Video: Official Highlights from the Maydena Enduro World Cup 2023

Mar 27, 2023 at 3:46
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesKicking off the first-ever UCI Mountain Bike World Cup with a bang. Maydena, Tasmania delivered a true rollercoaster of a race.

Three days of baking sun dried out the stages that weaved themselves through the Tasmanian jungle, leading to some incredible racing conditions. The riders were pushed to their limits and beyond as they battled against the clock with many of the world's best becoming unstuck in the process.

Watch our Highlights Show to catch all the action from the UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup debut and find out who leads the series as we prepare for round two of the 2023 season!
UCI Mountain Bike World Series

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 Genuine kudos to the editors and folks putting the recap together. This was MUCH better than previous years. I also love the re-seeding of the last stage to make it more exciting. Looking forward to watching these going forward! I think I'll try to hide the results from myself and watch these first.
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 After watching the cape epic daily recap, was hoping for something similar with ews/edr. Very pleasant surprise. Well done. Some riders pov videos of the stages would be a nice addition if possible
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 Yeah, 100%. I've foregone EWS highlight videos in the past because there just wasn't much to watch. This is a huge production value upgrade vs previous years. Props.
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 It's pretty much identical to previous years, isn't it?
Anyway, it's good stuff!
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 @WoS: yes it is pretty much the same as when they first started putting the recaps together. A couple of days quicker, some POV shots and comparison edits (tech advances) have been added which is nice. I did miss the rider place move up and down arrows on the stage/overall result overlays which were always helpful. Good little rider interview snippets scattered throughout as before. Good stuff.
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 Was lucky enough to spend 9 days riding in Tasmania at the end of January. Rode Derby and Maydena. Both are fantastic but my vote would go to Derby. The riding is so good there and granite reminds me of my home area, Aberdeenshire UK. Spent a long time wistfully thinking how I could retire there. If you have the means to get yourself there I would highly recommend it.
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 Thought that was a solid effort! Definite improvement from last season. Keen to see how they progress through the year.
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 More riding and fewer talking heads was definitely an improvement over last few years.
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 Maydena rips. I hope the EDR return to this little corner of the world again.
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 I apologize for being clueless, but I went and signed up for discovery+ so I could watch the race. But I can't find it. Did I misunderstand?
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 I'm a little unclear. Do they get reseeded every stage? Or just before the last one? My understanding is that over all time doesn't matter, and they are just battling for position every stage.
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 New move is they get reseeded for the last stage. The race is for overall time.
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 So there’s a 24 minutes highlight package on what used to be the EWS YouTube channel, and a 24 minute highlight package on the new GMBN Racing channel (with a longer show to follow later in the week?) are these the same?
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 This recap is pretty great. I am curious if there is any advantage to having GCN+, do they have more coverage? I’ll eventually pay up for DH, but will wait until June if there is no advantage for enduro.
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 @Krackity-Jones: I’d be happy with that level of coverage for the DH.
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 Yeah, Great to see a improved highlight video compared to last season!
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 Great recap, the split screens are pretty bad but the rest is quite good.
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 Didn’t get a few minutes until I was bored. enduro just doesn’t cut it for me. DH and XC is so much better to watch and ride
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 Fantasy League no longer a thing?
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 Big mistake... from my perspective fantasy is a key for getting engagement and interest to extend beyond the top 10 riders.
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 I wonder why is the reason behind the cancellation of the fantasy league? it was very engaging
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 @fedfox: Ed Spratt went into it in some detail in an earlier post which featured the official raw practise video.

They didn't manage to get it set up in time and he was having to manually update the scores and setup each round himself, and doesn't have the time to do that this season.
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 It's worth saying that the reason the Enduro league didn't go ahead this year is simply that we couldn't get it together and have some work to do on our end. While it does take me a fair amount of time to sort each round if we had the league ready we could have found the time to sort the scores.
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 @edspratt: Thanks for the honest answer Ed. It would be great if you still had the opportunity to get the fantasy league together for future rounds. As other have commented it really encourages engagement, especially for riders outside the top 10. If I was to have a cheeky comment for @brianpark I would remind him off what we were told about outside and how it would allow more resources for pinkbike to do cool things - and maybe continuing doing exisiting things - sorry couldn't resist. I am sure you have valid arguments for not doing so, but the fantasy league was super fun.
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 @NickMT: you are definitely right.
When fantasy was a thing, I researched old results for each of the venues and looked at a lot of rider's instagram accounts before each race to find out about their shape and health. That surely increased the visability for brands and riders
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 @NickMT: sounds like you should take over and organize the fantasy league yourself.
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 @edspratt: I'll do it if I also wind up with a Demo Smile jokes aside it's a very interesting and engaging activity which really got me to know the latter half of the enduro and DH field. Assumed there was some software/website which could super easily host fantasy for MTB but it's not really a thing. If you need help to make WC DH fantasy (ex. assigning prices to riders or something) happen hit me up.
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 @edspratt: honestly a fantasy league setup after the first round is interesting in its own way since prices would more accurately reflect this year's speed.
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 @edspratt: if you could get it working, even part way through the year, it's my main motivation for following the races and getting to know the players. It was such a great season last year.
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 Great recap. Thanks to all!
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 Seems like the perfect format for AI produced content, already comes across like a computer wrote that script.
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 First whinge
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 Loved the footage and editing style. Can we get a higher resolution next time please, 1080 was a bit vague and glitchy in parts due to compression...
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 Crashes from Melamed and Rude have opened the door.
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 I thought enduro racing was about the climbing and the descending ... just looks like a DH stage race.
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 @sanchofula I believe they climbed up all bar the two stages that started from the very top of the hill.
Don't think I really want coverage of them pedalling slowly up the hill however...
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 let's be honest, we're all here for the going fast downhill part
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 There was a long climbing section in S1, and multiple short climbs in other stages.
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 @JHwick: the transitions to each next stage were pretty tight to make apparently. And, of course they don't bother filming them much. Your average Joe would be hard-pressed to make it.

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