Video: Rachel & Dan Atherton Shred DyFi Bike Park's Latest Trail

Dec 19, 2022 at 6:52
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesDan and Rachel Atherton and the Dig crew make our new mellower red track look anything but mellow!

Dyfi Bike Park’s longest track to date zig zags down the West side of the park where the gradient is slightly less steep. After a year of digging this 4.4km trail the gang let off the brakes and have some fun.

“Lovey Dyfi” might be the team’s most challenging build to date - Get yourself booked on!

Filming Miles Mallison - huge thanks!
Riders: Dan Atherton, Rachel Atherton, Dennis Luffman, Alf Rayner, Sam Malster, Esther Monro, Wilf Carey, Simo Palmer, Isaac Utton, Will Savery, Archie Townsend
The Athertons


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 The Atherton's are basically the royal family of mountain biking. But you know without out all the drama, manipulation, and paparazzi. All of us wishes we could ride like them and all UCI figure head's would die for their approval ratings. Long live the King's and Queen of gravity.
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 Hey! The Athertons' aren't useless figureheads.
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 @kcy4130: man if only they were just useless figureheads rather than hangovers from a shit colonial past. That we actually pay for in taxes. I'd rather Dan with a sceptre any century.
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 With revs now cwmcarn closing, the options for DH uplifting are falling in Wales. Sad times.
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 Dyfi, caersws, antur stiniog, afan and bpw. Still not bad for a very small area. Plus a lot of off piste everywhere.
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 @endorium: Dont forget Dirt Farm
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 Where have you seen cwmcarn is closing?
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Cwmcarn isn’t closing, but the uplift service finishes for good end of Jan 2023
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 Google doesn't show any results relating cwmcarn closing, can you link sauce?

edit: nevermind, it's only the uplift that's ending
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 Yes I should have fully clarified, cwmcarn is not closing, the uplift cwmdown is. Regardless no-one will be riding a DH bike on Y Mynydd anymore, which is an absolute tragedy, being the closest site to me as a southerner. Ive not heard of caersws, ill look into it to see if its a DH uplift site. Pretty sure afan isnt DH uplift, or any sort of uplift, but its been many years since ive been there.
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 Forest of Dean is (relatively) close by. I did the Fly-up uplift the other week which was a great service as always.
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 @mcozzy: Ironically, it's e-bikes that have probably had the biggest impact on Cwmdown needing to close. The past few Risca group rides I've seen clips of online or have bumped into were almost exclusively on e-bikes, and whenever I go and ride there you pretty much only see e-bikes either on the official Cwmcarn trails or the off-piste stuff. If the majority of people going there can just turbo their way back up the hill there's probably not much point in having an uplift service.
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 @CleanZine: Well yes & no. I own an ebike & ride the off-piste risca stuff when on that. But when on the uplift bus with my DH bike I see very few ebikes on the bus or riding the DH track. Quite a few youngsters in all the kit with names on their jerseys etc, so I guess up & coming DH riders.
Its just a shame they wont be able to continue to get DH runs in. No-one is pushing a DH bike to the top of that hill more than once.
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 @mcozzy: again does do uplifted. Not every week though. Caersws is a proper dh venue. Uplifts once a month but soon becoming more regular. Steepest bike park I know of
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 @mcozzy: Not denying that it sucks for them, it just seemed ironic to complain about it as someone who's account seems to be 95% talking about how e-bikes > everything else. The rise of e-bikes in this area is going to be a huge part of the reason uplift interest has dropped off - there are plenty of riders on the hills down here running full fat e-bikes basically set up for DH, and the flexibility of being free to run laps as you want is impossible to compete with for an uplift service. I know of a good few riders down here who used to have DH setups but now just have e-bikes set up to essentially do the same for that very reason.

On that note, seeing trailers full of e-bikes doing the uplift at Bike Park Wales never gets any less weird on the rare occasions I go there.
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 Defo looks like good fun
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 The Welsh trails all look brilliant, perhaps easier to ride than pronounce. Anyone care to school me on how to say their names? Thanks.
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 Dyfi = duvey, Cwmcarn = cym carn, Caersws = sounds like "car sauce", Machynlleth = Macunclyth

y is pronounced like v, w is pronounced more like y

"ll" (LL) is a weird sound that sounds more like a "cl"
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 @tom666: Not quite.

F is pronounced like V

Y sounds like uh, hence Dyfi sounds like Doveee

W is a bit like oooh, so Cwmcarn would sound like Coom carn
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 @adrok: The rest of the world can not express their gratitude enough for these to comments. I guess a lot of "difi" got busted today. :-D
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 @tom666: cheers mate.
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Being an Aussie, just call them Duv-o, Cum-o, Car-suzie and Mack-o, everyone would understand :-)
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 @rich-2000: ha ha bloody grouse idea cobber.
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 @adrok: all I know is tff go at a microwave is called a poppetyping.
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 Nice trail but seeing them crash makes me wonder how many times I would crash
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 Doesn't look crazy. They crashed trying to see how far they could push the limits on a, relative to them, easy trail. I doubt they crash when they ride it at a normal pace
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 I like the Atherton version of "mellow"... killing dirt at warp speed! Wow!
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 Shame it's been shut due to weather since the second day it opened
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 This just looks fun. Fun group of people to shred with and work sections.
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 That 3 at the end was wild
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 Rach is on Trek?
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 Nah just another long hair individual in the group.
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 Probably one of her old bikes.
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 Rach has her Red Bull helmet on.
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 Amazing looking trail!
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 Is Welsh different from English? I thought it was just a thick accent.
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 Wales and England are different countries.
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 Nid acen drwchus yn unig yw hon
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 @arclarke: Take the Cawl Cawl out of your mouth I can't understand a word you're saying. It's pretty thick if you ask me.
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 Assuming you're actually asking the question and not being facetious...

Yes there is a Welsh language. Less than quarter of the country speak it fluently, but generally the further into Wales you go (North and West) the more people speak Welsh. In Wales all the signs are in both Welsh and English. There are TV channels in Welsh. Welsh radio.

100% of Welsh people speak English though. They have a distinctive accent (well several accents) that are quite melodic and they typically speak quite slowly and make excessive use of colloquialisms that make them quite hard to understand to people not familiar
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 @tom666: I speak Radnorshire.
It's a cross between Herefordshire and Welsh, I can still baffle my wife with how I speak sometimes and we've been together for over 22 years lol
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 They're also big fans of Tidy Butts
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