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Video: Practice Day Action from the Bielsko-Biala DH World Cup 2024

May 17, 2024 at 6:16
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesFirst rides on a new track don't get much better than this!

Check out some of the first riding footage from the new downhill track at the Szczyrk Mountain Resort...before the rain arrived in the afternoon.
WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series

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 Looks like they shot this in the morning, before it poured rain for a couple hours - expect a lot more roots and ruts come qualis tomorrow. The track is sick.
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 Do you hear the silence of all the keyboard warriors, who wrote that the track is too easy?
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 Agreed, this looks like a proper DH track.
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 You cannot even imagine what happened here on social media when early photos from the track were released two months back. Keyboard warriors were like: what a disgrace that would be the last world cup in our country, who came up with such a stupid track et etc

I am wondering where they are now ;-)
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 Oh yeah, the Pinkbike naysayers!
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 Probably the same kind of experts who were spitting on Loudenvielle last year...
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 This track too easy That track too hard Pros don't get paid enough I don't want to pay anything Cheese Whine
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 @mkul7r4: I'm an engineer
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 @johnyyy: Sheltering with the other mob who followed the science.
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 Nah, we're still waiting to see if it becomes good.
If the expectation is that it won't get good until 300 riders have beaten the hell out of the track, maybe with some rain thrown in, then why wouldn't they get the track ready a month ago, let locals ride it for a while so that the pro riders coming to town can practice on roughly the same track they will race on. Practice is for the pros to get a feel for the track so they aren't racing blind come race day. Practice isn't meant for the pros to be doing the finishing touches on the WC track.
I know tracks always change to some degree as hundreds or riders go racing down it, but just removing tree litter and putting up flagging isn't really "building a track". The only thing technical I see here is due to off camber turns. Not flat turns, or poorly supported turns, they flat out aren't supported because there was no real trail building, just flagging put down in a zigzag. At least from the limited views I've had of the course so far.
That's not to say it won't all lead to an interesting race, it just seems a bit lazy and last minute. And the parts where they did put effort in building look like they were built by dirt road builders, not trail builders.
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 Let me guess another comment about how the track is going to change, get rougher, more technical, blown up, and rutted in?
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 Yep, WC racers can now add trail building to their resume.
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 @Fill-Freakin: all the dh riders like the track and like that it’s the riders that cut it in. Allows for creativity. Nothing worse for dh than a single line bedded in track.
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 So by this point in the past years we would have already had a full course preview. Is it to be assumed that the new broadcasters of DH are controlling the output of that as well?
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 Riders have been on track for less than a day. They haven't even had a chance to have a shower let alone edit then upload the course previews.
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 For European races, the European sites are quicker

Track preview GoPro
Bike checks
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 I think race day is Sunday so bump everything back a day.
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 @qbensis: nice one. Thanks mate
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 It looks like the track needs a bit more "bedding in". Looks like it will be changing a bit all the way up to race runs....Should make for an interesting race ;-)
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 Well.....I am glad I was wrong.
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 Fresh dirt, off-camber sections, roots... if rain gets in the mix, it's gonna be a carnage!
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 Looks like good old Maribor
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 Looks so do-able wat hing those riders today, until race day and seeing the race pace.
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 Shaping up well! Starting to get nice and chewed up already!!!
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 More please
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 Waiting for Vital Raw to drop
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 #Rockfreetrails crew have a lot of work to do before Sunday!
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 By Sunday there won't be anything left but the bones!
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 Got wood?
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 the EDR Raw beat the DH one this time? ups...
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 Track looks killer.
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