Video Round Up: Practice Lap POVs from the Glentress XC World Champs 2023

Aug 10, 2023 at 3:49
by Ed Spratt  
With practice fully underway riders are quickly getting used to the big features on this year's World Champs course. Check out some POV laps from Puck Pieterse, Anneke Beerten and David List below.

Course Map & Stats

Puck Pieterse

Anneke Beerten

bigquotesYou know it is World Champs when the course has gnarly features in it! The 2023 UCI Cross Country World Championships are held in Peebles, Scotland and the course is spicy! Gap jumps, steep rock roll, off-camber roots and steep punchy climbs, this course has it all. This course is going to make for some exciting racing this week! Thank you Riley Amos, Brayden Johnson, Nicolas Konecny and Ricky Bobby for the hot lap! Anneke Beerten

David List

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 good to see anneke beerten doing so well after her injury! go anneke! (and go puck, shred 'em Smile )
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 "Guys, we already caught the Germans." Big Grin
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 "Hello!"--inverted smiley-face
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 Puck's lap is great. Passing on the downs and working through the crowd of riders trying to figure out the tech feature to just roll the hardest line of it like it's nothing.
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 The Junior that Puck follows ripss
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 Rips chainless XC too. Next tier badassery.
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 Lauren Molengraaf, worth keeping an eye on indeed. I think she currently holds the European junior CX title, but she appears to have the skills to pick up some mtb titles too.
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 @vinay: Thanks for the name drop, was trying to find her in the juniors results list
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 @blazekelly: Yeah, I noticed she placed tenth, which is pretty nice.
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 I feel like we should just start timing the transitions in enduro…consolidate the disciplines and effectively double the viewership. Really validate downcountry.
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 How about UCI trail riding?
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 Totally agree. "Enduro" should be the complete rider(like motocross hard enduro). Time uphill/xc segments, time downhill segments. Points system for placement on each segment(1st x # points, 2nd place y # of points etc.) Best "mountain biker" wins.
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 You do realise that Enduro races used to have timed climbs? It was shit.
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 @ish27: Its called marathon racing, they had o do some of the EWS downs. The problem is tha you would take and XC bike and smash the climbs and the downhills wouldnt matter as the gaps would not be big enough to offset the climbs
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 @chrismac70: I didn't even know marathon racing was a thing until this week!
It's the perfect race imo!

All I want to see is a cross-discipline tournament, the 20 best riders from DH, Enduro, Marathon, XC all battle it out in 4 races across a week!
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 @sampo18: think it would be won by the XC or the marathon racers as they would get too much of a gap on the ups
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 @chrismac70: I don't believe the Marathon went down any EWS trails. It certainly went up the Golfie, but then came down New York - New York. A good trail, but at the easier end of the (Golfie) spectrum
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 @mashrv1: EWS Raced down NYNY and Repeat Bottom like the marathon.
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 @MysticMCyclist: my mistake, so it did
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 @sampo18: marathon was around before glentress was around. Marathon goes back to the bronze age or something in cheddar gorge
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 @browner: That's a good shout, but surely DH racers would get a good 2/3 minutes on the downhills.
And if it was point-based not time-based you would see it level out?
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 @sampo18: Points not based on time but place only. e.g 1st 50 points, 2nd 45 points etc.
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 @chrismac70: points for place not time, time gaps mean nothing.
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 I love this kind of XC.... 99% about the climbs and add in 2 wee features to have something for spectators.
Would love to see more technical climbing and not just a single log across the trail and call it the pro line.
With all the trials up the Golfie (get them climbing up some of the descents, wanna see them technically and physically suffer on stuff that is out of reach for us mortals and not just hand it over to the roadies), Scotland has missed an opportunity here to favour GT!
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 Marathon Worlds looked a great course in that respect, but there was no coverage anywhere it would seem.
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 nice to ear Pieterse makes fun of Germans, sorry Norwegians.
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