wish I knew who this Alli guy is. Seems like Loic spent the whole race trying to find him.
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 I think he's Scuz's cousin
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 I find watching these sort of races so stressful, I'm shouting at the screen "get out of the f***in way"!!
massive props to Loic and all involved
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 LOL, some of those passes and close calls had me pulling my legs up on my chair, or shifting my shoulders to avoid the riders being passed Smile
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 Me too! “What the hell you think you can keep pace with Loic just move the f*ck over and let him get on with it!
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 @madocreg2: Where's the fun in that?! Bragging rights to your mates if you can say that you staved off Bruni for 30 seconds!
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 @bigtim: Take it as a classic mass start, the thing with Bruni is the cherry on the cake and he loves it.
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 @madocreg2: that's absolutely not the point. You can damn well bet you will try your hardest to keep up with him/keep him at bay for just a few corners. That's where all the fun is and Loic knows that too. Sometimes you can see fast guys hang with them for a few corners and that's pretty cool.
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 Say what you will about Redbull...That you can have the chance to ride against, with, race, whatever against a world class pro, well shit, they're doing something right. (I know this is not the only race with this format - or sponsor)

I've competed at plenty of races, NORBA, MSC etc from the 90ss and 2000's and definitely watched guys like this race after I'd competed....but never been on the same start line. It's cool to compare your times on a DH run but to race like this..

Nice work

(for the record, I won a CAT 2 race every now and again, usually with a time twice as slow as the Pros - there's absolutely no comparison)
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 7:55 MERDE!
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 La puta!
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 The universal swear word that you don't have to speak the language to understand.
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 @tremeer023: Well said, bordel à cul de pompe à chiotte Smile
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 @tremeer023: I thought that was Scheiße.
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 Thought I wasn’t going to enjoy this; thought the passes were a bit forced. The he got to the first fire road and I was up and screaming at the tv, laughing and screaming Super Bruni.
Also, the French lines here are a whole other level of French.
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 There's some french lines in the french lines there for sure haha Smile
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 Like me being chased by an e-biker on my local trails.
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 I like how the 'allez, allez' get quieter and more wheezy as the race progresses.
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 Imagine the feeling of hopeless when you look back and see a Red Bull helmet behind you.
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 Without a chain guide ?what an adrenaline ,and that shout outs :-)))),and a spotted a 26 I guess bike in minute 3:45 ,and that guy ad to be a ciclocross rider to jump on is bike so easy in that terrain. And for all that participated,thank you very much. And loic ,la puta madre :-))))
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 Would love subtitles here.
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 Moi aussi
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 @suspended-flesh: Easy : "Come on, come on, go guys ! Shred ! Get your fingers out (your a..)"
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 Basically some very basic & floral words Wink
- Go little bastards / allez les petits batards
- Oh merde
- What's this ? / C'est quoi ça ?
- Go go / Aller, aller
- I can't see anything / je ne voirien
- Excuse, that was not planned / Excuses, c'était pas prévu
- Faster / plus vite
- Stop breaking / Arrête de freiner
- Thxs mate / merci mec
- Remove your fingers (not sure from where... )
- Excuse / Excuse
- Are you ok / ça va ?

You're now ready to participate to such a Fench event I guess
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 @yeti115: oui oui je m'appelle le baguette
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 @mtb-jon: Tack Chris Prolls for your intervention.
@yeti115: loss of time man, a pure loss of time.
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 @yeti115: i heard a 'C'etait chaud' a couple times in there too. meaning 'that was hot' (some kind of slang ?) i havent taken French in many years. haha
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 @yeti115: "Stop braking" haha love that.
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 @yeti115: Il y a beaucoup de jeunes filles dans la bibliotheque
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 @sooner518: Yes some kind of slang meaning it almost failed, it was messy but eventually it went OK. Here it means "dude we almost fell down" ! La minute de l'académie française.
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 @mtb-jon: Your name is ''le baguette''?! You know that a baguette is some bread, right? Or maybe you thought that would be funny?
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 @sooner518: a close call! Wink
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 @Timo82: ahh. That makes sense. A similar English phrase might be “that was spicy” if you do something sketchy. Similar sentiments.
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 My favorite part is how, every time he passes a bottleneck, he catches the next group in no time at all.
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 I wonder if he did a track-walk or a exercise-run on forehand. Or is it blind racing like enduro races? That would even be more impressive.
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 He did a detailed track walk, and even defined and cleaned the track himself. You can see it on this video :
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 DH riders are all kinds of fit
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 I'd like to see a full contact, roller derby like rule allowed for the pro in these events. Loic could have body-checked his way through the pack and left a trail of carnage.
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 it was an epic race ! such a vibe with everyone involved ...pure happiness nice weather and taking the French lines to another level hahahaha
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 Crazy. Must've been an awesome weekend! :-D
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 Them sneaky french lines
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 That was one of the BEST race videos I've seen lately!
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 Dude at 4:15 pretty properly traded elbows with a world champ and didn't die. I'd be pretty proud of that.
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 Yea fuck the FIA.....oh wait, wrong website. Verstappen and his WDC drama
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 Be nice and be a dick about it Get tf outa the way Please, Sir
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 After the chain fix he goes beast mode to make up for the lost time.
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 I thought is the french version of the "Angry German Kid"
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 He sounds like he's really having fun with it.
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