Video: Nino Schurter & Andri Frischknecht's Course Preview for the Capoliveri Legend Cup 2023

Apr 8, 2023 at 4:32
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotes10x World Champion and Olympic Champion, to name a few. Who better than Nino Schurter could take us on board to preview the course of the Capoliveri Legend XCO with his teammate Andri Frischknecht? Internazionali d'Italia series

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 I'm happy to hear the pros having break squeal like us mere mortals.
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flag jmtbf (Apr 8, 2023 at 5:39) (Below Threshold)
 Thats the pros wireless shifting, not squeaking
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 I too squeal when things break.
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 the downhill sections with the saddle bar as long as a flagpole!!! I would shit my pants. Respect!
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 They do ride dropper posts now. They only seem to have 100mm of travel or so -yet not nearly as sketchy as 5 years ago
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 They should really flag the course so riders don't get lost...
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 Right? I kept thinking they were going left then suddenly they went right, so hard to follow let alone actually race it.
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 Despite what others are saying…that’s a great looking natural track. I’ll bet it’s super fun!
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 Looks like grippy dirt! I wanna ride that dirt! I dunno it's the first thing I thought of. Also pretty
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 Looks reasonably fun to ride! Maybe a bit light on technical climbing and rock descents but it's always hard to tell on video
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 I reckon I would ride all of that course but not with a huge drop stem! These guys are mental!
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 All hail Nino
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 Wow, that was a long course. Anyone know the distance? thx.
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 Seems like there are very few places to be able to pass on this course. Maybe its the norm but it feels like you need the holeshot to win this one.
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 Why don't they just make a bike with a lower stack
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 Because nobody would buy it...and the headset bearings would be pretty close together.
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 Could it be frame strength?
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 @curtaincarot: yes, it’s because of strength and wanting 120mm of travel
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 They would, but how?
29" wheels aren't going to shrink its diameter down.
The head tube is as short as they can do without compromising strength.
The fork though, can shrink by 1-2cm but doing so means they break compatibility with all the current frames. Basically, the front tire will rub on the bike down tube on deep compression. Unless the frame are redesigned with big offset/recess downtube to avoid contact with the tire.
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 No spoilers, but the racing was today......
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 Looks like a course tailor made for 2.4 Aspens.
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 How long have xc racers been running these negative rise bars?
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 lol slow i'm way faster
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 could have had more commentary....
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 Came here for the commentary #giveusclaudio
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 This track is a giant step back from where xc has been progressing to.
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 I don't understand please explain...
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 @jeppe9191: this was gravel type vs single track with tech.
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