Video: Rob Warner & Finn Iles Preview the Crankworx Whistler DH Track

Jul 22, 2023 at 2:12
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesOne brand new Crankworx Downhill Race Track in Whistler, one jet-lagged Rob Warner and a local that goes by the name of Finn Iles. Fun times guaranteed! Red Bull

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 Bloody brilliant. So good to hear Warner again. Finn really good at this track preview stuff as well. Track itself looks incredile - hopefully they take the WC there at some point
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 >So good to hear Warner again

I guess Whistler is still the only Crankworx stop to a lot of people huh. I see many comments saying something like "Rob is back!" but dudes been here all year doing his thing.

At this point you should've already seen him broadcast Rotorua, Cairns, Innsbruck, the lead up to the cancelled Hardline race day and a bunch of other events. He's got a new show called "Beyond the Line" too. He's been in my feed all summer. Looks like he's working hard and having fun on the bike.
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flag nvranka (Jul 22, 2023 at 10:53) (Below Threshold)
 @tacopop: crankworx is meh to watch imo. Can be fun if you’re physically at the venue for the event though.
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 Rob 'what's a full face' Warner. What a nutter.
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 @tacopop: I take your point completely, but it it raises a few questions. I'd say I was someone who is reasonably into bike racing. I'll watch the highlight shows for enduro and I used to watch all the WC catchup stuff on redbull (rarely live because the times never worked out) but I've barely botherd this year. The enduro coverage continues to be a bit of a mess and actually wathcing the WC (even with disocvery) is a gigantic pain in the arse.


the fcking app ecosystem and smart TVs. I got a new telly last xmas and it's a very ice thing (and LG OLED) but it has no redbullTV app (and missing various others) and trying to watch the bike stuff (even the TDF) through the prime app is crap. If you make is so painful to actually watch the thing that people who are somewhat invested can't be bothered then what chance do they stand of growing the sport.

Of course, this isn't necessarily the broadcasters fault and it more to do with boring things like licensing costs for APIs and technology lock in deals and delayed broadcast timing differences between various streaming services and on demand platforms and all this sort of thing being a shitshow in general, but I shouldn't have to calednar plan and then plug my PC in and feck around just to watch people ride up/over/down a hill on a bike.
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 @clamps81: I hear ya the whole locked-in, proprietary app shit the "smart" TV makers are doing is ridiculous. They should never have been able to get away with that but people keep buying it so they're going to keep going down that road.

There's zero need for an "app" for any of these things, it's completely artificial. The tv literally has a computer in it and is capable of showing you any webpage you want, including rebull, but they've got it all walled off to force you onto things they get paid to have on there.

Honestly just get a tiny entertainment computer to put over there that plugs into the tv. It's way cheaper. You can watch anything you want, stream anything you want, no apps needed.
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 So good to see Rob doing these!
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 Great to see Rob F*ckin Warner. Track looks more dangerous than a Spanish cucumber!
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 Rob, you're a legend mate!!
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 Good to hear Rob "back on the case"!
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 With a" Lawyer" great line Rob.
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 Nice track but it's no Kaprun '96
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 The track looks fantastic! Would love to see a WC on this track.
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 Amazing how fast Finn goes in steep or tight areas. And this is just messing around.
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 Rob's funny and Finn's fast, great track preview, looks sick.
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 Crankworx, Warner, Whistler are showing the the way while people are defending early footage of Loudenvielle!
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 It's a real shame this year is one of the world turnouts for DH riders at Crankworx. Would love to see the top riders in the world ripping this track.
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 Excellent! That looks a proper track! Good job Rob and Finn
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 Always like to hear Rob's commentary, even more so from the seat of his bike!
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 Is it broadcast on Redbull Tv?
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Rob Warner 4 the wyn.
What bike/fork is Rob riding
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 Missed that voice
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 Jesus, the only break your arms get is the in the air on those doubles. Thats a lot of tech!
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 We miss you Rob!
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 Is that a metric 180?
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 Someone give Rob a duel crown.
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 YES That'll make you wanaa.
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 Enduro Rob!
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 Good to see rob, still has some bike skills, not sure he needed e bike for this, but was it in boost?
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 The reign just has a chunky top-tube. That's not his e-bike.
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 was on the newer "steam" reign
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