Video: Rob Warner's Course Preview for the Les Gets XC World Champs 2022

Aug 26, 2022 at 2:48
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesCheck out the Shimano XCO Course Preview with Rob Warner for the 2022 UCI MTB World Championships in Les Gets, France. UCI


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 Haha, Rob struggling on E-Bike.
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 He’s pushing 50 bless him, we’ll cut him some slack
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 @uk-hardtail: Not long ago I rode a climb to my trails acompanied by a 75 years old local legend on non-electric bike who set the pace, we did it in 6.30, my best time is few seconds under 6 minutes... So age is not everything!
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 @uk-hardtail: and famously hates pedalling.
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 @winko: well i can guarantee you that me in my 30s after well not riding due to reasons for like a year or two now i wouldnt do better Big Grin so yes age isnt everything
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 he got old damn
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 @winko: To be fair, Rob's 50 years probably caused more wear and tear than most. Dude partied real hard for a long time there
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 @uk-hardtail: Wow, ageism is a thing eh? I used to train a 70 year old lady in Ju Jitsu every week in London who could kick most people to the floor. Youd be suprised.
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 @alexhyland: Ah yes the bicycle media professional who hates pedalling bicycles. That's just great.
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 @uk-hardtail: Then again, Ned and Tinker were still winning races at that age.
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 @alexsin: I guess he raced downhill for a reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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 @uk-hardtail: I'm 45, I have no problem doing a 20km xc ride. Sure it might take me 1:40 but you gotta be pretty young if you imagine guys our age struggle to ride a basic xc trail.
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 Sort ya bloom in’ cables out would ya lad?! Disgraceful
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 We love you Rob!
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 Compared to MSA this looks kind of disappointing
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 Would probably finish me off riding it, but not the most impressive.
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 For those you know better than me about cross country racing : is this the hardest track of the year? because after been there to check the course and try to ride a bit it s f*cking hard...
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 No, it's one of the easier tracks
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 @laupe: which one is consider as the hardest?
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 @Daddybear: Most of Snowshoe wasn't very hard, but the woods rock garden was harder than anything on this course.

But I'm not sure if your asking hard as in technical or hard as in fitness.
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 @Daddybear: The UCI has a difficulty indexs for all of the races, where they are rated on climbing, technical and descending difficulty, but i can't remember each of the ratings.

I'm guessing for a "normal" person really long climbs, big jumps and drops is considered hard, but they often overlook how hard it can be riding technical terrain fast.

For a rider it really depends on where your strengths are, you can be a good climber and a bad descender or a bad climber and a good descender/technical rider, if you are lucky you are both.

Brazil, Lenzerheide, Moint sant anne, Andorra are tracks with a good mix of both climbing and technical terrain.

Snowshoe, Nove Mesto are tracks with less climbing and a lot more technical terrain.

Albstadt, Leogang and Les Gets are known to be climbers courses, with long climbs and relatively easy technical terrain
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 @laupe @georgiamtbiker thanks for the answer
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 Is this not the ultimate question is it easer on a supper light xc race bike or on a really heavy e bike with a little assistance?
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 XC bike for sure
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 @Scootch: I'd actually imagine it's an e-bike, unless you're using almost no assist.

A fit recreational cyclist can sustain somewhere over 100 watts; call it 150. Now, let's say your fit recreational rider weighs 75 kg, and has the choice between a 10 kg xc race machine or a 20 kg e-bike. For the XC bike, your power divided by total system mass (bike+rider) is 1.76 W/kg. For the rider+e-bike system, your total mass is 95 kg, which means you need 167 total watts to equal the power/mass of the e-bike system, or only an extra 17 watts from your motor. In reality the e-bike will also have slower rolling tires and less efficient suspension, which will increase your power requirement; conservatively let's say that adds another 50 watts (in reality I'd imagine it's lower).

That means you only need 67 watts out of you e-bike to have a better power/mass ratio than on an XC bike. Even a relatively low power e-bike (say, the Trek Fuel EX-e) has a peak power of 300 watts, so you only need to draw on 22 % of the bike's available power to be faster than on an XC bike.
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 After a side by side's different than you'd think. I personally had an easier time on the XC bike, mostly because of the weight, but also because I could get out the saddle and crank hard on the XC bike. E-bikes have a strange limiter because the cranks go through a motor, you only can crank so hard then it's just capped.
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 No, this is not the ultimate question.
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 Whoah! The tech was no problem for this man! Rob Warner wheelie’s across the line with time to spare!
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 Who remembers him yelling ‘go on you losers!’ at the XC racers during his Sprung video diary?!
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 Haha! Yep
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 I remember seeing him back in the day take his dh bike on track mid xc World Cup race and ride the hardest section of track at 40+ mph to prove a point when the xc boys were crawling down it brakes locked or even walking down it. Was f@ckibg hilarious…..
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 Doesn't look particularly flowy, especially with all the random piles or rocks all around the place
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 It's not. Last year a lot of riders ran over some of those piles and it was as fast as the riders riding.
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 @Ososmash: IIRC PFP was doing her Cyclocross routine, jumping off and running around the inside of the corner.
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 @Augustus-G: and Evie too!
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 Rob Warner is the Bob Barker of mountain biking.
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 Would rather kill masel than do this trail. The 4cross track is hard enough on the hands on a super enduro never mind a XC bike
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 I want to see Rob Warner do a lap on the DH course!!
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 That Rob Warner XC guy schleys it on the DH! He should race DH WC!
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 why e-bike?? You will be remembered struggling on an e-bike...
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 Nobody cares you dullard, go and buy a derailleur.
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 @justanotherusername: very funny. That made me lol
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 @justanotherusername: am 56 and riding singlespeeds, don't even need a derailleur.

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