Video: Official Highlights from EWS Crans Montana 2022

Sep 19, 2022 at 0:18
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe penultimate race of the Enduro World Series season, EWS Crans-Montana, brought plenty of drama to the Swiss Alps.

Round seven threw everything it had at the riders; ever changing conditions, steep, technical singletrack and high speed bike park sections made for one of the most challenging races to date. Even some of the biggest names in mountain biking struggled to find form on this weekend’s course - but there were two riders who rose to the occasion and put the hammer down on the competition to shake things up at the business end of the season.

With just one more race standing between the racers and crowning our series champions, the stage has been set for one epic showdown at the finals in EWS Loudenvielle next week.
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 As someone who is pretty into EWS, still finding it really hard to get into the coverage. The production and camera work is great but the whole video feels like a music video based around the top 3 riders. Crazy how fast they get these out but I think I would much rather wait 24 hours for coverage similar to WRC, more focus on the sport rather than a snazzy vid. Maybe its just me.
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 As someone who works in TV and has worked WRC and mountain bike events, you can't compare WRC to EWS. WRC has multi million dollar TV broadcast contracts, multiple helis in the air at one, every car having multiple cameras always recording and strategically placed other cameras on the stages. There is also not that many cars to cover, EWS has hundreds of riders in the top categories. The way the WRC works is incredibly efficient and amazing to get to see.

EWS broadcast rights is prolly worth like $12.50 even with Discovery trying to screw everything up. It's just a few dedicated people doing it for the love of the sport. They don't have helis/cars/motos to drop them from stage to stage, WRC is also on roads, so it's sorta easy to go from stage to stage, on EWS most the trails are in the middle of no where and they aren't allowed to use the track to get to the bottom till the last rider is down and when that is done the U21 are a stage or two ahead. EWS is just a really, really hard thing to cover without a lot of cam ops and helis.

To put it into perspective for just for the TV coverage equipment and crew for a ODI cricket you are looking at around $AUD200,000-300,000. The TV truck doing the coverage is in the range of $AUD10-20mil to build with all it's equipment.
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 I agree. The whole stage doesn't have to be broadcast, but it's better to have a few more riders and some background information. So far it doesn't feel very exciting, and everything is just cut together quickly. The EWS highlights 3-5 years ago, on the other hand, were much more detailed, with probably the same technical equipment. Whereas, according to my feeling, race after race has been getting better so far. Many thanks to all the people who continue to improve the format bit by bit. I like dat sheeeet.
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 @THFL: Just go back to the early EWS Shows from this season and see those horrendous "how did that get past production" Neil Donoghue sections. Still can't believe they put those out. Some interesting information rendered unwatchable by cringe "meme" style editing that wasn't in any way fitting with the rest of the content. It's not just you feeling their coverage got better!

The EWS Shows have been delivering more on what they promised as the season has come on, so there *should* be some more stuff to come out in that when it drops in the next few days, but the downside with the episode from this race is it'll have EWS-E content too... Still, if they manage to squeeze some extra EWS stuff in there it might be worth it.

Do agree though, in some ways I'd rather wait a little longer for a better product than have one put out super quickly after the race, then have a proper video put out a day or two later which recycles 80-90% of the same clips. Anyone into the EWS enough to be watching their highlights will already have seen the results in the majority of cases, so there isn't quite the same rush to get it out there.
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 @TOU93: Yeah good points. The comparison to WRC was more just the format of the 30 min highlights they produce. Slower pace between shots, broken up with interviews etc.

I guess it all comes down to money and man power. Easy to complain on the internet, but I couldn't produce anything half as good...
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 I think it was there best video yet.
I really enjoyed Rics single person commentary over the 2 person set up with faux excitement that they have had recently. ( The main reason I don’t watch WRC )
The camera and drone work is great. Congrats on that amazing drone crash shot !
But I agree they need more camera operators
The audio was also way better than the last video ( no shouting man in this one thank god)
Speaking of god. What does biblically tight mean? (Mr google does not know either)
Thanks for great vid
I am looking forward to the next round after seeing this vid.
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 @THFL: +1 for Party Boi reference
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 They may not be perfect but it's progressing and getting better, especially comparing to the previous years of loud terrible music overlaid onto the rider footage. This was one of the best highlight shows to date
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 As someone who is not really into enduro (Watch DH season religiously tho) I really enjoy these productions and I think they have gotten steadily better over the years. Im always impressed with their story telling and ability to show what was going on for the podium contenders in a fast but digestible way.
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 @TOU93: what about an squadron of drones and go pro's? Wouldn't this technologies bringing down the cost and logistics astronomichally... While still having a very exciting 24h delayed broadcast?
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 Couldn't agree more! A lot of really small but valuable details (data)on the tracks, times, riders, and stages don't get mentioned or do not get attention to... It would greatly enhance the coverage and and mostly the viewing experience for us trying to figure out what went down during the race!
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It's more than just cameras and cam ops but more always helps. More cameras means more edit storage space, ingest time and more loggers/editors to go through the footage to get the bits they want/need. Now with UHD and more high frame rate cameras the files are huge, ingest time even with the fastest NAS's are still limited to the NAS write speeds. WRC has an incredible setup and between 30-40 loggers, ingest editors and stage editors and show editors. WRC has dedicated IT network engineers that go everywhere with the kit to make sure it's all running as smooth as possible, EWS the editors are their own IT support.

EWS is probably 2-5 people trying to dump all the media to a small NAS and then editing off that. The EWS crew are doing the best they can with the resources, time and money they are given.

We will just have to wait and see what Discovery do and how much money and resources they throw at it next year. Also it just gives you more reason to go to a race in person!
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 really boring interviews, shit music, serious commentator... cannot watch even if I am interested in.
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 Jack Moir floating over the landscape as his bike dances underneat him, from 7:32, is a thing of immense beauty.
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 RIP to the trail sections that came into contact with Jesse and Richie.
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 They were some heavy crashes
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 dat Melamed ragdoll drone footage at 13:05, holy crap! O_O
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 The argument that Enduro is hard to film is BS, many others are doing better content with Gopro or iPhone. I still have a hard time enjoying it. i force myself to watch this video to know better how bad DH is going to become.. No offense Ric but I don't think. you have the voice or energy to be the voice of this sport. It sounds like radio infomercials from the '80s. There is also a lack of structure in the storytelling, it looks like an endless collection of facts illustrated by interviews. They should be more drama and the story should be shown or told by the riders before being commented by the speaker. Racing is not inherently interesting.. What is interesting is how each racer are racing.. For example, these crashes are gnarly and they have it on camera, they could be the center of this story.. what's about this zip-tied tire..They need to slow down and to show what matters in the story.. it looks like they are trying to shove as much as possible..
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 Personally I have a lot of respect for Rick and Ruarigh and I enjoy the course preview vids, but I still have to agree that the event coverage needs improving. Can't help wondering how many people would still watch if the made it 30 mins long to include everything people say they want though....
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 OMG #1087 - what a nasty crash
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 This may be an unpopular comment but I think the coverage is starting to improve. Really enjoyed this recap of the race
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 Moir really took to that nice DH course. Congrats

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